This is the XXth IRC General meeting of the NewYorkTeam, starting at 7:00 PM EST and finishing at 8:00 EST When adding new agenda items please "sign" them, place @SIG@ (without the escape - marks) after each of your items. If you won't be in attendance, please describe your item and wishes in detail otherwise those items may not be effectively discussed.



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IRC Logs

ausimage: ANYWAYS... Let Us Get This Show Moving!
(07:00:55 PM) ausimage: Meeting commences...
(07:00:58 PM) ausimage: :)
(07:01:12 PM) ausimage: Old Business is first
(07:01:25 PM) ausimage: Facebook admin requests...
(07:01:52 PM) ausimage: I have spoken with hendrixski and got officer access for NewJack and TheDukeNY
(07:02:01 PM) PrivateVoid: cool
(07:02:12 PM) ausimage: but unfortunately that access seems insufficient...
(07:02:20 PM) PrivateVoid: ?
(07:02:28 PM) ausimage: so I will ask hendrixski again...
(07:02:51 PM) ausimage: not sure... TheDukeNY said he was not able to do something...
(07:03:05 PM) PrivateVoid: k
(07:03:16 PM) ausimage: Next Meetups/Local Events
(07:03:18 PM) PrivateVoid: Wish they were here
(07:03:37 PM) ausimage: Rochester and Rockland Co had events early this month
(07:03:59 PM) ausimage: PrivateVoid: a short summary?
(07:04:16 PM) PrivateVoid: Well... The Rochester group has events planned for January and February... In January we tried for Pittsford, but were initially denied. We then reserved the B&N @ RIT
(07:04:27 PM) ausimage: Old business ;)
(07:04:27 PM) PrivateVoid: Pittsford just called and apologized so we have to choose the location
(07:04:39 PM) PrivateVoid: The previous event at B&N went well
(07:04:43 PM) ausimage: :)
(07:04:57 PM) PrivateVoid: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NewYorkTeam/Events/20081204
(07:05:01 PM) PrivateVoid: that is the summary there
(07:05:10 PM) PrivateVoid: we had 12 people show up
(07:05:18 PM) PrivateVoid: and everyone liked the accomodations
(07:05:33 PM) ausimage: actually it is also http://main.newyork-ubuntu.com/Activities/200812041900
(07:05:45 PM) ausimage: sounds good...
(07:05:49 PM) PrivateVoid: We did a PGP key singing and a CAP assurance as well
(07:06:18 PM) ausimage: Rockland Co.... ?
(07:06:30 PM) ausimage: http://main.newyork-ubuntu.com/pub/skins/wikilove/bg.jpg is their event page
(07:06:53 PM) ausimage: K...
(07:07:37 PM) ausimage: Bylaw Ammendments... I want everyone to look them over... and sometime in the new year we will get to approving them ;)
(07:07:57 PM) ausimage: Now New Business :)
(07:08:12 PM) ausimage: Nominations for leadership...
(07:08:19 PM) ausimage: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NewYorkTeam/Nominations2008
(07:08:50 PM) ausimage: We have the vice president, treasurer and regional openings...
(07:09:29 PM) ausimage: for now, unless daradib wants... I am going to suggest the VP and Treasurer combine...
(07:09:42 PM) ausimage: does this sound fine?
(07:10:07 PM) ausimage: ???
(07:10:07 PM) PrivateVoid: daradib, are you here?
(07:10:45 PM) PrivateVoid: I would prefer we leave it vacant of fill it and not combine them if daradib is not here
(07:10:58 PM) ausimage: k... then lets not...
(07:11:17 PM) ***ausimage says this always happens... such little attendance :(
(07:11:35 PM) ***PrivateVoid can we get a roll call
(07:12:10 PM) PrivateVoid: roll call calimer daradib Dave123 deejoe emma hal14450 marnold nalioth r0bby the-stace xjjk
(07:12:41 PM) the-stace: i am here
(07:12:43 PM) the-stace: just reading
(07:12:58 PM) PrivateVoid: ausimage, why don't we put the elections to the end so more people have a chance to arrive
(07:13:15 PM) ausimage: We already publicized the heck out of them!
