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  • EdTech Day 2010 update -- cprofitt 2010-03-16 20:37:31

  • 10.04 Launch plans (Waterloo) update from ausimage -- cprofitt 2010-03-16 20:37:31

  • Global Bug Jam Plans update from slick666 -- cprofitt 2010-03-16 20:37:31

  • Discuss changes to membership process -- cprofitt 2010-03-16 20:37:31

  • Discuss role of wiki and website -- cprofitt 2010-03-16 20:37:31

  • IRC channel etiquette and how to handle conversations and support professionally. --ducky12432


2010-03-17T09:00:18  cprofitt: meeting is now
2010-03-17T09:00:55  ***ausimage is listening :)
2010-03-17T09:00:57  cprofitt: trying to load the wiki
2010-03-17T09:01:04  cprofitt: it appears to be struggling
2010-03-17T09:01:10  ducky: yea ts slow
2010-03-17T09:01:13  cprofitt: k
2010-03-17T09:01:14  cprofitt: gotit
2010-03-17T09:01:19  cprofitt: first Topic -- EdTech Day
2010-03-17T09:01:23  ducky: k hang on need to start the meeting
2010-03-17T09:01:26  DavidLevin: cprofitt, I'm here, mainly observing since this is my first one. Happy to help out in any way I can
2010-03-17T09:01:28  slickBot left the room (quit: Quit: Ctrl-C at console.).
2010-03-17T09:01:33  cprofitt: thanks DavidLevin
2010-03-17T09:01:36  ducky: gaaaa
2010-03-17T09:01:54  ducky: slickbot is gone...
2010-03-17T09:02:22  cprofitt: We will have Carl, Joe, Brian from Rochester, and Donald and Landon from Syracuse going to EdTechDay 2010 in Ithaca NY
2010-03-17T09:02:26  cprofitt: next Thursday
2010-03-17T09:02:44  cprofitt: we have a booth which is in addition to the Ithaca Free Software Association's booth
2010-03-17T09:02:49  cprofitt: (so two FOSS booths)
2010-03-17T09:03:01  cprofitt: we have 600+ CDs to hand out
2010-03-17T01:03:19  *** slickBot has joined #ubuntu-us-ny
2010-03-17T01:03:27  <cprofitt> a promotional poster board that I made last year and several stand-up signs I purchased last year as well.
2010-03-17T01:03:45  <cprofitt> I will also be giving a presentation on ISTE 21st Century skills and FOSS
2010-03-17T01:04:08  <cprofitt> in which I will be integrating parts of the US DoE NETP 2010 recommendations which were just released on March 5th
2010-03-17T01:04:21  <cprofitt> Last year we were mobbed with people asking questions
2010-03-17T01:04:29  <slick666> sounds like we're well prepared at this point, what do we have to do between now and then
2010-03-17T01:04:47  <cprofitt> and I suspect, given the fiscal climate, that we will have even more questions
2010-03-17T01:05:04  <jMyles> I wish aCat and I could go, but we'll be at New Hampshire Liberty Forum, also spreading the word about open source
2010-03-17T01:05:16  <cprofitt> I will be contacting the Rochester group this weekend with a time and place to meet for a carpool
2010-03-17T01:05:25  <cprofitt> any questions on EdTechDay?
2010-03-17T01:06:02  <cprofitt> ok...
2010-03-17T01:06:04  <cprofitt> moving on...
2010-03-17T01:06:09  <ausimage> :D
2010-03-17T01:06:20  <cprofitt> Ausimage in conjunction with a small team has been planning our third release party
2010-03-17T01:06:26  <cprofitt> ausimage: can you give us an update?
2010-03-17T01:07:29  <ausimage> Yeah... The room is set.... we still need a speaker, and I assume ducky and slick have the install fest under control
2010-03-17T01:07:42  <cprofitt> I can, as offered before, speak
2010-03-17T01:07:45  * ducky nods 
2010-03-17T01:07:46  <ausimage> I have a flyer made for the event...
2010-03-17T01:08:01  <cprofitt> I would like to see others get experience doing that... but I can do it with minimal notice
2010-03-17T01:08:17  <ausimage> that is good cproffit
2010-03-17T01:08:46  <ausimage> I REALLY just need to know what everyone is helping with and to see what all they can handle... :)
2010-03-17T01:09:10  * ducky raises hand
2010-03-17T01:09:16  <ausimage> I am just struggling abit here with stuff... so help is very much appreciated.
2010-03-17T01:09:31  <ausimage> I did post the event on fingerlakes1 and loco.u.c
2010-03-17T01:09:32  <cprofitt> ausimage: who do you have assisting you?
