I am Guru Nagendra Prasad. I am using Linux & GNU packages since 97. I am pursuing a bachelor degree in computers. My first introduction to Linux was red hat. I got 2 CD's of red hat Linux from my friend in 97 and I tried to install it on my system. However I crashed my HDD at that time. Then I tried to install few other distros in the year 97-98. Then slowly I have realized about how to install Linux on a system. In the year 2000 I started to teach Linux in an institute. I inspired few of my friends to use Linux as well. However at that point in time I didn't knew about how to install audio/video drivers. So, I screwed up few systems :).

In the year 2005 I joined Google and worked 3 years as a data analyst. After leaving Google in 2008 I have started working on my own project. In the year 2008 I also developed a distor called Gubuntu based on Linux Mint. It was a multimedia based OS, with all audio and video tools in it.

And finally In Ubuntu User day I am going to cover the following points:

1. Difference between windows and Linux (Ubuntu)

2. Why Windows?

3. Why Ubuntu?

4. Who need Ubuntu and who need Windows

5. Different version of Ubuntu and Linux

6. Using Ubuntu live media

7. Ubuntu Installation

8. FAQ

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