Devices I use to test NetworkManager functionality. -- mathieu-tl 2012-08-31 16:24:30


  • tg3
  • r8169 (in two different systems)


  • Laptop with an ath9k device.
  • Laptop with an iwlwifi device.
  • ZyDAS ZD1211B 802.11g USB dongle (using the zd1211rw driver)



  • ZTE MF112
  • ZTE MF636
  • Option GI0461
  • Sierra Aircard 330U
  • Sierra USB 306
  • Sierra Compass 889
  • Nokia CS-18
  • Huawei E1831

And other devices that appear broken due to reasons other than NM being buggy:

  • Huawei E220 and E226 -- they don't seem to accept my SIM cards; properly detected by ModemManager and "accessible" via DBUS with no SIM.

  • Option iCON 225 -- could be a firmware issue. Once detected the LED flashes like crazy; MM detection never completes.

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