2010-03-17T01:09:48  <jMyles> we are planning to have a lucid party in New Paltz at SlashRoot, but we don't have a date set yet.  We may be able to help with yours and do ours the following weekend or something?
2010-03-17T01:10:02  <ausimage> I asked ducky, slick666, hal14450 and cws-roc
2010-03-17T01:10:10  <ausimage> but I have not heard much
2010-03-17T01:10:14  <cprofitt> jMyles: that would be great... where is New Paltz
2010-03-17T01:10:21  <ausimage> only bits and pieces
2010-03-17T01:10:24  <jMyles> Mid-Hudson valley, an hour from NYC
2010-03-17T01:10:35  <ausimage> jMyles: we need that on our event list ;)\
2010-03-17T01:10:36  <cprofitt> it may be too far for me to get to an event down there, but perhaps we can get another officer there
2010-03-17T01:10:48  <cprofitt> and yes, please add it to the wiki's event list
2010-03-17T01:10:58  <cprofitt> I can assist you with the details of adding it to the wiki
2010-03-17T01:11:02  <ducky> both slick666 and myself are working out the instal fest. we still need a room layout to plad the setup
2010-03-17T01:11:12  <jMyles> So, the Rochester one is May 1, right? (My birthday) :-)
2010-03-17T01:11:22  <ausimage> ducky:  stop over sometime ;)
2010-03-17T01:11:26  <cprofitt> jMyles: well the Central/Westerny NY is
2010-03-17T01:11:34  <cprofitt> its between Syracuse and Rochester in Waterloo
2010-03-17T01:11:50  <ausimage> and not far from ithaca either
2010-03-17T01:11:52  <ducky> ausimage perhaps we all should get together and do a prelim walk through
2010-03-17T01:11:55  <jMyles> ahh cool
2010-03-17T01:12:13  <ausimage> yeah... give me a date or two and I will see what works
2010-03-17T01:12:30  <cprofitt> any more about the launch parties?
2010-03-17T01:12:36  <ausimage> cprofitt: you think you can push the flyer to sys76 ???
2010-03-17T01:12:51  <cprofitt> for the record I am very excited to see activity near NYC jMyles
2010-03-17T01:12:57  <ausimage> so can have some to hand out by April?
2010-03-17T01:13:00  <cprofitt> I appreciate the effort you are putting in
2010-03-17T01:13:07  <cprofitt> ausimage: I can try...
2010-03-17T01:13:17  <cprofitt> I may not get to it until after EdTechDay
2010-03-17T01:13:18  <jMyles> cprofitt: Somewhat tangential, but yeah SlashRoot is going reasonably well - see http://www.watershedpost.com/2010/fresh-root-grassroots-tech-cafe
2010-03-17T01:13:28  <ausimage> jMyles: feel free to post on the list about what you are doing too ;)
2010-03-17T01:13:38  <cprofitt> ok...
2010-03-17T01:13:41  <ausimage> you bring out a few more people
2010-03-17T01:13:53  <cprofitt> Global Bug Jam -- slick666 can you give us an update on this
2010-03-17T01:14:01  <slick666> sure
2010-03-17T01:14:11  <slick666> wiki page it up
2010-03-17T01:14:28  <slick666> we've got people covering the room at all times
2010-03-17T01:14:43  <slick666> for those that don't know the time is from 10am to 6pm
2010-03-17T01:15:03  <cprofitt> For the record I will be attending the event -- though I may not be there at the start due to coming from Rochester
2010-03-17T01:15:03  <slick666> ducky is working on broadcasting the event via camera
2010-03-17T01:15:12  <jMyles> Wow GBJ is like upon us
2010-03-17T01:15:24  <cprofitt> yep -- next weekend
2010-03-17T01:15:25  <slick666> not this weekend but next weekend :D
2010-03-17T01:15:55  <slick666> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NewYorkTeam/Events/20100327
2010-03-17T01:16:17  <slick666> food will be allowed and I expect it to be a nice low key event
2010-03-17T01:16:37  <cprofitt> awesome
2010-03-17T01:16:45  <slick666> any questions?
