• As a member of Japanese LoCo Team since August 2009, I attended FOSS events and made presentations to promote Ubuntu.

  • I wrote articles about Ubuntu in Japan.

Launchpad ID

What I've done

Appearance in Events

Off-line Meetings

Open Source Conference

Ubuntu Hour

  • Ubuntu Hour Tachikawa Tokyo

    • I have kept holding Ubuntu Hour twice a month in Tachikawa city since September 2010. Usually, 3 or 4 people are coming.

Sending Patches

  • adding bash completion for powerwake (551073)

  • fix a page template of LoCo directory (664395)

  • update the target of Firefox release notes (664651)

  • add i18n support for dman (677200)

  • fix hard coding to less in bzrp (677049)


Team Reporting




Ubuntu Magazine Japan
  • Background information about Ubuntu Magazine Japan:

    • This is the first magazine specialised for Ubuntu in Japan. It is widely sold at book stores throughout Japan and published about 4 times a year.
  • Vol.01: I wrote about 6 pages.

  • Vol.02: 12 pages

  • Vol.03: 15 pages

  • Vol.04: 14 pages

  • Vol.05: 16 pages

Software Design
  • As the series "Ubuntu Monthly Report"
    • June 2010 issue - "How to setup pulseaudio remote functions on headless Ubuntu server" (4 pages)

    • November 2010 issue - "Save your electricity bill with PowerNap and PowerWake" (4 pages)

    • December 2010 issue - "How to use etckeeper with Bazaar" (4 pages)

  • Other
    • July 2010 issue - This issue includes Ubuntu CD. I wrote the article which explains how to install Ubuntu using 2 pages.


Ubuntu Weekly Recipe


Future plans

  • keep attending and organizing events to promote Ubuntu.
  • keep translating and documenting.
  • carry information what Japanese LoCo and people do to the world through Planet Ubuntu.


  • Nobuto is one of the greatest Ubuntu evangelist in Japanese community. In particular, he organize a regular event "Ubuntu Hour in Tachikawa" for the purpose of creating opportunity to face Japanese - a beginner and a advanced - users. I believe that he and his work play an important role in the growth of Ubuntu community. -- cosmos-door 2010-11-23 04:26:00

  • Nobuto's passion and sincerity have made him as good speechmaker. As LoCo members, he have much experience as a event-staff/booth staff/organizer. Of course -- until then, he contributes many LoCo events. For about twenty months, he contribute much to the success of our team. -- hito 2010-11-30 10:18:00

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