(07:13:17 PM) ausimage: :/
(07:13:30 PM) PrivateVoid: I don't mean put them off...
(07:13:36 PM) PrivateVoid: just leave them till the end of the meeting
(07:14:01 PM) ausimage: It is pretty much the meeting, IMHO
(07:14:22 PM) ausimage: We only have  upcoming events
(07:14:22 PM) PrivateVoid: I thought you were discussing getting approved
(07:14:30 PM) PrivateVoid: and website / wiki work
(07:14:49 PM) ausimage: Approval is just a reminder of sorts
(07:15:05 PM) ausimage: and there has not been much website/wiki work
(07:15:18 PM) PrivateVoid: ok
(07:15:38 PM) the-stace: what do these positions entail?
(07:15:38 PM) ausimage: with the exception of acitivities on the website getting a rss feed 
(07:15:41 PM) PrivateVoid: last call for vote everyone calimer daradib Dave123 deejoe emma hal14450 marnold nalioth r0bby the-stace xjjk
(07:16:07 PM) ausimage: the-stace:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NewYorkTeam/ByLaws
(07:16:13 PM) ausimage: under leadership
(07:16:19 PM) the-stace: thank you checking it now
(07:16:38 PM) PrivateVoid: we will give you some time to read them the-stace
(07:16:52 PM) PrivateVoid: perhaps the-stace has some interest in the treasurer position?
(07:17:31 PM) ausimage: I guess WRT the nominations are open till I close them ;)
(07:18:40 PM) the-stace: ok i read them
(07:18:46 PM) ***ausimage notes no one did email proxy votes 
(07:18:51 PM) the-stace: I am willing to do whatever is needed to help
(07:19:15 PM) PrivateVoid: would you be interested in the treasurer the-stace ?
(07:19:16 PM) ausimage: the-stace: you promise to keep yourself in control at all time :)
(07:19:35 PM) the-stace: yeah i had a bad day yesterdya
(07:19:39 PM) the-stace: really bad
(07:19:49 PM) the-stace: i was robbed in my sleep they stole my laptop
(07:19:49 PM) ***ausimage remembers that she brought the wrath of Ubuntu IRC ops in here :D
(07:20:05 PM) ausimage: ahhh :(
(07:20:07 PM) the-stace: so i formally apologize
(07:20:19 PM) ausimage: accepted...
(07:20:52 PM) ausimage: so the-stace which position did you want to try for?
(07:21:03 PM) ausimage: Vp, Treasurer, At large
(07:21:16 PM) ausimage: those are the open ones
(07:21:30 PM) the-stace: ummmm I guess I would be able to handle the Treasurer if needed
(07:21:37 PM) ausimage: cool...
(07:21:50 PM) ***ausimage puts the stace in the treasurer position 
(07:22:28 PM) ausimage: So who all is here and voting????
(07:22:36 PM) marnold: i am
(07:22:41 PM) ***PrivateVoid raises hand
(07:22:50 PM) nalioth: why are you calling me? I'm a Texan
(07:23:04 PM) ausimage: you are in the channel... 
(07:23:38 PM) ausimage: not everyone recognizes out of state nicks, nalioth ;)
(07:23:51 PM) TheDukeNY: sorry me late
(07:24:06 PM) TheDukeNY: are the bylaws passed?
(07:24:07 PM) PrivateVoid: hal14450, deejoe Dave123
(07:24:07 PM) nalioth: i came here for other reasons than participating in -ny stuffs  :0
(07:24:09 PM) PrivateVoid: you guys here?
(07:24:14 PM) nalioth: y'all have a good one
(07:24:19 PM) nalioth left the room.
(07:24:35 PM) ausimage: TheDukeNY: not yet
(07:25:07 PM) ausimage: TheDukeNY: leadership positions
(07:25:18 PM) ausimage: so we have about 6?
