About me

  • 23 years old
  • German, living in Karlsruhe
  • student of computer science with a focus on medicine and linguistics
  • switched to Linux as the only OS on my PCs around 2005 (first contact was around 1998 though I think)
  • Amarok community manager
  • member of Kubuntu, KDE e.V. and ubuntu-women
  • speaking German, English, Latin and some Spanish


  • communities
  • free software
  • language and speech
  • scuba diving


Ubuntu activity

Packages activity

  • packaged KLogShow for gutsy
  • working on bugfixes as time permits


  • help on IRC and mailinglists
  • talks on Amarok, KDE and Kubuntu
  • work at booths at events like Linuxtag and FrOSCon
  • attendance at free software conferences like FOSSCamp
  • workshop and install party at Ladyfest in Mühlheim
  • bug triage
  • ISO and bugfix testing
  • ubuntu-women member


  • helping make Kubuntu rock by helping to grow the community


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