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My name is Netanel Shine. I have started my way with Linux back in 2001. In 2004 I've became a user of Ubuntu(Warty Warthog), and since 2009 I am an active user and involved in open source projects. In addition to that, I am a member of the "Hamakor" foundation ( an Israeli society for free and open source software), and I'm taking part in the Ubuntu Israeli Loco. In nowdays I am a student of computer science and a Java developer.

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Personal Blog(Hebrew)


  • Active Ubuntu user and an open source supporter.
  • A member of the "Hamakor" foundation ( an Israeli society for free and open source software)
  • Giving support in the Ubuntu israeli Loco forums and IRC channel.
  • Writing about Ubuntu and FOSS subjects on my blog pages.
  • Working with an Israeli university about support of open source.
  • Helping to arrange Software Freedom Day in Israel.
  • Writing guides for the Hebrew Ubuntu users.
  • Developer in the Gnome-Paint project, and also uploaded the project to launchpad.


  • Was elected to be the Point of contact of the Israeli Loco in front of the "Hamakor" foundation.
  • Wrote and published an assay about the IDS system and how to apply it on the Ubuntu system.
  • Wrote guides about Ubuntu on my blog pages.
  • Translated in launchpad.
  • Translated the IRC Meetings in the loco channel

Future Goals

  • Help to increase the use of Ubuntu and FOSS in the Israeli community through the Israeli Loco, forums and my blog pages.
  • Becoming more active and dominant member in the Israely Loco and the FOSS Israeli community.
  • Becoming involved in the Ubuntu developments efforts.


If you know me and have something nice to say, please leave a comment here.

  • Shuldon - Netanel is a very active member of the Israeli Loco, a very good guy and runs a very successful and interesting blog about Information Security in Ubuntu.
  • Netanel have been very helpful to the LoCo, without him we were not standing where we are today, he is a real freedom believer besides being a great man. Hope to see him as a member soon! -- Ddorda

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