The combined efforts of LUGOR (Linux User Group of Rocheser), RCSI (Rochester Computer Society Inc) and The New York State Ubuntu Local Team culminated in a successful event and nine new Ubuntu users. Most of the installs were done as pure Ubuntu 9.04 installs, but there were two dual boot systems and one Ubuntu server system as well. After the systems were installed the new Ubuntu users were given advice to use IRC (freenode) and the wiki to get answers, but were also given contact information for Charles Profitt the NY State Ubuntu Local Community Team Vice President.



Lugor member Rob(fedora hat) assists new convert install Ubuntu


Install Fest Sign


Thanks to our sponsor - Dr. Anderson of RIT (right)


Dave Liana(left) assists a new Ubuntu user


Lugor member Walt(right) showing new Ubuntu user the ropes


I am always behind the lens, so here is my laptop (cprofitt)


An unscheduled convert finishing the install


Jay showing off his newly configured server


Installing Linux makes us hungry

Join Install Fest and Launch Party

LUGOR (Linux User Group of Rochester) and RCSI (Rochester Computer Society Incorporated) will be cosponsoring an install fest and 9.04 release party at the Henrietta Galisano College of Computing and Information Sciences - RIT Campus.


  • Saturday May 30th - 9am - 4pm
  • Galisano Building (Bldg 70) at RIT - (map)

The Plan

An install fest involves people brining in their computers (desktop or laptop) and having Linux installed on it. We will be able to install Ubuntu or any of several other distributions for anyone that attends. One lab area will have 'install centers' with power, network, mouse, keyboard and monitor waiting for your desktop or laptop.

Sign-up up page will soon be active (come back later)

Experts on Hand

We use the term expert loosely... no one is really an expert, but the following people are going to be on hand to share their expertise with people looking to make the transition to Linux or those seeking additional knowledge about Linux and Ubuntu.

experts planning to attend

Getting Ubuntu help: The Basics (Forums, IRC and Wiki)




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