2010-03-17T01:16:50  <cprofitt> I can say that the facility is very nice from being there for the install fest
2010-03-17T01:17:03  <cprofitt> I am excited as this is our second event held in Syracuse
2010-03-17T01:17:11  <slick666> we will be downstairs in the youth room with lots of couches, pool, stereo
2010-03-17T01:17:23  <cprofitt> Thanks to both ducky and slick666 for getting the snow ball rolling in the 'cuse
2010-03-17T01:17:31  <lou_> and a sick screen that will mesmerise
2010-03-17T01:17:42  <slick666> Laptop locks will be available for free to rent so you can step out and get something to eat
2010-03-17T01:17:48  <cprofitt> hey lou_ good to see you
2010-03-17T01:18:13  <cprofitt> ok moving along
2010-03-17T01:18:17  <jMyles> sounds awesome
2010-03-17T01:18:21  <cprofitt> membership process
2010-03-17T01:18:31  <ausimage> cprofitt: I have been thinking on this
2010-03-17T01:18:33  <ausimage> :D
2010-03-17T01:18:34  <cprofitt> we had an informal discussion about the current process to joing the team
2010-03-17T01:18:57  <ausimage> I think we should just demote the use of launchpad a little
2010-03-17T01:19:10  <ausimage> encourage them to get involved first.
2010-03-17T01:19:39  <ausimage> then they should feel better about signing up on launchpad and sharing there location
2010-03-17T01:19:50  <cprofitt> I brought it up informally because the process was seen as intimidating by some folks that talked to me about it
2010-03-17T01:20:09  <ausimage> I have been mulling over some text modifications to launchpad intro...
2010-03-17T01:20:21  *** Pendulum has joined #ubuntu-us-ny
2010-03-17T01:20:33  <cprofitt> Currently if a person applies to join the team on launchpad they must send an email to with their location, etc
2010-03-17T01:20:48  <cprofitt> personally I see this as something that is not really necessary
2010-03-17T01:21:16  <ausimage> I see it as important because they need to be involved at the local level....
2010-03-17T01:21:21  <cprofitt> I would like to suggest that we simply allow folks to join on launchap with an approval from any officer in the loco
2010-03-17T01:21:32  <slick666> question:
2010-03-17T01:21:33  <cprofitt> ausimage: can I have you wait to present your ideas
2010-03-17T01:21:33  <ausimage> and how can they be involved if they don't know who is local
2010-03-17T01:21:44  <slick666> must you give a location when joining LP?
2010-03-17T01:21:45  <cprofitt> I am losing focus and it might be difficult for folks to follow both
2010-03-17T01:22:07  <cprofitt> hold on for a second slick666
2010-03-17T01:22:19  <ausimage> The whole thing about a loco team is to be the human face for ubuntu in NYS :/
2010-03-17T01:22:49  <cprofitt> while it should be noted that people must be in NYS - it must be noted that there is no reason to believe that a person is dishonest if they do not give us a location
2010-03-17T01:22:50  <ausimage> and not knowing or willing to expose oneself makes this ability difficult
2010-03-17T01:22:58  * cprofitt please ausimage 
2010-03-17T01:23:11  <cprofitt> I really would like to not have people follow two thoughts
2010-03-17T01:23:24  <ausimage> :/
2010-03-17T01:23:28  <cprofitt> why don't you finish your peace and then I can talk
2010-03-17T01:24:00  <ausimage> Essentially I am thinking we already have members signed up on LP and no action....
2010-03-17T01:24:34  <ausimage> I disagree with modifying the current process as making things easier or perhaps productive
2010-03-17T01:24:53  <ausimage> people just do not understand the purpose of being a loco member IMHO
2010-03-17T01:25:21  <jMyles> ausimage: What are the disadvantages of having few or no barriers to entry?
2010-03-17T01:25:23  <cprofitt> thank you ausimage anything further?
2010-03-17T01:25:28  <ausimage> I think just saying you do not have to sign up on launchpad to get involved is best
2010-03-17T01:25:43  <cprofitt> may I try to explain my thoughts now ausimage ?
2010-03-17T01:26:09  <ausimage> You already had... and I still donot think they make a difference
2010-03-17T01:26:30  <cprofitt> ausimage: I have not been given the opportunity to discuss it with everyone here
2010-03-17T01:26:38  <jMyles> Wait, I'm not sure I understand ausimage's point first
2010-03-17T01:26:48  <cprofitt> I would appreciate you being courteous and allowing me to do so
2010-03-17T01:26:53  <cprofitt> jMyles: ok
2010-03-17T01:27:06  <cprofitt> let me know when I can let people know what my thoughts are
2010-03-17T01:27:07  <ausimage> what about??
2010-03-17T01:27:32  <cprofitt> 21:25 < jMyles> ausimage: What are the disadvantages of having few or no  barriers to entry?
