The NoVATeam is the LoCo for Ubuntero's located in the Northern Virginia area. We are a new group and looking for members so if you are interested please contact Gekitsuu. The group is going to have regular meetings and I have big plans for events once I get things setup.

How To Join

I'm in the process of setting up the website and mailing list but check back soon. For now just send me an email and I'll reply to everyone who's interested with the information about the website/forum/mailing list once they're ready.

Why Join

I'm hoping to run this group like a LUG. I want to get people excited about Ubuntu and grow the group by having events such as install fests, talks about Ubuntu that people can attend, and maybe just a bunch of us handing out CD's at local computer stores. I am open to ideas and I think that the more people who use Ubuntu the better.

What Area Does this LoCo Cover

I really don't want to steal people from the DCTeam as I'm sure they have many exciting things going on too but I would not be surprised if there were people who got involved with both groups because of the close proximity. Even though DC and VA are close I also know how difficult it is to get into DC which can prohibit some people from helping with the DCTeam. I'm starting this group for people in the Northern Virginia area to come together and have somewhere outside the District to meet. I don't have a meeting place yet but I'm going to try to figure out something that is somewhat central to Northern VA, please feel free to toss out ideas.


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