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  • Launchpad Entry: no-mono-by-default

  • Packages affected: F-Spot, Tomboy Notes, Mono, gThumb


We should reevaluate mono's inclusion with every new release just like Gnome was supposed to do. This would require a decision early in each release, by someone official.


Language Leadership

Including a language on our default desktop cd is a form of embracing the language and all that it stands for. Microsoft is clearly playing the leadership role when it comes to the creation of .NET and Novell is for all intensive purposes following their lead with Mono.

I believe Ubuntu should take Language Leadership seriously and choose to embrace those languages which are lead by those who firmly believe in Free Software.

Alignment With GNOME and Fedora LiveCD

Gnome was supposed to reevaluate Mono's inclusion every release. The default Fedora liveCD (for Fedora 10 at least) does not include Mono by default.


An official developer tests to see if Mono is still the best choice for Ubuntu in a clear documented manner, by testing the "expected next version shipping code" of: gThumb F-Spot Tomboy StickyNotes

It is also part of this spec that if gThumb is determined to replace F-Spot, Tomboy should be removed as 50 MB is far to much for one note-taking application on the default CD.


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