2010-03-17T01:27:41  <Dave123-road> sup all
2010-03-17T01:27:46  <Dave123-road> sorry I am late
2010-03-17T01:27:48  <cprofitt> hey Dave123-road meeting right now
2010-03-17T01:27:51  <cprofitt> ausimage: has the floor
2010-03-17T01:28:06  <jMyles> ausimage: Are you saying that the process of signing up on launchpad as a member of the team should be more involved, and that we should steer people toward simply being involved (but not formally part of the team)
2010-03-17T01:28:15  <ausimage> um I see them as it makes more unclear as to the team purpose...
2010-03-17T01:28:53  <ausimage> jMyles: I am saying that cprofitt feels people are intimidated by disclosing location information...
2010-03-17T01:29:14  <ausimage> and giving them an opportunity to get involved first negates that
2010-03-17T01:29:42  <cprofitt> does that answer ausimage's points for you jMyles ?
2010-03-17T01:29:44  <ausimage> besides we have had several people get involved first without signing up on launchpad...
2010-03-17T01:30:08  <jMyles> ausimage: So do I accurately characterize your position then?  That being on the team should mean giving specific details about your location (perhaps among other things) and that for those who are uncomfortable with this, we suggest involvement short of team membership?
2010-03-17T01:30:40  <ausimage> lp team membership at least...
2010-03-17T01:30:56  <ausimage> besides we have many on the list that are not on the lp team
2010-03-17T01:31:09  <ausimage>  and I expect the same for the forums
2010-03-17T01:31:15  <jMyles> and to your way of thinking, what is the disadvantage of this?
2010-03-17T01:31:22  <Pendulum> what's the point of making a loco team membership (whether it's mailing list or forums or IRC or launchpad) exclusive?
2010-03-17T01:32:00  <ausimage> its not really exclusive... just share your county or borrough location
2010-03-17T01:32:04  * cprofitt I would like to avoid an open argument
2010-03-17T01:32:48  <ausimage> I am just addressing the raised concern
2010-03-17T01:33:04  <cprofitt> jMyles: are you ok with me proceeding?
2010-03-17T01:33:21  <jMyles> cprofitt: yes :-)
2010-03-17T01:33:21  <ausimage> I think saying just get involved is more important than being on any list
2010-03-17T01:33:25  <cprofitt> ok thanks
2010-03-17T01:33:36  <cprofitt> I lost track a bit of what I was thinking... and saying...
2010-03-17T01:33:41  <cprofitt> but let me try to get back on track
2010-03-17T01:33:52  <cprofitt> currently some folks have seen the process as intimidating
2010-03-17T01:34:00  <cprofitt> Pendulum: is one such person
2010-03-17T01:34:11  <cprofitt> if after I finish anyone would like to ask Pendulum about it they can
2010-03-17T01:34:27  <cprofitt> I understand ausimage's desire to get location information
2010-03-17T01:34:35  <cprofitt> but I think that can be done post the person joining
2010-03-17T01:34:53  <cprofitt> I also think a person that wants to hide their identity/location can despite us asking them for the details
2010-03-17T01:34:53  * slick666 would like to make a suggestion
2010-03-17T01:35:02  <cprofitt> there is nothing that would force them to give us a real location
2010-03-17T01:35:20  <cprofitt> in the interest of lowering the possibility of a person being intimidated
2010-03-17T01:35:28  <cprofitt> and allowing people to feel a part of a team
2010-03-17T01:35:39  <cprofitt> I would like to suggest removing the requirement
2010-03-17T01:35:52  <cprofitt> and simply allow any officer to approve a join request
2010-03-17T01:36:08  <cprofitt> after verifying that the profile looks legitimate and not spam
2010-03-17T01:36:21  <cprofitt> if this causes a significant problem we can always revery
2010-03-17T01:36:23  <cprofitt> revert
2010-03-17T01:36:29  <ausimage> that negates the majority then :/
2010-03-17T01:36:49  <ausimage> cprofitt: you study the profiles on the lp list?
2010-03-17T01:36:54  <cprofitt> as ausimage said our current process has not ensured any level of involvement so it really serves no purpose in that respect
2010-03-17T01:36:59  <ausimage> most are bare bones
2010-03-17T01:37:03  <cprofitt> ausimage: I was silent while you spoke
2010-03-17T01:37:08  <cprofitt> please be considerate
2010-03-17T01:37:19  <ausimage> just raising a point
2010-03-17T01:37:35  <cprofitt> While this may not help... I think trying it is worth the effort
2010-03-17T01:37:43  * cprofitt ends his idea
2010-03-17T01:38:00  <cprofitt> slick666: you had a comment
2010-03-17T01:38:01  <ausimage> cprofitt:  many do not have 'profiles'
2010-03-17T01:38:10  <cprofitt> slick666: has the floor
2010-03-17T01:38:10  <ausimage> what then?
