We want to make Ubuntu friendly for users who are new to linux, which means that members of the NUN will have to tolerate a lot of cluelessness without shouting RTFM, JFGI, UTFS or other acronyms that will confuse newbies even more and even scare them away. IrcGuidelines is also a good page to read.

Guidelines for members of the NewUsersNetwork

The following guidelines have been proposed:

  1. Whether you are helping out on IRC, the mailing lists or the forums, always stay friendly to people, especially if you see they are new to linux. Give them wiki links instead of the command to use Google, as just telling people to use Google is both unhelpful and counter-productive
  2. Regularly browse through the wiki and see what information is available
  3. If you solve problems you see, try to document solutions on the wiki.
  4. Use caution when recommending people to use, the reason for this is that while ubuntuguide is a great resource, the aim of the New User Network is to help teach, rather than just give a list of commands, and usually, the wiki explains things in more detail. However, feel free to recommend ubuntuguide to those who just want a quick fix
  5. NEVER advise usage of marillat, nerim, or any Debian binary repository in a users sources.list, as there are significant differences between Ubuntu and Debian, which means that using Debian binary repositories will likely lead to Ubuntu system breakage. Debian "Source" (deb-src) repositories however are fine.

  6. If you see people giving bad advice, do not hesitate to point out that they shouldn't, however, try to do this in private rather than in public. Refer to these guidelines if neccessary
  7. If you have operator/moderator privileges, use them wisely and only kick/ban/moderate people who are really disturbing the channel/forum. Do not do this to users who seem to be a bit clueless, since usually people who are new to Linux are clueless and it's our task to give them some clue. That's why they came to the community

  8. Sign the code of conduct on Launchpad to become an Ubuntero. If you want to, and your efforts are good, become an Ubuntu member too.
  9. This shouldn't be neccessary, but: Always adhere to the code of conduct. This also means: point people to the code of conduct before starting to shout/kick/moderate etc...
  10. Before joining the New User Network Group, you should agree to follow these guidelines, by sending a copy signed with your GPG key to <<MailTo: execution failed [No argument named "mspruell AT gmail DOT com ?subject"] (see also the log)>>

Workings of the Network


On IRC, the first step taken to help new users was the creation of #ubuntu-classroom. This channel is intended for more detailed tutoring than would be possible in #ubuntu. Please do NOT use this channel for anything but tutoring a user just brought in from #ubuntu or another over-crowded *ubuntu* channel. Once you are done with whatever you brought them in for, ask them to pursue further questions in the original channel (unless they are questions that would lead them back to you particularly).

* Forums

The forums have a section for absolute beginners. This is ideal for the forum-dwelling NUNs.

* Other?

Resources for Neworkers

(A few very frequently used links et al. should be placed here)

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