Bi-Annual Release Party for an Ubuntu Release


We had a great release party and thanks go out to all the attendees and both presenters as well as the Holiday Inn of Waterloo for hosting the event. We had a booth stationed outside of the conference room showcasing Ubuntu variants on multiple computers. Thanks goes out to System76 for their demo laptop as well. We had a mirror repository setup in the main room for anyone interested in upgrading on site.

Our first presenter Donald (Ducky) Newel discussed the 'Freedom of FOSS', which focused on what Free and Open Source software is and why it's important. He explained the benefits of the open source model by highlighting how it affects the average computer user and demonstrated many examples that users can benefit from. There was a lively question and answer session towards the end of the talk and it ran over the allotted time.

Next up on the program was Elizabeth (pleia2) Krumbach, who gave an inspiring talk on Who Uses and Contributes to Open Source Projects and how you can too. She focused on how anyone of any skill level can contribute to Open Source by simply getting involved. The key points were that you don't have to be a programmer or guru to contribute in meaningful ways that can help grow the community. We had another lively question and answer session followed by pizza and drinks.



Demo System Setup


Sweet Laptop from System76 and a EEE Rockin the Karmic


Everyone loves the EEE


Lots of good conversations

Karmic Koala, 9.10 @ Holiday Inn, Waterloo, NY

More Detail

  • address:
    Holiday Inn Waterloo
    2468 Rt 414 (Mound Road)
    Waterloo, New York 13165

  • date: November 8th, 2009

  • Public Awareness Event: 1pm until 3pm

  • Pizza Party: 3pm until 5pm

  • room: deleware Room

  • amenities: free wireless

Presenations 1-3pm

  • Donald (Ducky) Newel, Freedom of Foss

  • Elizabeth (pleia2) Krumbach, Who Uses and Contributes to Open Source Projects (And how you can too!)

Celebration 3-5pm

Reception, pizza and soda served.

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