I'm a random Random Ubuntu User.

I have an Asus Z71V laptop that I'd like to see working better in Dapper than it does in Breezy.

My email address is

Dapper Beta

  • Hibernate & Suspend both work.

The only real problem I've noticed is that text virtual terminals get corrupted after resuming from suspend or hibernate.

Z71V Testing Notes (With Dapper Flight 6)

  • The volume control applet on the toolbar defaults to controlling the headphone volume, and the speaker volume is muted by default. Speakers and headphones both work great once you unmute the "Front" volume.
  • The microphone jack works, but can't be selected as an input source for sound recorder. The external microphone works (exactly the same as the microphone jack), but feedback makes it mostly useless.
  • CPU Frequency Scaling works (at least the applet says it does).

-= Keyboard Buttons =-

  • The Wireless activate/deactivate keyboard key (Fn-F2) works.
  • The sleep button does nothing.

-= ACPI =-

  • Hibernate doesn't work by default. I had it working in Breezy and Warty, I'm going to get it working in Dapper.
  • Sleep worked for me in Warty but not Breezy (!?!). Hopefully I can get it working in Dapper.

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