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Ubuntu-ni is the name of the young, dynamic, and fast-growing Loco Team from Nicaragua. We are commited to promote the greatness of free and open source software in our country. We focus mainly on distributing and demonstrating Ubuntu to our fellow citizens and providing high quality community support to all users out there who are willing to discover a new world full of opportunities, the world of Ubuntu.

Key details

flecharoja.png Date of application: Mar. 30, 2007
flecharoja.png Team Contact: Leandro Gómez <>
flecharoja.png Membership: 30 Members as of Mar. 30, 2007 (List of active members)
flecharoja.png Mailing List: ubuntu-ni on (Archives)
flecharoja.png IRC: #ubuntu-ni on Freenode (Logs)
flecharoja.png Launchpad: Grupo Ubuntu Nicaragua


Basic resources for the team are set up and running:

flecharoja.png Mailing list - Info | Archives
flecharoja.png IRC Channel - #ubuntu-ni on Logs
flecharoja.png Team Wiki - Wiki Home | Wiki pages by the Ubuntu-ni Team
flecharoja.png Launchpad - Grupo Ubuntu Nicaragua | Ubuntu Miskito Translators


flecharoja.png Active members: 30 as of Mar. 30, 2007 List of active members
flecharoja.png LP members: 31 as of Mar. 30, 2007 List of active LP Members
flecharoja.png Ubunteros: 6 as of Mar. 30, 2007 List of active members

Structure and Governance

The structure of our community is made up of the collective leadership that rests on the LocoTeam Council (Consejo Comunitario), composed of six members. In addition, every project has a coordinator or project leader that is represented in the LoCoTeam Council.

On a local level, there are local leaders (coordinators) of the Ubuntu-ni local groups organized in the Universities and Departments across the country. The local groups are autonomous entities that are pretty much free to define their own goals, activities and projects according to their specific needs.


flecharoja.png Membership - Grow, both in quantity and quality. Reach the number of 100 active members by the end of the year. Begin our Classroom Project in order to increase the expertise and knowledge of our members so they can contribute in a better way to the community.
flecharoja.png Local Groups - Establish one local group in each one of the 17 Departments of the country and at least a local representation in every major university. Reaching out and being close to the community is very important for our group.
flecharoja.png Working with other organisations - Participate in regional community projects and initiatives, such as FLISOL, Ubuntu Latin America, Spanish LoCo Teams, etc. Engage our members more actively in the Ubuntu community.
flecharoja.png Advocacy/Installfests/Conferences - Continue with the Ubuntu related conferences and workshops in the different universities and cities across the country.
flecharoja.png Documentation - Continue with the translation and/or compilation of guides, tutorials and Ubuntu marketing material in Spanish.
flecharoja.png Community Support - Improve the community support given in mailing lists and the IRC channel.
flecharoja.png CD Distribution - Finance the local distribution of Ubuntu CDs.
flecharoja.png Ubuntu derivative distro/Miskito translation - Continue the work with the work on the distro project and begin the process of translating Ubuntu to Miskito language.


flecharoja.png Working with LUGs - The Ubuntu-ni LocoTeam is a member of the Nicaraguan Network for Free and Open Source Software (REDSLCAN). We participate actively in their mailing lists, share information and work together on national issues and events, such as FLISOL 2007 in Nicaragua.
flecharoja.png International - We at Ubuntu-ni believe in the benefit of cooperation of all the members of the big Ubuntu LoCo family and participates in all joint initiatives and projects of the Spanish/Latin American Teams.
flecharoja.png Installfests - The Ubuntu-ni Loco Team is the official organizer of FLISOL 2007 in Nicaragua. FLISOL is a huge Latin American Installfest/Conference with more than 100 participating cities in 19 countries. The Ubuntu-ni team obtained official support for this event from the Ibero-American University of Science and Technology.
flecharoja.png Advocacy - We are currently planning and running a series of Ubuntu related conferences and workshopsin several Departments of our country. An ambicious media plan is being implemented in occasion of FLISOL and the Feisty Fawn release. The media plan includes several TV appereances, talks in radio shows and newspaper articles and press releases.
flecharoja.png Documentation - Our team is working hard on compiling guides, tutorials, HOWTOs, and other Ubuntu related material -including Marketing material- in Spanish and make them available to the Spanish speaking community members. A growing group of members are active in editing and improving the wiki.
flecharoja.png Translations - A few members are already engaged in the translation of Ubuntu related material into Spanish. Some of our members are also active members of the Ubuntu Spanish Translation Team.
flecharoja.png Community Support - We provide free community support to our members through the mailing list and IRC channel. Our members also provide support and general information about Ubuntu on several local forums: Foros Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria, BN: Computadoras e Internet, Tecnonica.
flecharoja.png Local Groups - We are organizing local groups in universities and Departments all around the country in order to make a bigger impact on a local level. Currently we have five local Ubuntu-ni groups in Nicaragua. The ubuntu-ni-udem local group is officially recognized by the authorities of the University of Managua.
flecharoja.png Distribution points - The Local Groups (see above) are responsible for the local distribution of Ubuntu CDs in Nicaragua in coordination with the national Ubuntu team contact.
flecharoja.png Derivative Distribution - The Ubuntu-ni distro project's aim is to produce a local distribution with language packs available as default from installation and include our own national imagery to give Ubuntu a local flavour. Work is in progress.
flecharoja.png Miskito Language - An important part of the Nicaraguan derivative distribution is the translation of Ubuntu to Miskito language. A Launchpad account has been setup and initial contacts has been taken with the University of the Autonomous Regions of the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast and local NGOs in the municipality of Prinzapolka. Home

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