2010-03-17T01:38:17  <cprofitt> please wait ausimage
2010-03-17T01:38:51  <slick666> My point was that we may want to make a flowchart type page that explains the membership process
2010-03-17T01:39:18  <slick666> something obvious that helps walk people through the process
2010-03-17T01:39:26  <cprofitt> slick666: that would be a good idea regardless of the process used... an excellent addition to the wiki.
2010-03-17T01:39:31  <slick666> Let them know how things work and how to get involved
2010-03-17T01:39:35  <cprofitt> I like the idea
2010-03-17T01:39:53  <ausimage> http://main.newyork-ubuntu.com/Main/GetStarted
2010-03-17T01:40:14  <slick666> no disrespect ausimage
2010-03-17T01:40:18  <slick666> I know it's there
2010-03-17T01:40:35  <ausimage> It could use some love of course
2010-03-17T01:40:37  <cprofitt> and it is linked to from the wiki currently.
2010-03-17T01:40:39  <slick666> I'm just thinking we may be able to revise it in a graphical way that's more inviting
2010-03-17T01:41:07  <cprofitt> sounds good slick666
2010-03-17T01:41:10  <ducky> may i raise a point?
2010-03-17T01:41:14  <cprofitt> yes please
2010-03-17T01:41:26  <slick666> I'll add it to my todo list if there are no other comments
2010-03-17T01:41:39  <cprofitt> and if Pendulum would like to share thoughts on the process please feel free too as well.
2010-03-17T01:41:42  <ducky> in reality there are by far more people here that are just here to be here
2010-03-17T01:41:46  <ausimage> give me a ping and I can update the website too
2010-03-17T01:41:55  <ducky> they really dont want to "be involved"
2010-03-17T01:42:15  <ducky> i dont see shy we are twisting their arm to do it
2010-03-17T01:42:21  <ducky> why*
2010-03-17T01:42:32  <ausimage> ducky: that raise the point I suggested...
2010-03-17T01:42:36  <cprofitt> I agree ducky -- even those that have given us their location are not more active
2010-03-17T01:42:46  * jMyles does not understand the point of contention.  What is the current policy, who proposes changing it, and to what?
2010-03-17T01:42:51  <ausimage> but we do have an idea where they are
2010-03-17T01:42:59  <cprofitt> to me getting their location before or after the join is not important
2010-03-17T01:43:24  <ducky> if they dont want to get involved why do we care who or where they are?
2010-03-17T01:43:31  <cprofitt> the current policy jMyles is that a prospective members applies on the LP page and is required to send an email with specific information
2010-03-17T01:43:38  <cprofitt> that email currently goes to ausimage
2010-03-17T01:43:48  <cprofitt> and if they send the email ausimage approved them
2010-03-17T01:44:02  <cprofitt> I am suggesting that the requirement to send an email be dropped
2010-03-17T01:44:11  <cprofitt> we can gather that information after they join
2010-03-17T01:44:23  <ausimage> cprofitt: I can forward that email to additional members too
2010-03-17T01:44:26  <cprofitt> and they can choose to give us the information or not
2010-03-17T01:44:41  <cprofitt> even if it is forwarded ausimage it is an additional step
2010-03-17T01:44:54  <cprofitt> that I think does not assist us in the process of attracting new members
2010-03-17T01:44:54  <Pendulum> not to mention that not everyone wants their e-mail forwarded
2010-03-17T01:44:57  <ausimage> then say put it on their profile ;)
2010-03-17T01:45:09  <cprofitt> I do not care to require location
2010-03-17T01:45:23  <cprofitt> I will trust a person to be in NY State if they ask to join
2010-03-17T01:45:24  <ausimage> cprofitt: new members does not equal more help
2010-03-17T01:45:37  <ausimage> er more involvement
2010-03-17T01:45:46  <cprofitt> I am not concerned with more help -- requiring the location does not help with involvement either
2010-03-17T01:45:52  <cprofitt> local activity has helped
2010-03-17T01:46:10  <cprofitt> anyway I would like to ask the folks here to vote...
2010-03-17T01:46:21  <ausimage> then why wory about the lp thing
2010-03-17T01:46:37  <ducky> just to clarify for the meeting group this is for Launchpad membership only correct?
