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Nik is a member of the UKteam

and Helps in organising meetings and activities

and has done some charity work

and helped organise their .ORG Village stand attendance

Nik Butler is listed in the Marketplace for Ubuntu

Builing and Running Community Stands

actively promotes Ubuntu at BCF meetings where he discusses Ubuntu

is currently the Chapter Director of BNI Flagshaip Gatwick where he promoted Ubuntu

Wrote the Documentation for how to access Force9 and plusnet using Linux.

rewrote bashpodder to answer his own questions

His Blog

A complete description of your contributions to Ubuntu

In terms of software development very little. In terms of Ubuntu advocacy and promotion of Ubuntu I have been committed to promoting Ubuntu to my own clients having installed servers and desktops for several clients and have refurbished and sold servers on Ebay with Ubuntu preinstalled. Im actively involved in the IRC channel and am keen to see the UKTeam achieve goals which make a difference in the OSS community in the UK.

Your plans and ideas for Ubuntu in the near and far future

I would like to implement many of the goals of the N Big Challenges which Mark has set by focussing on how we can make a difference in th heart and minds of other potential or unaware Ubuntu users and support individuals. Getting the brand of Ubuntu established as Linux for Human Beings. Taking ideas from other succesful marketing campaigns, such as Dominos, and making Ubuntu a known candidate for the desktop and in doing so take a small step towards resolving Bug #1 .

Who is , Nik Butler

Nik Butler has been advocating the use of Free and Open source software to small and medium sized businesses since before the turn of the century. Although Born in Elgin, Scotland, in 1971 he has not allowed this to limit his goals. Despite missing the boom times of the eighties, on account of having to be in school, and lacking any useful form of Internet or Free and Open Source software he has continued to focus on new and succesful projects. However if you feel that you want to read more go read his blog.

What is Nik Butler

Well in the words of his business coach , Nik Butler is just this guy you know. He is driven by a desire to see the UK return to the early years of computer enthusiasm where it was possible to contribute to projects and ideas without needing to lay down a second mortgage on licenses and software. He feels that Ubuntu is finally making that possible and wants to bring it to the every computer hobbyist he can especially as part of his Linux User Groups activity at British Computer Fairs .

Where is Nik Butler

Just down heres in the South of England a midge little more south than Gatwick Airport and as I said I am a member of the Sussex Linux User Group and yes he is a part of the UKTeam.

How is Nik Butler

Involved ? Well glad you asked primarily he runs a business called Reduced Hackers where in he promoted the use of Ubuntu to many small and medium sized businesses in the south of England. He does this by handing out the many Ubuntu CDs during his BNI Meetings and also by promoting the use of Ubuntu as a desktop for Human beings at BCF meetings. He was recently involved in helping to co-rdinate the Ubuntu-UK Team stand at the Linux World Expo 2006 and in using the opportunity to raise funds for Childen In Need Auctioned a Ubuntu-UK and Canonical Team signed Tshirt for £300. He currently helps chair the UKTeam meetings and is a keen proponent of getting things done.

Why is Nik Butler

Wanting to be a Ubuntu Member? Well having taken time to read the Code of Coduct, and sign it , he feels that the ethos of Ubuntu and the principals of this particular distributions development and community contribution are closely matched with his own ethics and business desires and would hope that his application to become a Ubuntu Member would be as succesful.

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