(07:26:11 PM) ausimage: K....
(07:26:20 PM) ausimage: Nominations closed.
(07:27:13 PM) TheDukeNY: Did Hendrix come on?
(07:27:29 PM) ausimage: I would like to get a vote for the slate of Vice President as Private Void, and the Treasurer as the-stace.... all in favor 
(07:28:00 PM) ausimage: aye
(07:28:41 PM) Dave123: wassuo
(07:28:48 PM) PrivateVoid: abstain on myself (improper), aye on the-stace
(07:28:50 PM) Dave123: was stuck at work
(07:29:25 PM) the-stace: aye for PrivateVoid
(07:29:48 PM) ***ausimage waits for the acks
daradib Dave123 
(07:30:26 PM) PrivateVoid: we are voting Dave123
(07:30:31 PM) marnold: aye on PrivateVoid
(07:30:44 PM) marnold: if i can still vote that is
(07:30:54 PM) ausimage: Bossmanbeta, calimer, daradib, Dave123, deejoe, emma, hal14450, isacklow, l7, marnold, NCommander, r0bby, WeblionX, xjjk
(07:30:55 PM) PrivateVoid: why would you not be able to marnold ?
(07:31:24 PM) ausimage: vote still in progress for VP Privatevoid, Treasurer the-stace
(07:31:29 PM) emma: what are we voting on?
(07:31:31 PM) Dave123: i vote for PrivateVoid
(07:31:34 PM) emma: I don't think I should have a vote.
(07:31:40 PM) ausimage: k fine
(07:31:51 PM) emma: I vote for PrivateVoid
(07:31:52 PM) marnold: aye on the-stace even though i  don't know ya
(07:32:11 PM) calimer: hi sorry I'm late
(07:32:19 PM) calimer: had a mini crisis :D
(07:32:29 PM) PrivateVoid: np calimer we are voting
(07:32:36 PM) calimer: ooo cool
(07:32:45 PM) calimer: can I be secretary of awesomeness?
(07:32:49 PM) marnold: you're pretty much guaranteed to be better at money than i am
(07:32:58 PM) marnold: (:
(07:33:21 PM) marnold: i don't think we have such a post
(07:33:49 PM) ausimage: calimer.... vote is VP PrivateVoid Treasure the-stace
(07:34:13 PM) PrivateVoid: children acting up -- emergency brb
(07:34:17 PM) ***ausimage notes no descension to the slate
(07:34:17 PM) calimer: are they running unopposed?
(07:34:21 PM) ausimage: yup
(07:34:29 PM) calimer: so I guess we have that answer :D
(07:34:36 PM) NCommander: still at UDS
(07:34:40 PM) calimer: who is president?
(07:34:43 PM) ausimage: Me
(07:34:53 PM) ausimage: still have it for another year
(07:35:24 PM) ausimage: the open positions are vp, treasure, and at-large
(07:35:42 PM) Dave123: whats for at-large?
(07:35:46 PM) ausimage: I am only calling for the unopposed positions
(07:36:12 PM) Dave123: can I be chief beer man?
(07:36:14 PM) Dave123: ;-)
(07:36:16 PM) ausimage: Dave123: once I feel sufficient time has been allowed I will move on that...
(07:37:09 PM) ***PrivateVoid sits down with a frown of frustration on his face
(07:37:33 PM) ausimage: ok no opposition to those.... so Vp is PrivateVoid and Treasure is the-stace
(07:37:35 PM) ausimage: :)
(07:38:20 PM) ausimage: Next we have the at-large/regional positons
(07:38:50 PM) ausimage: here we have daradib and newjack running for the same position
(07:39:29 PM) calimer: what is at large?
(07:39:38 PM) ausimage: How about every says one name for the position....
(07:40:03 PM) calimer: I'm confused
(07:40:16 PM) ausimage: essentially it is a leadership position without office 
(07:40:49 PM) calimer: okay
(07:41:04 PM) ausimage: yeah... I know this is slightly painful...
