New York Local Community Team Structure


The NY State Local Community team will have a primary contact and a secondary contact.

  • The lead contact will be responsible for distribution of the resources received from the Ubuntu community and Canonical
  • The lead contact shall be responsible for organizing the teams re-application for approved status
  • The lead contact shall be responsible for communicating the concerns of members to the greater Ubuntu community

The purpose of the secondary contact is in the case of the primary contact being out of contact for a period of three months. If the primary contact can not be reached the secondary contact will automatically be elevated to primary contact

Central Team Meetings

The team shall meet monthly on IRC to facilitate the co-ordination of regional or state-wide events

  • The meeting time and date will be set by the lead contact in consultation with the membership
  • The team will meet in #ubuntu-us-ny on

The team irc channel shall be available to any sub-team for on-line meetings.

  • The sub-group should post details of the meeting on the Ubuntu wiki meeting page so others are aware that they meeting is taking place

Sub Teams: Really Local Teams

The New York State Local Team acknowledges that New York State is a large geographic region containing several major cities and the needs of Ubuntu users would be best met by local groups organizing local events

  • Any person interesting in running a 'really' local team will be able to add their team information to a special page on teams Ubuntu wiki
  • Every attempt will be made to support the 'really' local teams with resources from the Ubuntu community and Canonical

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