Please add ideas for projects and ideas that the NC Team can do.

1. Develop a list of cities in NC where the Team should promote a presence

2. Develop a presentation suitable for presenting to LUGs at their regular meetings.

  1. Reasons for team
  2. Benefits of team to LUGs
  3. Promote Ubuntu related activities in each geographical area with the help of the LUG

3. Recruit and develop a presentation team to make in person presentations to LUGs across the state in an effort to

  1. Garner good will
  2. Raise their awareness of the NC team.

4. Develop a resource list of LUGs across NC with contact information for key people in each LUG.

  1. Use a CRM type database that is web based accessible to team members as needed
  2. Maintain contact records to record activity with the various LUGs

5. Develop ideas for reaching new computer users and disgruntled computer users wanting to change OSes


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