I'm currently working on promoting Ubuntu in Zimbabwe and am the founding member and current Team Contact for the Zimbabwe LoCo Team. I'm currently a partner in Karigon (Pvt) Ltd (, specialising in Ubuntu-based server solutions and offering Ubuntu support.

I have only been using Ubuntu since early 2007, but in that short space of time, have grown to be truly passionate about the operating system and the principles that drive its development.

Aside from normal work and promoting Ubuntu, I spend my time on music production and I'm a member of the Round Table organisation which promotes fellowship and charity work worldwide. I'm also a Member of the Computer Society of Zimbabwe.

Warning /!\ Make sure you check out our ZimbabweTeam page too as well as the OpenIcdl page, which is a project that the team has been trying to get started for quite a while (not enough members to drive it though).

On launchpad:


Founded the Zimbabwe LoCo Team

September 2007

Started the Zimbabwe Ubuntu Forum

October 2007

Pushed for the implementation of the Zimbabwe Ubuntu Repository mirror
and liaised with ISP for free hosting and sponsorship of server

October 2007 - August 2008

Produced promotional material for Ubuntu in Zimbabwe

January 2008

Held the first ever Ubuntu Meeting in Zimbabwe

May 2008

Assisted with the initial production of Web site

November 2008

Part of organising team of the first ever Ubuntu Release party
and install fest in Zimbabwe

November 2008

Arranged LoCo Team membership of the Computer Society of Zimbabwe,
as an Honorary Institutional Member

July 2009

Maintaining Zimbabwe LoCo Web site (

2008 - 2009

Ordering and distribution of Ubuntu discs for Zimbabwe

2007 - 2008

Submitting monthly Ubuntu Zimbabwe updates to the Computer Society of Zimbabwe
for inclusion in their monthly newsletter

2008 - 2009

Organising monthly Ubuntu meetings in Harare

2008 - 2009

Part of the organising team for the Ubuntu stand at ICT Africa show


LoCo Team Leader


Participated in the Ubuntu stand at ICT Africa show


Released Karigon Health Monitor script


Ongoing Responsibilities

Zimbabwe LoCo Team Contact

2007 - present

Maintaining Zimbabwe Team wiki pages (

2007 - present

Moderating Zimbabwe Ubuntu Forum

2007 - present

Moderating Zimbabwe Ubuntu Mailing List

2008 - present

Limited online support for Zimbabwean Ubuntu users

2007 - present

Promoting the formation of splinter groups in other areas of the country

2008 - present

Maintaining Karigon Health Monitor script

2011 - present

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