Jaunty Release Party Notes

This page describes the ideas generated and lessons learned from the Jaunty release party help April 25th 2009. for details of the event see the event page here.

What Went Good

  • The geographical location was fairly central for NY and we were able to bring in people from across upstate NY.
  • The presentations were well targeted towards the audience that we had.
  • The demonstration systems were up and available for any and all.
  • good state wide turnout as well as local interest.

What Could be Done Better

  • The computer system could be organised better. It was good to have all three systems up and available but the audience did not have much time to interact with the machines.
  • The floor layout also could have been better. Perhaps the computer could be in an adjacent room and the back-end machines could have been placed more out of sight.
  • Setup time should be pushed back from 1 hour to two hours.
  • Additional testing could be done to help make the operation run smoother
  • Advertising
    • Advertising evaluation should start 6-8 weeks in advance
    • PC Shop sponsorship should be sought for possible demo systems
    • Flier posting locations should be scouted out prior to starting advertisement
    • Loco members should be leveraged for advertisement and feedback from LUGs
  • Better follow up and material for people new to linux
  • Signs and possibly people to help draw passer bys to the event.
  • Pre and Post events
    • There should be an event prior to the event to help advertise
    • We should also coordinate with local LUGs to have install fests after the release party.

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