Contact Info

  • Email: nickj-fox ATNOSPAM ubuntu DOT com
  • IRC: foxbuntu, foxbuntu_laptop
    • Channels (freenode): #ubuntu-mythtv, #ubuntu-mythtv-dev, #mythtv, #ubuntu-motu, #gloss, #ubuntu-devel, #cialug
  • Ubuntu Forums: foxbuntu

Current Works

Ubuntu Contributions

  • Mythbuntu Log Grabber
  • Mythbuntu Apple Trailers (Packaging and minor code changes/further support)
  • Mythbuntu Lircrc Generator (Co-Author)
  • Packaging for Gloss Media Center
  • Mythbuntu USplash (Code/Packaging)
  • Mythbuntu GTK+ / GDM Themes
  • Mirroring ISOs for Mythbuntu
  • Assisting others with Packaging
  • Plugins for Mythbuntu Control Centre


  • Location:

    Des Moines, Iowa USA


    Consultant - QCI

    My roadmap to Ubuntu:

    Dos > Windows 3.1 > Windows 95 > Windows 98 > Mandrake > Redhat 9 > Windows NT 4 > Suse > Fedora Core 4 > Gentoo > Windows XP > Fedora Core 6 > Ubuntu (6.04 to Current)

    Favorite Distro:

    Ubuntu (Enter new release here)


  • Mythbuntu
  • Iowa Python Users Group
  • Central Iowa Linux Users Group
  • Ubuntu Iowa Loco


Mario Limonciello (superm1)

Nick has been helping the Mythbuntu project since quite early on. It's amazing to remember how far back his contributions go. Just looking over the above list reminds me how long he's been helping out, and exactly how overdue his membership is. When his time for contributing code is low, he still manages to help provide support in our support channel, and other ways to contribute which is great. If nothing else, Nick always brings humor into our IRC rooms and keeps us all sane. +1

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