(07:41:18 PM) calimer: not at all, just wasn't familiar with that term
(07:41:33 PM) ausimage: but somehow I want the membership to have a say in the leadership
(07:41:54 PM) ausimage: so.... daradib or newjack ?
(07:42:10 PM) marnold: newjack
(07:42:17 PM) ***PrivateVoid point of order
(07:42:25 PM) ausimage: PrivateVoid: ?
(07:42:40 PM) ***daradib is back
(07:42:43 PM) PrivateVoid: do the bylaws allow for two at-large?
(07:42:57 PM) daradib: (let me read it all)
(07:43:08 PM) ausimage: hmmmm... it does not specify any number...
(07:43:18 PM) PrivateVoid: I actually do not see the at-large positions mentioned
(07:43:32 PM) PrivateVoid: I see the three to nine regional leaders
(07:43:49 PM) ausimage: I guess at-large = regional to me...
(07:44:04 PM) ausimage: just non-officers
(07:44:15 PM) PrivateVoid: and daradib and newjack are in the same region?
(07:44:24 PM) ausimage: and since daradib and newjack represent ;)
(07:44:35 PM) ausimage: yup
(07:44:38 PM) PrivateVoid: k
(07:44:46 PM) ausimage: so hence choosing between
(07:45:36 PM) ausimage: So... one vote for newjack so far...
(07:46:04 PM) ausimage: AtLarge / Regional position newjack or daradib
(07:46:12 PM) ausimage: ?
(07:46:23 PM) PrivateVoid: You can send a private to ausimage
(07:46:23 PM) ***the-stace is undecided since I don't really know either
(07:46:26 PM) PrivateVoid: if need be
(07:46:35 PM) ausimage: you can obstain ;)
(07:47:33 PM) the-stace: whew
(07:47:34 PM) the-stace: ty
(07:47:39 PM) ausimage: it is very tough to chose between them 
(07:47:42 PM) ***daradib thinks
(07:48:03 PM) daradib: for now (as NewJack isn't here) I'll abstain
(07:48:58 PM) ausimage: k any other votes ?
(07:49:24 PM) ausimage: if not... voting is closed
(07:49:34 PM) ***hal14450 just got home
(07:49:41 PM) PrivateVoid: hey hal14450 we are voting
(07:49:42 PM) ausimage: newjack gets the position
(07:49:44 PM) PrivateVoid: and need your vote
(07:49:57 PM) hal14450: gimme a minute to scroll up
(07:49:59 PM) daradib: congratulations to NewJack :-)
(07:50:15 PM) ausimage: Alright... then leadership has been decided...
(07:50:54 PM) ausimage: VP is PrivateVoid, Treasurer is the-stace, Regional is NewJack :D
(07:50:59 PM) ausimage: congrats...
(07:51:07 PM) hal14450: cool
(07:51:17 PM) hal14450: they all would have had my vote anyway ;-)
(07:51:25 PM) Bossmanbeta left the room (quit: "Ex-Chat").
(07:51:32 PM) ausimage: alright then...
(07:51:38 PM) PrivateVoid: daradib, you were qualified as well... my friend
(07:51:47 PM) ausimage: is there any other business?
(07:51:54 PM) PrivateVoid: I would imagine it was a tough call for everyone
(07:51:55 PM) daradib: PrivateVoid: for treasurer?
(07:51:58 PM) daradib: it's fine
(07:52:05 PM) daradib: i wouldn't want to deal with money anyways
(07:52:17 PM) hal14450: don't blame you lol
(07:52:22 PM) PrivateVoid: for at-large daradib
(07:52:32 PM) PrivateVoid: yes
(07:52:36 PM) hal14450: everybody is good so it's hard to pick one heh
(07:52:40 PM) PrivateVoid: ausimage, I would like to discuss the meetings
(07:52:40 PM) ausimage: PrivateVoid: ?