2010-03-17T01:46:41  <ausimage> if officers know where members are they can be approved
2010-03-17T01:46:41  <cprofitt> PROPOSAL: Remove the requirement to send additional information in an email as a requirement to join the LP team
2010-03-17T01:46:44  <cprofitt> yes ducky
2010-03-17T01:46:49  <ausimage> -1
2010-03-17T01:46:58  <cprofitt> please vote with a +1 for yes
2010-03-17T01:47:02  <cprofitt> 0 for abstain
2010-03-17T01:47:05  <cprofitt> -1 for negative
2010-03-17T01:47:07  <cprofitt> +1
2010-03-17T01:47:12  <slick666> +1
2010-03-17T01:47:16  <ducky> +1
2010-03-17T01:47:44  <cprofitt> please feel free to vote jMyles Dave123-road and DavidLevin
2010-03-17T01:47:55  <ausimage> make things worse :(
2010-03-17T01:48:00  <jMyles> -1
2010-03-17T01:48:00  * slick666 All members are welcome to participate
2010-03-17T01:48:03  <DavidLevin> +1
2010-03-17T01:48:20  <cprofitt> I think that is everyone but Dave123-road
2010-03-17T01:48:33  <ducky> is hal14450 around
2010-03-17T01:48:44  <cprofitt> so the measure passes 4 yea 0 abstains 2 nea
2010-03-17T01:48:50  * jMyles does not feel passionate about this issue, but hasn't thought out the consequences enough to vote for change.
2010-03-17T01:49:00  <cprofitt> unless Dave123-road or hal14450 are around
2010-03-17T01:49:10  <cprofitt> jMyles: we can always revert if we are unhappy
2010-03-17T01:49:10  <ausimage> I really think we losing something very valueable
2010-03-17T01:49:19  <ausimage> and is VERY BIG mistake
2010-03-17T01:49:23  <cprofitt> and most other teams do not require location prior to joining the LP team
2010-03-17T01:49:36  <cprofitt> what are we losing ausimage ?
2010-03-17T01:49:40  <ausimage> do you always do what other do cprofitt???
2010-03-17T01:49:49  <cprofitt> I do not see what we are losing
2010-03-17T01:50:03  <ausimage> you lose ability to know where to focuse energy
2010-03-17T01:50:09  <cprofitt> ausimage: no, but I do look at what others are doing for guidance in making a decision on what to do
2010-03-17T01:50:19  <cprofitt> how so ausimage - we can get people's locations later
2010-03-17T01:50:21  <ausimage> you lose the ability to help direct new members to other local members
2010-03-17T01:50:23  <slick666> I must object
2010-03-17T01:50:28  <slick666> guys
2010-03-17T01:50:31  <slick666> we've had a vote
2010-03-17T01:50:36  <jMyles> Having location information is nice.  If people are compelled to provide it, they (usually will).  Maybe an opt-out provision is in order, but I think collecting information is important if we are going to be a solid movement.
2010-03-17T01:50:38  <slick666> we can bring this up again next month
2010-03-17T01:50:39  <ausimage> I really do not agree at all
2010-03-17T01:50:41  <jMyles> ok, yeah slick666 is right
2010-03-17T01:50:44  <cprofitt> you are correct slick666 sorry
2010-03-17T01:50:47  <cprofitt> my apology
2010-03-17T01:50:56  <cprofitt> I will make the change on LP after the meeting
2010-03-17T01:51:08  <slick666> ausimage I think you and cprofitt should take this offline
2010-03-17T01:51:10  <ausimage> I am just saying this make things more difficult for me... :(
2010-03-17T01:51:11  <cprofitt> I would ask us to move any potential discussion to the mailing list or forums
2010-03-17T01:51:18  <slick666> we can always address this again but I don't want to loose focus
2010-03-17T01:51:27  <ausimage> cprofitt already knew my stance prior
2010-03-17T01:51:35  <cprofitt> next topic is another large one.
2010-03-17T01:51:40  <cprofitt> I will not debate it here
2010-03-17T01:51:41  <ausimage> I will put it on the agenda every month
2010-03-17T01:51:45  <DavidLevin> Just to interject, I think some basic location info is helpful so people can see where users are based out of in case they want to have additional meetings. I suggest requesting information but not making it mandatory.  Just a thought.
2010-03-17T01:51:46  <ausimage> EVERY MONTH
2010-03-17T01:52:07  <cprofitt> I agree DavidLevin -- I just think we can get that information afterwards
2010-03-17T01:52:35  <cprofitt> I would like to have people discuss the role of the wiki and the webpage on the mailing list over the course of this next month
2010-03-17T01:52:59  <cprofitt> Currently we duplicate efforts and I would like to eliminate the duplication
2010-03-17T01:53:12  <cprofitt> so I would like to have the team decide what content goes on which
2010-03-17T01:53:12  <ausimage> AFAIC put everything on the damn dog of a wiki if you think it is best
2010-03-17T01:53:15  <DavidLevin> Sound like a plan, I will contribute where I can
2010-03-17T01:53:26  <ausimage> you wont listen anyway
2010-03-17T01:53:29  <cprofitt> knowing that the wiki must exist as part of the Ubuntu world
2010-03-17T01:53:38  <cprofitt> it can be a shell or it can be full...
