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  • Nominations for President, Secretary, Treasurer, At-Large -- cprofitt 2009-09-20 23:55:48

    • Jeremy will let us know who has been nominated
  • Consolidation of Website / Wiki -- cprofitt 2009-09-20 23:55:48

    • (suggestion) Remove 'events' from website and only post them on wiki
    • (suggestion) Remove 'community meetup' from the website and only post them on the wiki
  • Add notice that the team is now official to the website -- cprofitt2009-09-20 23:55:48

  • Karmic Release Party
    • Waterloo, NY, 11-08-09 1-5pm
    • Others?

(09:02:04 PM) ausimage: So... let get it on 
(09:02:32 PM) ausimage: Nominations.... No nominations have been recieved... so that is at a stand still ATM
(09:02:40 PM) ***cprofitt nods
(09:02:47 PM) cprofitt: what do we do in the case of no nominations?
(09:02:54 PM) ausimage: President, Secretary, Treasurer and At-Large are open
(09:03:25 PM) ausimage: We could pick names... are just ack the current active officers IMHO...
(09:03:38 PM) ausimage: not sure if the bylaws state much about this...
(09:03:47 PM) cprofitt: I do not remember any...
(09:03:59 PM) cprofitt: hal14450, could nominate you and you him...
(09:04:06 PM) cprofitt: or Dave123 could nominate you both
(09:04:07 PM) ausimage: ;)
(09:04:31 PM) cprofitt: I am recusing myself :-)
(09:04:46 PM) ausimage: I am going to suggest to still send me any nomination
(09:05:07 PM) ausimage: AFIAC Treasurer and At-Large are vacant
(09:05:08 PM) hal14450: well i think cprofitt is doing a hell of a job and deserves a nomination for pres
(09:05:36 PM) ausimage: Well... there is now a nomination to consider ;)
(09:05:55 PM) hal14450: no offense ausimage but i had to give him acknowledgment
(09:06:02 PM) ausimage: I know ;)
(09:07:11 PM) ausimage: hal14450, cprofitt and I should be probably discuss this further later
(09:07:21 PM) cprofitt: I certainly do not want to offend ausimage or not acknowledge his contributions
(09:07:40 PM) ausimage: Thanks cprofitt... 
(09:07:49 PM) ausimage: Next Topic...
(09:07:58 PM) ausimage: Website/Wiki stuff....
(09:08:17 PM) ausimage: It has been brought up about the lag on the website... 
(09:08:30 PM) cprofitt: I feel we need to consolidate the material covered
(09:08:34 PM) ausimage: and perhaps consilidating things a bit...
(09:08:54 PM) cprofitt: it is not just the lag -- the fact that we duplicate data leaves room for error and confusion
(09:08:56 PM) ausimage: I am of the opinion that if the website is used properly it is less work
(09:09:14 PM) cprofitt: it is bad to have people thinking we are 'dead' because one source is not up-to-date
(09:09:35 PM) cprofitt: I also think that there is an 'expectation', based on other team sites, that certain content will be on the wiki
(09:09:35 PM) ausimage: mostly cause the wiki lacks features that help reduce workload
(09:10:11 PM) ausimage_oui left the room (quit: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)).
(09:10:21 PM) ausimage: The wiki's draw back is that you have to maintain both the index and the content :/
(09:10:47 PM) ausimage: the website maintains the index for you... when content is added...
(09:10:52 PM) cprofitt: I think MoinMoin can handle some of it, but not all.
(09:11:18 PM) ausimage: Yeah.. Moin Moin needs page-based variable BADLY IMHO :)
(09:11:22 PM) cprofitt: I will have to check... I know it supports tags... from some of the document team projects I have been in
(09:12:08 PM) ausimage: In such that I can make a page list that builds indexes based on values from subpages
(09:12:13 PM) cprofitt: ausimage, I am willing to maintain the events/meetups on the wiki despite lacking the automation
(09:12:25 PM) ausimage: K...\
(09:12:47 PM) ausimage: I thought it was clearly stated the website stuff was an 'archive'
(09:12:58 PM) ausimage: and that current info is on the wiki...
(09:13:10 PM) cprofitt: if you were able to scrape the wiki from the website... then perhaps...
(09:13:35 PM) cprofitt: http://main.newyork-ubuntu.com/Activities/HomePage
(09:13:36 PM) ausimage: I have been
(09:13:47 PM) cprofitt: I do not see a mention of 'archive' there
(09:13:59 PM) cprofitt: or any direction to see the wiki for the most up-to-date data
(09:13:59 PM) ausimage: I can add that then
(09:14:04 PM) cprofitt: I did not mean you personally...
(09:14:08 PM) cprofitt: I meant programmatically
(09:14:15 PM) cprofitt: build a perl script or something
(09:14:30 PM) ausimage: oh scripting :)
(09:14:41 PM) ausimage: yeah that is a possibility too
(09:15:14 PM) ausimage: I think the best course is to better inform the user of the intent of the website pages then
(09:15:38 PM) ausimage: Gah... and I am behind there...
(09:15:51 PM) ausimage: I just don't no where time has gone lately
