Nick Garvey

Email: ngarvey (AT) nickgarvey (DOT) com

I have been using Linux for about two years as of March 2007. I first played around with Fedora Core 3 when I was 14. I have used Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu, SuSe, Gentoo, and Damn Small Linux the most.

I mainly participate in #ubuntu with answering various support questions.

I am a member of the CDLUG and USALUG (#cdlug on freenode and #usalug on freenode accordingly). I also am part of the Ubuntu NY Loco Team, (#ubuntu-ny).

Spreading Free Software is something I actively work at in my school, mainly with the Firefox web browser through the Firemonger CD, and helping with Ubuntu installs.

I am most familiar with Java and Python, I have taken a class in Java (AP Computer Sciences), and learned some Python in my free time.

Generally, I use "NickGarvey" (my real name), for most of my user names, so finding me on irc or whatever is simple.


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