New Mexico GNU/Linux Fest December 19th 2009

New Mexico GNU/LinuxFest! New Mexico's premier free software conference and expo. Coming November 2009

List of Ubuntu users attending

Please add your name to the list


Ubuntu affiliation: end user/Ubuntu Member/newbie

email address

Help with Ubuntu events at the Linux Fest? Yes/No - details

David Thomas

Ubuntu member

Yes - I'm organizing most of the LinuxFest

Jim Riordan


Yes - bound to think of something

Jay Forrest


Yes - willing to help in any way

List of Ubuntu Speakers

Have an Ubuntu specific presentation? Please register and bring Ubuntu to New Mexico here. We will then list it on this page as well.

Details of Ubuntu activities during the New Mexico GNU/LinuxFest

Ubuntu Booth

List of Swag on Booth
* Ubuntu 9.10 disk (desktop and server)
* 1-sheet brochures
* tri-fold brochures
* case badges
* stickers
* pins
* Info on how to contact Ubuntu users in New Mexico

Ubuntu will have two booths (along with a couple of other distributions) One by the registration desk and one in the exhibit hall.

Want to man the booths? Please add your name to volunteer.


email address

Jim Riordan

Jay Forrest

Ubuntu Specific Activities at New Mexico GNU/LinuxFest

This is going to be your New Mexico GNU/LinuxFest, let us know the Ubuntu activities you would like to see. Should we learn how to package, learn the new features of Ubuntu 9.10? It's up to you so make a list and let's make the first New Mexico GNU/LinuxFest one of the best.


  • Date: December 19, 2009
  • Time: 10:15am
  • Location: New Mexico GNU/LinuxFest Expo Hall, other conference rooms


  • Add your Ubuntu Activity to the list
  • Ubuntu theater - A small section set apart in the Expo hall running Ubuntu tutorials thought out the day

New Mexico GNU/LinuxFest Ubuntu Budget

This list is just getting started, please visit often as details will be added daily.


Cost in US dollars


Ubuntu Table in Expo Hall


Custom Ubuntu signs, sessions signs will have sponsors printed on them


vertical banners, session signs, table covers ect.

Program Book Ubuntu full page ad


Silent Vendor commercial on projector expo hall and main hall


Ubuntu theater


needed for chair rental, projector, sound system

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