Some translation data cannot currently be updated via the language pack mechanism. Because these items require more disruptive integration work, they are subject to an earlier deadline to give time to developers to manually export translations from Launchpad and integrate them into the package.

This deadline simply marks the date (on UTC time) after which it is not guaranteed that the translations of the packages below will be included in the release. Depending on the package, and depending on the maintainer's workflow, it can be that they are exported later, but for translators the main point above still remains: for the packages affected, only translations before this date will be included in the release.

(i) Other packages can still be translated until the LanguagePackTranslationDeadline.

Translations which fall into this category are:

Rebuilding packages

The reasons for packages needing to be rebuilt with a fresh export of translations are various: some packages need to not use language packs, but contain the translations themselves, so that the installation process will be localized. Others contain some highly visible strings, that are coming from xml files, which are populated with translations at package build time. Some packages contain only such strings. These are listed here.

(i) Packages that should contain translations themselves are listed here

(i) If you want to contribute filing bugs or tracking their status, you can use the following bug template. You can see the list of all such bugs with the non-langpack-translation-deadline tag.



  • TODO: Adding items from the list at the top that also apply. Should be the various -docs here? Do the UTC team want to help maintainers with exporting tarballs and adding them here?
  • TODO: Stop exporting templates of type install and xml to langpacks.
  • TODO: What's up with themes and wallpapers?

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