North Western United States Team

The United States North Western Ubuntu team is a group of Ubuntu Hobbyists from Idaho, Washington, and Oregon who help, communicate, and motivate each other. We have weekly discussions, meetings, topics, newsletters, projects and more! Our goal is to help motivate everyone to do good, rise the awareness of Ubuntu, and to promote teamwork.

How we run

Our environment is a comfortable place where people can just chat about projects, ideas, etc. that they all have. Every time that a goal is accomplished we all congratulate each other for the hard work. Wink ;)

How we communicate

We all talk to each other through many different ways. Every Saturday at 9:00 AM and Sunday at 12:00 PM we have meetings on our irc channel (#ubuntu-us-nw on freenode). Sometimes we'll have group gatherings around the North Western United States. Other times we'll have webinars where some people will get up and talk to the group online while the group can talk back via irc or im. Lastly, we also have a mailing list.

Where Our Gathers are

We try to make sure that every body in the group can attend the meetings, so we have multiple meetings around the Three States to make sure that everyone in the group can participate. The locations will change often, that way different people can always meet up. This can be very rewarding, because meeting up with the people that you are working with on a project can be a fun thing to do! Meeting up with the people that you are working with can also help you communicate more than just instant messaging all the time.


Webinars are rare (for right now) but can occasionally happen. A webinar is a meeting, almost like a cross between the Saturday/Sunday irc meetings, and a group gathering. What happens is all the members of this team (who wish to attend) can open up a program (which one we will use has not yet been determined, but everyone will be let known through the mailing list) that will let them view a few of the Team Leaders. The Team Leaders will talk to each other, and the rest of the team. The rest of the team can talk to the Leaders through the irc chat.

Webinars usually have a topic, such as a project that everyone has been working on, or a big project that is comming up, and we would like to know who is interested in helping us.

The Projects We Work On

Any project that anyone wants to work on! On our team, we anyone can bring an idea to the irc chat room and share away! Everyone can help with projects too! Sometimes ideas will form from people and the whole team will start to work on it! Other times the Team Leaders will introduce a project and will ask who will want to join. We can also edit Open Source Programs too. Pretty much, if you have an idea, and other people are interested we can make it.

If you ever need any help on a project you're working on, then you can show it to the team, and we can help you with it. Just remember: If anyone contributes at all, please remember to credit them in your program/project.

If a project is completed or becomes a success, then we always remember to congratulate the group of people that made it, and maybe see if there is anything you can do to help with the next version of it.

The Mailing List

The mailing list is a way for everyone to stay up-to-date with what's going on within our team. To join the mailing list, just e-mail zaksworld@rocketmail.com with the subject "Join mailing list" and if you want, explain why you would like to join the list in the letter.

How to Join the Team

To join our team, just join the mailing list (mentioned how to above) and join the irc chats (#ubuntu-us-nw on freenode), and presto! You're a member of our team. Wink ;)

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