Milo Housknecht

Email: <ni1ihanth AT yahoo DOT com>

Brief summary: I'm just a regular linux user. I'd even consider myself a novice to intermediate user, but I do share the same desires as the rest of the MissouriTeam. I want linux to be realized among the masses of its great potential. More people should know that linux isn't hard to use anymore for regular users, and Ubuntu is helping that cause so I want to be a part of it. I hope to be able to give input representing the average joe user of linux, which is exactly what it needs if it is going to be able to be more widespread. I also hope to learn more about linux in general and to be more active in this deeply devoted and helpful community.

The primary reason why I ever got interested in linux was because of the open-source community. You know you're in with the right community when it works so incredibly hard to make known an entirely free product. There is no motivation for these people other than to help others, and that is what I see open-source as. Not tarnished by greed. ...


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