(09:16:05 PM) cprofitt: if we inform them that it is an archive and not maintained as quickly as the wiki that would alleviate my concern
(09:16:28 PM) ausimage: K... I will put it on my short list to tackle then ;)
(09:16:37 PM) cprofitt: sounds good.
(09:16:57 PM) cprofitt: cutting back to the nominations -- should we make a nominations page on the wiki?
(09:17:04 PM) ausimage: Also If there are members who want access to the website content for creating or modifiing... let me know too
(09:17:26 PM) cprofitt: ausimage, how should we tell members about being able to get access?
(09:17:26 PM) ausimage: That or add it to the december page 
(09:17:32 PM) hal14450: so i nominate Slick666 and ausimage for VP
(09:17:34 PM) cprofitt: I am sure Slick666 would be interested
(09:17:43 PM) cprofitt: the vote is next month though; correct?
(09:17:52 PM) cprofitt: I thought that is what we decided last month
(09:17:55 PM) ausimage: er november then
(09:18:00 PM) ausimage: I forgot
(09:18:01 PM) hal14450: i nominate someone other than myself for secretary lol
(09:18:04 PM) cprofitt: due to last years vote being on October 30th
(09:18:16 PM) cprofitt: next month is October
(09:18:20 PM) ausimage: Right... just forgetfull
(09:18:22 PM) cprofitt: but I can add that to the October page
(09:18:33 PM) ausimage: That is the best course
(09:18:46 PM) cprofitt: or do we want to delay until November and hope that people actually become more active with meetings
(09:19:04 PM) ausimage: cprofitt: I can add something how to gain edit rights to the website 
(09:19:20 PM) ausimage: I doubt things will change that much
(09:19:26 PM) ausimage: :S
(09:19:29 PM) cprofitt: sounds good... October or November for vote though?
(09:19:38 PM) cprofitt: I doubt they will either... despite my hope that they will
(09:19:54 PM) cprofitt: I think Slick666 is active in getting Syracuse up... and you have a chance to build up the FLs this year
(09:20:45 PM) ausimage: Yeah...
(09:20:59 PM) cprofitt: that can only help to attract people to meetings
(09:21:26 PM) cprofitt: October or November for vote though... sorry about the birdwalk
(09:21:52 PM) ausimage: Um... November perhaps
(09:22:28 PM) cprofitt: I am fine with any choice you make...
(09:22:34 PM) cprofitt: I think November is best...
(09:22:43 PM) cprofitt: personally
(09:23:13 PM) cprofitt: are we agreed with November then?
(09:23:22 PM) ausimage: +1
(09:23:25 PM) cprofitt: k
(09:23:52 PM) ausimage: Um November then...
(09:23:53 PM) cprofitt: the next topic is easy too... add an 'official loco team' tid-bit to the website and wiki
(09:24:01 PM) cprofitt: that sound good ausimage ?
(09:24:04 PM) cprofitt: hal14450, ?
(09:24:20 PM) ausimage: yeah that goes in with the rest of the website housekeeping...
(09:24:22 PM) cprofitt: hey cws
(09:24:35 PM) cprofitt: I just did not know if any felt the need to advert that or not
(09:25:37 PM) ausimage: which the nominations?
(09:25:46 PM) cprofitt: the 'official part'
(09:26:15 PM) ausimage: Ah... not sure how but I think I can come up with something
(09:26:33 PM) ausimage: also as aside to this...
(09:27:54 PM) ausimage: Perhaps the team might want to mention we are independent and operate with the cooperation of the community at large
(09:29:07 PM) ausimage: Next Topic?
(09:29:31 PM) ausimage: Karmic Release Party
(09:29:58 PM) ausimage: I have reserved the Holiday Inn, Waterloo for the 8th of November from 1-5pm
(09:30:16 PM) ausimage: ducky has offered to give a presentation...
(09:30:30 PM) ausimage: I am struggling with the flyer ATM
(09:30:44 PM) ausimage: I have not heard back from Sys 76
(09:31:04 PM) ausimage: I do hope to see everyone there...
(09:31:17 PM) cprofitt: ausimage, as you know I will not make it...
(09:31:24 PM) cprofitt: I am Sunday inhibited during NFL season
(09:31:29 PM) ausimage: yeah footballitis ;)
(09:31:35 PM) cws: hey cprofit, I am just catching up on the meeting notes
(09:31:45 PM) ausimage: cws hey
(09:32:26 PM) ausimage: hal14450, Dave123, deejoe your coming?
(09:32:32 PM) cprofitt: cool... good so see you here cws
(09:32:40 PM) ausimage: anyone else?
(09:32:47 PM) cprofitt: ausimage, is in need of a presentation in November at the launch party if you are interested
(09:32:57 PM) cws: Unfortunately I can not make  Nov 8
(09:33:19 PM) ausimage: :/
(09:33:21 PM) jMyles_ left the room (quit: Remote closed the connection).
(09:33:57 PM) ausimage: Hopefully I am not going to be sitting there with just ducky :S
(09:34:50 PM) ausimage: If anyone wants to assist let me know wrt Release Party in Waterloo
(09:35:16 PM) ***ausimage notices no more agenda
(09:35:30 PM) ausimage: Does the floor have anything to add?
(09:35:47 PM) ***cprofitt looks at the floor waiting for it to speak
(09:35:54 PM) ausimage: ULLU meets tomorrow at 7 at HWS
(09:36:36 PM) ausimage: I will conclude this meeting then 

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