Meeting Agenda for Thursday September 13th, 2007

Roll Call

Infrastructure Issues

* Backups are needed for these positions ** irc admin ** mailing list admin ** launchpad admin

* Should we ask Canonical to host a forum/site for us?

Project Reports

* Ubuntu off the Shelf * Tell 1000 people * OLUG installfest

* Is there any interest in hosting a Gutsy release party?

* Is there any interest in having a live meetup in October?

Other Topics

* Please add your topics here

Meeting Agenda for Thurdsay January 4th

2100 CST (UTC -6) possibly in channel #unbuntu-midwest. Please watch the mailing list for channel details

Roll Call

Infrastructure Report

  • Wiki
    • Wiki Editors
  • Mailing List
    • Admin Backups for Mailing List
  • IRC Channel
    • Admin Backups for IRC Channel

Meeting Agenda for Thursday December 9

2100 CST (UTC -6)

Roll Call

Infrastructure Status Report (Dave)

  • Wiki
  • IRC
  • Mailing List
  • Launchpad Team
  • Meeting Schedule
    • Live vs IRC

Current Projects Report

  • Becoming an "Official" Team
  • Ubuntu Off The Shelf (Dave)
  • Ubuntu in the Non Profit Office (Brad)
  • Assisting OLUG
    • Fliers
    • Demo
    • Tutorials
  • Tell 1000 People

Future Projects

  • Brainstorm Time!

Team Structure

  • Current Model: No Leader, just Admins
  • Open Discussion

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