2010-03-17T01:53:48  <cprofitt> I will initiate that discussion on the list after the meeting
2010-03-17T01:53:55  * ausimage is sorry but is not in the best mood... and sees what cprofitt is doing :(:(:(
2010-03-17T01:54:02  *** ausimage has left #ubuntu-us-ny
2010-03-17T01:54:05  <cprofitt> ducky: you have the next topic - etiguette
2010-03-17T01:54:20  <ducky> ok well we can see we need to work on this
2010-03-17T01:54:25  <cprofitt> yes
2010-03-17T01:54:48  <cprofitt> I apologize for the behavior there... I have not had a LoCo officer rage quit a meeting before
2010-03-17T01:54:51  <ducky> this si not only for everyone buit especially officers
2010-03-17T01:55:35  <ducky> everyone should show respect for everyone else  in the channell
2010-03-17T01:55:44  * slick666 agrees
2010-03-17T01:55:51  <ducky> but this doesnt actualy reflect tonights events
2010-03-17T01:56:02  <ducky> this topic has been stwewing for months
2010-03-17T01:56:14  * cprofitt nods
2010-03-17T01:56:20  <cprofitt> we have had a few members get out of hand...
2010-03-17T01:56:22  <ducky> the situation that this stemms from was dealt with
2010-03-17T01:56:31  <cprofitt> for those that are recent to our meetings / channel
2010-03-17T01:56:37  <jMyles> IRC channels are tough for emotional topics.
2010-03-17T01:56:46  <cprofitt> +1 jMyles
2010-03-17T01:57:01  <ducky> but how it was handled was not necissarily handled properly
2010-03-17T01:57:33  <ducky> i am barring tonights events from this discussion
2010-03-17T01:57:42  <ducky> we will not discuss it any more
2010-03-17T01:57:49  * cprofitt nods
2010-03-17T01:57:51  <cprofitt> thanks ducky
2010-03-17T01:58:02  <cprofitt> we all have to remember we are doing this to spread Ubuntu
2010-03-17T01:58:03  <ducky> we need to discuss how we handle other s who are distuptive
2010-03-17T01:58:11  <cprofitt> we are supporting the community
2010-03-17T01:58:30  <ducky> and how to handle any and all support "calls"
2010-03-17T01:59:16  <ducky> in the past we have just done a perma ban and hoped we got the point across
2010-03-17T01:59:33  <ducky> i would like to see a change from this
2010-03-17T01:59:40  <ducky> it sends the wrong message
2010-03-17T02:00:04  <ducky> PLEASE DISCUSS:
2010-03-17T02:00:06  * slick666 asks for the floor
2010-03-17T02:00:14  <ducky> slick666 go
2010-03-17T02:00:18  <slick666> I think we should derive our etiquette from the Ubuntu Code of conduct
2010-03-17T02:00:39  * ducky nods
2010-03-17T02:00:46  <slick666> I would like to see a formal process written up on the wiki where we can point people
2010-03-17T02:00:54  <ducky> http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct
2010-03-17T02:01:03  <slick666> and have a staged level of consequence for breaking the rules
2010-03-17T02:01:27  <slick666> so when someone steps over the line they are warned
2010-03-17T02:01:30  * jMyles is thankful that this channel is more mature than #ubuntu-offtopic, in which I have seen kicks or even bans handed out by seemingly 12-year old power tripping ops who can't handle real adult discussions of important issues.
2010-03-17T02:01:51  <cprofitt> we try jMyles
2010-03-17T02:02:01  <cprofitt> we all have a great deal of respect for each other here
2010-03-17T02:02:12  <slick666> agreed
2010-03-17T02:02:35  <slick666> I think we should propose an IRC code fo conduct for net meeting to be voted upon by everyone
2010-03-17T02:02:51  <ducky> i agree
2010-03-17T02:03:05  * slick666 sits back down
2010-03-17T02:03:15  <cprofitt> slick666: If the CoC is enough we should likely just make people aware that we are going to enforce that in this channel
2010-03-17T02:03:40  <slick666> cprofitt I think we may need to go a step beyond that
2010-03-17T02:04:05  <cprofitt> I think we would need to have a guide for officers -- as to what to do if the CoC is out of control here
2010-03-17T02:04:08  <slick666> i.e. if you violate the rules you wil be warned once,
2010-03-17T02:04:08  <slick666> Second time you get banned for a week
2010-03-17T02:04:24  <slick666> third time banned for two weeks
2010-03-17T02:04:26  <slick666> etc.
