Just another user of Ubuntu, who is really excited of the current/future prospects of GNU/Linux in general and specifically Ubuntu. Have been involved in the Danish LoCoTeam for many, many years. Ubuntero to the heart.

Patron of #ubuntu-dk.

Contact information

Name: Niels Kjøller Hansen

Nationality: Danish

Cell: (+45) 51 94 26 63



IRC: kjoller@freenode

Project Involvement

I put most of my Ubuntu work in the Danish LoCo-team, where I now serve as the friendly neighbourhood treasurer and board member. I also open my home to two fellow geeks once in a while to record the ubuntu-dk podcast, which I also edit.

Formerly, I was the LoCoContact for quite a lot of time (2+ years). I have participated in quite a lot of events, both as a speaker, a booth-keeper and done some of the organising. I also helped organise the small get-together that was the Gutsy Release Party in copenhagen.

And now the deeds in bullet-form:

  • Long-time LoCoContact when there was nothing more of the LoCo than a few people on a mailing list

  • Booth-keeper and co-organiser of Ubuntu-dk's presence at LinuxForum 2007. blog

  • Co-organiser and drinker of beer and eater of pizza at Ubuntu 7.10 Release party

  • Booth-keeper and co-organiser of Ubuntu-dk's presence at OpenSourceDays 2008

  • Speaker at 8.10 Ubuntu Release Party
  • Did the write-up and spoke at the CC meeting when Ubuntu-dk was officially recognised as a LoCoTeam

  • Booth-keeper at 'Open Source i det offentlige' (Open Source in the public sector). blog blog

  • Elected treasurer in the LoCoTeam

  • Host and editor of the Ubuntu-dk podcast

  • Booth-keeper at Open Source Days Community Day 2009 blog - on one of the biggest IT-related news sites in Denmark (me to the far left in the picture).

Near-future projects

  • Streamlining the bylaws and processes of the LoCoTeam to avert some of the chaos we had at the last general assembly.

  • Getting the content on the new website, forum and mailing-list licensed under a free license.

General future prospects

As an active member of the LoCoteam, I hope that we will be able to further drive the rise in the interest that we have experienced the last couple of years.

Me outside of Ubuntu

Currently, I work as a consultant in the Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs. My business card says 'Government Official' - how cool is that :-). I am also writing my Masters thesis in Geography at the University of Copenhagen.

Support for membership

SørenBredlundCaspersen (Ubuntu member): Niels has been an active member of the Danish LoCo team since what seems like forever. As can bee seen from the list above his involvement covers a lot! His most recent involvement in the ubuntu-dk podcast must be emphasized. Hopefully the podcast will help us reach a much wider audience than we could hope for with just blogs / webpages. Without Niels I doubt the podcast would have become a reality. Also, he has strong opinions on the organizational and democratic structure of our loco team, which secures a healthy debate.

I strongly support Niels's application for Ubuntu membership.

SorenHansen: I can definitely support Niels' application as well. He's been around forever, he's always helpful, and is one of the driving forces in the Danish LoCo team. He has my highest recommendations. Frankly, I think it's silly he's waited so long before applying Smile :)


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