Syracuse BugJam


The Jam event drew about 6 people who stayed the entire length of the event that ended promptly at 4:30pm. The event focused on the strategy of picking bugs and getting people setup with launchpad accounts and to go in and look at the entries for the bugs listed.



The Group Anthony (kz1rk4), TBD, Dave, Matt (marnold)


The Library from outside


Local Bug Jam - Live! In Syracuse New York

The NY State Ubuntu LoCo in Syracuse will be hosting a live and open to the public session of an Ubuntu Bug Jam. The Bug Jam involves Ubuntu users across the Central NY region working together to resolve bug reports. This process is known as Bug Triage.

Triaging Bugs Bug triage is an essential part of Ubuntu's development.

Triaging bugs consists of several things:

Responding to new bugs as they are filed.

  • Ensuring that new bugs have all the necessary information.
  • Assigning bugs to the proper package.
  • Confirming bug reports by trying to reproduce them.
  • Setting the priority of bugs reports.
  • Searching for and marking duplicates in the bug tracking system.
  • Sending bugs to their upstream authors, when applicable.
  • Cross-referencing bugs from other distributions.
  • Expiring old bugs.

However, you don't need to do all of those things to help! Recreating a bug and setting the status to Confirmed is enough.

Bug triage is an excellent way to start helping out. You get to learn a lot about Ubuntu, its available packages, its infrastructure, and you get a feel for the development pulse.

The live session in Syracuse, NY will run 1pm to 4:30pm Saturday August 8th. Everyone is invited to contribute, watch, or ask questions about Ubuntu and Linux.


  • address:

    • 101 Springfield Road Soule Library
      Syracuse, NY 13214

  • date: August 8th, 2009

  • time: 1pm until 4:30pm

  • room: Upstairs group meeting room -- this room is a semi-private room upstairs

  • amenities: free wireless

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