(07:52:46 PM) ausimage: K
(07:52:48 PM) PrivateVoid: two vs. one and time
(07:52:55 PM) daradib: oh, yes I abstained (not really fair to vote for myself when NewJack didn't get a chance to vote for himself)
(07:53:13 PM) PrivateVoid: I would like to get people's opinions on meeting once vs. twice a month
(07:53:29 PM) daradib: i prefer twice a month
(07:53:33 PM) PrivateVoid: and if moving the meeting to a later time 8pm or 9pm would be easier for people to make it
(07:53:42 PM) daradib: but a better day of week
(07:53:54 PM) ausimage: We started weekly then went bi-monthly, then to staggered bio-monthly
(07:53:58 PM) PrivateVoid: daradib, we have tuesday and thursdays
(07:54:13 PM) hal14450: 8 would have been better for me tonight
(07:54:23 PM) hal14450: i tried to make it in time
(07:54:24 PM) calimer left the room (quit: Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer)).
(07:54:25 PM) PrivateVoid: I also see a time when the regions will grow to the point they might need to hold monthly IRC meetings
(07:54:29 PM) ***ausimage can definitely not type
(07:54:36 PM) PrivateVoid: and want to make sure we do not have too many meetings
(07:54:59 PM) calimer [n=calimer@cpe-67-242-200-126.nycap.res.rr.com] entered the room.
(07:55:16 PM) ausimage: I have not seen much difference in attendence this year... 
(07:55:25 PM) calimer: doh my xchat crashed
(07:55:51 PM) ausimage: I am fine with a monthly meeting... just want to ensure everyone has the opportunity to attend
(07:55:52 PM) hal14450: that sucks i used to have that happen
(07:56:01 PM) PrivateVoid: yes...
(07:56:11 PM) PrivateVoid: well.. it appears we should keep in bi-monthly
(07:56:17 PM) daradib: ok, good
(07:56:22 PM) PrivateVoid: what day works best for you daradib
(07:56:30 PM) ausimage: that was partly why I choose different days
(07:56:34 PM) daradib: fridays or weekends
(07:56:36 PM) PrivateVoid: we can always scale back if regional groups grow
(07:56:57 PM) PrivateVoid: daradib, are you a student?
(07:57:04 PM) daradib: yes, which explains
(07:57:07 PM) PrivateVoid: got it
(07:57:17 PM) daradib: but i am fine with any other day if it is better for everyone else
(07:57:31 PM) daradib: (just that friday/weekend is preferable)
(07:57:32 PM) PrivateVoid: anyone have objections to weekend meetings?
(07:57:46 PM) PrivateVoid: I think we might want to mailing list that question --
(07:57:54 PM) ausimage: yeah...
(07:57:54 PM) daradib: good idea
(07:58:03 PM) PrivateVoid: so we can see if people who do not attend have not been due to the time/day
(07:58:09 PM) hal14450: not really sure if that's the ideal for everyone but we can try it
(07:58:20 PM) PrivateVoid: lets mailing list it hal14450
(07:58:25 PM) ausimage: perhaps two different days?
(07:58:25 PM) PrivateVoid: beat it around the bush
(07:58:30 PM) hal14450: sounds fine to me
(07:58:34 PM) ***daradib remembers making a forum thread a long time ago about meeting schedule weekdays vs. weekends
(07:58:34 PM) PrivateVoid: yeah.. we are bi-monthly
(07:58:37 PM) hal14450: irc meetings you mean right?
(07:58:44 PM) PrivateVoid: so we can do one weekday and one weekend
(07:58:45 PM) PrivateVoid: yes IRC
(07:59:01 PM) daradib: sounds great to me as long as it's fine with everyone else
(07:59:06 PM) hal14450: let's get a consensus on the mailing list then i get
(07:59:11 PM) hal14450: guess*
(07:59:15 PM) ausimage: So PrivateVoid you going to put the question to the list then?
(07:59:30 PM) PrivateVoid: yep -- hal14450 can you take care of that to the list as Secretary?
(07:59:32 PM) PrivateVoid: or should I do it?
