Overall Goals

The New York State Loco reaches out to the community in an effort:

  • Help the community to understand that Ubuntu is a viable alternative to proprietary OSes such as Windows or OS X.
  • Assist new Ubuntu users have a successful transition to Ubuntu by providing local personal support
  • Assist current Ubuntu users learn how to contribute to the Ubuntu Community

Current Goals

  • Develop relationship with TechAge Rochester

    • Developed a course on Open Office for them (also teaching it) (x)
    • Hope to interest them in holding a Ubuntu information night in the future
  • Expand partnerships in Manhattan
  • Expand partnerships on Long Island
  • Continue to grow partnership with Open Source Aficionados in Ithaca
  • Build interest in the following global efforts
    • Testing
    • Bug Triage
  • Establish contacts in the Adirondacks
  • Establish contacts in the Capitol Region
  • Maintain existing relationships (see below)
  • Maintain existing activities and events (see below)

Past Goals


  • Attend state-wide events
    • Ed Tech Day (2009, 2010, 2011)
      • boot on the vendor floor
      • Presentations on FOSS
      • moderated discussion on FOSS
  • NYSCATE 2010
    • Hold a full-day hands-on with Ubuntu and FOSS applications lab for educators (x)
      • Work with educators in the state to develop the lab
    • Submit at least two presentations (x)
    • Support educators in NY State who want to present at NYSCATE (x)
  • Hold / Sponsor Linux Festivals
    • Target Locations: Fingerlakes, Ithaca, Rochester, Syracuse
      • Rochester April 23rd, 2011
  • Hold NYS Ubuntu Day Events
    • Target Locations: Fingerlakes, Ithaca, Rochester, Syracuse
  • Support Local Computer Events / Shows
    • White Hat Security Day (Rochester)
      • Booth
      • Security Presentations
    • Barcamp RIT (Rochester)
      • Several Loco members gave presentations


  • State Activity and Partnerships
    • Fingerlakes - cprofitt
      • Rochester Partner Groups
        • LUGOR
        • RCSI and RCSI Linux SIG
        • RIT Computer House
        • FOSS @ RIT
        • Interlock Rochester
    • Central New York - ducky / MaindotC-LT
      • Syracuse Partner Groups
        • Support SyrLUG
    • Southern Tier - Joseph Vokt
      • Ithaca Partner Groups
        • IFSA
        • Open Source Aficionados
    • New York City (see below)
      • Mahattan - jaricanese / jackyalcine
      • Long Island - redsingularity
    • Inactive Areas
      • Adirondacks
      • Capitol Region

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