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Place: Cherry Hill, NJ

Time: April 12th, 2008, noon - midnight

RVSP: http://nj.ubuntu-us.org/node/14/


Last LAN (Chronicled here), the games we played were Sauerbraten, Urban Terror, Warsow, and Armagetron Advanced (for at least 8 hours).

What are we playing this time? To be decided. Here's a list of games:


  • Sauerbraten
  • Urban Terror
  • Warsow
  • Alien Arena
  • Nexuiz


  • Armagetron Advanced/GLtron


  • The Battle for Wesnoth


  • Frozen Bubble

Please add to the list if you know of more, or leave comments on games if you have an opinion on which ones should be played. If you know of a whole category of (multiplayer) games that I'm not listing, go ahead and add it!

Frozen Bubble Tournament


Dave Harding will run a Frozen Bubble tournament from 14:00 to 14:30 (or whenever we finish). There will be a home-made trophy and gold-colour winners icon suitable for blogging. The runner-up(s) will get a silver-colour runners-up icon suitable for blogging. Final scores will be posted on this Wiki.



I'm trying to hold the tournament during lunch so we can all watch and munch simultaneously. To play, you will need to arrive before 14:00 (Two O'clock) and have a recent version of Frozen Bubble installed on your computer.

We'll play using Swiss System Tournament Rules. "The principle of a Swiss tournament is that each player will be pitted against another player who has done as well (or as poorly) as him or herself." We'll play enough rounds to determine a single winner. For 5-7 players, that's three rounds. For 8-15 players, that's four rounds. In the Swiss System, each player plays in each round; so 15 players will play 7 matches each round for 28 total matches. If we have fewer than five or more than fifteen players (sixteen players require 40 matches), Dave may use alternative tournament rules.

Each match will consist of two players competing head-to-head until one player wins two rounds of network Frozen Bubble.

Equipment Needed

JoeTerranova has:

  • room
  • router
  • switch
  • surge protectors
  • Ethernet
  • Power Cables
  • Game Server

Anything else we need?

Feel free to make a note if you can provide things we need, or add things we might need to the list.

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