(07:59:34 PM) hal14450: i'll do it
(07:59:46 PM) PrivateVoid: k
(07:59:46 PM) PrivateVoid: thank you
(07:59:52 PM) hal14450: should we opt for afternoon or evening time?
(08:00:04 PM) the-stace: evening
(08:00:04 PM) PrivateVoid: I would opt for an evening time
(08:00:12 PM) PrivateVoid: both for weekday and weekend
(08:00:13 PM) hal14450: sounds good to me
(08:00:14 PM) daradib: hal14450: for weekday or weekend?
(08:00:21 PM) hal14450: weekend
(08:00:29 PM) hal14450: weekday evening makes much more sense
(08:00:40 PM) the-stace: LOL
(08:00:44 PM) the-stace: yes it sure does
(08:00:57 PM) PrivateVoid: After the meeting I need the Rochester folks to stick around so I can discuss the meeting location for January
(08:00:57 PM) ausimage: k... so anyother business?
(08:01:08 PM) daradib: weekday evening (at least after 5), but weekend could really be anytime
(08:01:23 PM) daradib: newsletter
(08:01:39 PM) daradib: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NewYorkTeam/Newsletter
(08:01:53 PM) hal14450: yeah i'd like to write something up for that
(08:01:54 PM) daradib: development issue: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NewYorkTeam/Newsletter/Issue1
(08:02:11 PM) daradib: ausimage: you like the message from president
(08:02:21 PM) daradib: i'll change it to letter from president though
(08:02:38 PM) ausimage: message is fine...
(08:02:47 PM) ausimage: I may write a new one...
(08:03:16 PM) ausimage: what did you want to talk WRT newsletter?
(08:03:47 PM) ausimage: daradib: ??
(08:04:02 PM) ***hal14450 is checking email now
(08:04:08 PM) daradib: well there are some empty sections
(08:04:13 PM) hal14450: lot's of good suggestions
(08:04:19 PM) daradib: (a lot actually)
(08:04:32 PM) daradib: first, do we want a graphic
(08:05:02 PM) ausimage: I think perhaps this can be handled with another focus group???
(08:05:06 PM) ausimage: perhaps...
(08:05:13 PM) daradib: ausimage: ok good idea
(08:05:20 PM) daradib: i'll just mention one thing
(08:05:34 PM) PrivateVoid: I think a focus group would work... graphics and promotional materials
(08:05:34 PM) ausimage: did you want to set a date, daradib?
(08:05:44 PM) daradib: for anyone who hasn't taken a look yet, please check out the development issue
(08:05:50 PM) ***daradib thinks of a date
(08:06:20 PM) PrivateVoid: looks good daradib infected is writing an article for it... and I have to do one as well.
(08:06:55 PM) daradib: if you take a look there are some empty sections, we need to either delete them or write articles, hehe
(08:06:57 PM) daradib: but as for date
(08:07:03 PM) ausimage: PrivateVoid: you have a suggested date for daradib?
(08:07:15 PM) daradib: tuesday?
(08:07:20 PM) daradib: 7 PM
(08:07:23 PM) hal14450: we can always do collaborative editing like we did on gobby before
(08:07:31 PM) ***daradib likes gobby
(08:07:37 PM) ausimage: next tuesday at 7pm?
(08:07:41 PM) daradib: i believe UWN uses gobby
(08:07:47 PM) ausimage: yup they doo
(08:08:07 PM) daradib: next tuesday at 7 PM on IRC and Gobby
(08:08:24 PM) ausimage: Newsletter focus group Next Tuesday, IRC and Gobby at 7pm
(08:08:28 PM) ausimage: cool
(08:08:28 PM) daradib: you know what *obby servers people use
(08:08:41 PM) daradib: (else we could connect to my computer)
(08:08:44 PM) ausimage: ubuntu
(08:08:46 PM) ausimage: ;)
(08:09:11 PM) ***daradib checks what UWN does
(08:09:13 PM) ausimage: k so anyother business
(08:09:35 PM) ausimage: if not.... Meeting is Adjourned!

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