2010-03-17T02:04:28  <jMyles> The most important principle is that people don't feel censored.  The FOSS movement sucks a lot of time out of our lives, and most of the time we happily and proudly give it.  But the upshot is that we are very emotionally invested in these issues, and when people start feeling censored, we lose everything that FOSS stands for in the first place.
2010-03-17T02:05:00  <ducky> jMyles, we are not talking about censorship
2010-03-17T02:05:11  <cprofitt> I would like to thank all the new users who showed up for our meeting tonight
2010-03-17T02:05:15  <ducky> we are talking about trolling and being rude
2010-03-17T02:05:32  * ducky agrees with cprofitt 
2010-03-17T02:05:37  <cprofitt> it is a rare and special thing to have you all take time out of your busy lives to meet and discuss stuff with us
2010-03-17T02:05:38  <slick666> jMyles I think you have a great point
2010-03-17T02:05:38  <slick666> I think that if we keep to the code of conduct we will not risk censoring people
2010-03-17T02:05:51  <cprofitt> I apologize for the rather heated discussion tonight
2010-03-17T02:06:03  <cprofitt> That is not normal... and it should not have happened
2010-03-17T02:06:16  <cprofitt> If I was out of line in anyway you have my apology
2010-03-17T02:06:26  <cprofitt> are there any other topics on the floor?
2010-03-17T02:06:44  * slick666 proposes we set up a rough draft this month to present at next month's meeting
2010-03-17T02:06:55  <cprofitt> that sounds good...
2010-03-17T02:06:59  <cprofitt> do you want to draft that slick666 ?
2010-03-17T02:07:28  <slick666> I can start but I think all the officers should comment before the meeting
2010-03-17T02:07:38  <cprofitt> sounds good -- start a discussion in the mailing list
2010-03-17T02:07:50  <cprofitt> it is likely a good thing to start discussion on the mailing list
2010-03-17T02:08:03  <cprofitt> and then with some consensus we can move on things in the meetings
2010-03-17T02:08:09  <slick666> sounds like a plan
2010-03-17T02:08:21  <cprofitt> we can also use the forum, but not all our users make use of the forums
2010-03-17T02:08:45  <cprofitt> any other items on the floor?
2010-03-17T02:08:53  * jMyles reads the mailing list religiously, but is so busy with the opening of SlashRoot that finding time to respond is impossible
2010-03-17T02:09:04  <cprofitt> jMyles: we can understand that...
2010-03-17T02:09:12  <cprofitt> I really appreciate your efforst downstate
2010-03-17T02:09:17  <cprofitt> we have needed to get some activity there
2010-03-17T02:09:34  * slick666 Notes the time
2010-03-17T02:09:37  <cprofitt> if we succeed there we will have become approved... gotten the 'cuse active... and downstate active...
2010-03-17T02:09:41  <cprofitt> yes...
2010-03-17T02:09:47  <cprofitt> I motion to close the meeting
2010-03-17T02:09:50  <cprofitt> any seconds?
2010-03-17T02:09:54  * slick666 seconds
2010-03-17T02:10:00  <cprofitt> the meeting is adjourned
2010-03-17T02:10:02  * ducky nods
2010-03-17T02:10:07  <cprofitt> thank you very much eveyone
2010-03-17T02:10:22  <cprofitt> Next month will again be the third Tuesday at 9pm
2010-03-17T02:10:32  <cprofitt> this was awesome to have so many people in the meeting
2010-03-17T02:10:46  <ducky> meeting notes for this month  will be posted on the wiki shortly
2010-03-17T02:10:51  <cprofitt> slick666: and ducky: can you post the minutes
2010-03-17T02:10:53  <cprofitt> thanks!!
2010-03-17T02:10:57  <cprofitt> way to go guys!
2010-03-17T02:10:57  <slick666> will do
2010-03-17T02:10:59  <DavidLevin> Have a good evening everyone. Please feel free to reach out to me if you want to chat if you see me on IRC
2010-03-17T02:11:06  * slick666 has to see how the bot did
2010-03-17T02:11:11  <cprofitt> thank for attending DavidLevin
2010-03-17T02:11:37  * jMyles starts the cashout at SlashRoot :-)
2010-03-17T02:11:39  <slick666> Meeting adjourned!

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