IRC logs from the meeting on November 3, 2009

Nov 03 19:00:50 <_marx_>        #startmeeting
Nov 03 19:00:51 <MootBot>       Meeting started at 18:00. The chair is _marx_.
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Nov 03 19:01:12 <_marx_>        Hi anybody out there...?
Nov 03 19:02:01 <BugeyeD>       o/
Nov 03 19:02:12 <gchick>        'lo
Nov 03 19:05:58 <_marx_>        beautiful day here
Nov 03 19:06:28 <_marx_>        i wonder if we'll get anyone from the webchat link
Nov 03 19:09:06 <BugeyeD>       _marx_: got ahold of a (big) handful of 400-800Mhz machines, 256-512MB ram, 4GB hdd. wondering how useful they could be. planning qimo on a few. not sure about the rest.
Nov 03 19:10:44 <_marx_>        thin client candidates
Nov 03 19:11:22 <_marx_>        might be suitable for a basic training class?
Nov 03 19:11:49 *       akgraner (n=akgraner@ubuntu/member/akgraner) has joined #ubuntu-us-nc
Nov 03 19:15:05 <_marx_>        okay 4
Nov 03 19:15:25 <_marx_>        [TOPIC]release party reports
Nov 03 19:15:25 *       BugeyeD just saw an ad for 'V' on abc ... is this the same thing i remember from the 80's?
Nov 03 19:15:26 <MootBot>       New Topic: release party reports
Nov 03 19:16:21 <_marx_>        we didn't have one in winston
Nov 03 19:16:28 <_marx_>        not sure BugeyeD 
Nov 03 19:17:28 <BugeyeD>       the wife was out of town, i had the kids. i put them to bed and had a "party of one" ...
Nov 03 19:18:17 <BugeyeD>       i installed nbr onto my pre-netbook-era netbook (tiny sony vaio). the install went fine and it looks nice, but the mouse does not operate the launcher. the keyboard does, but the keyboard mapping is screwed.
Nov 03 19:18:25 <BugeyeD>       not a very fun party.
Nov 03 19:18:39 <BugeyeD>       i heard others here in this channel have pictures from their parties on facebook
Nov 03 19:19:15 <_marx_>        i upgraded on the 26th
Nov 03 19:20:00 <akgraner>      sorry I am late...internet issues
Nov 03 19:20:11 <_marx_>        gchick: where are you? i'm in winston
Nov 03 19:20:40 <gchick>        I'm in Durham (oh, and I failed to say hello properly earlier, as it's my first meeting here)
Nov 03 19:20:52 <akgraner>      nameiner, has his the Raleigh party pics on FB
Nov 03 19:21:11 *       _marx_ can't add FB to qwibber
Nov 03 19:21:26 <akgraner>      and I haven't uploaded the London ones yet...
Nov 03 19:21:50 <_marx_>        so how was London?!
Nov 03 19:22:14 <_marx_>        i hear they talk funny over there :))
Nov 03 19:22:17 <akgraner>      was a great, energetic, and awesome release
Nov 03 19:22:39 <akgraner>      people from all over Europe showed up
Nov 03 19:23:00 <akgraner>      not sure how many people showed up but there was standing room only
Nov 03 19:23:05 <Nivex> gchick: Greetings from Carrboro
Nov 03 19:23:28 <BugeyeD>       gchick: greetings from winston-salem
Nov 03 19:23:46 <akgraner>      gchick, glad to have you in the channel and the meeting tonight...
Nov 03 19:24:05 <gchick>        thanks all! And good to meet you.
Nov 03 19:24:35 <akgraner>      Nivex, you and lovelace were at the Raleigh party right how was it?
Nov 03 19:24:50 <akgraner>      sorry I missed it...
Nov 03 19:26:24 <Nivex> akgraner: aye.  'Twas fun.
Nov 03 19:28:55 <_marx_>        moving on...
Nov 03 19:29:21 <_marx_>        [TOPIC]steps to officialdom
Nov 03 19:29:22 <MootBot>       New Topic: steps to officialdom
Nov 03 19:30:43 <_marx_>        +2 to anyone who can find a pyle to sarge shame, shame, shame clip
Nov 03 19:30:48 <_marx_>        sorry off topic
Nov 03 19:31:23 <akgraner>      we need to document what we are doing..
Nov 03 19:31:32 <_marx_>        i believe all we lack is a better roadmap
Nov 03 19:31:37 <_marx_>        ah,
Nov 03 19:31:42 *       _marx_ typing slow
Nov 03 19:32:02 <akgraner>      I would suggest taking a look at the approved Loco teams roadmaps
Nov 03 19:32:33 <akgraner>      also, sorry I have been a bit lax on the monthy reports
Nov 03 19:33:05 <akgraner>      they are due the 22nd of each month.. and I haven't been checking up with people throughout the month
Nov 03 19:33:29 *       _marx_ caught jono's session in ubuntu-classroom
Nov 03 19:33:40 *       akgraner notes to create a checklist for things todo throughout the month
Nov 03 19:34:07 <akgraner>      Jono always has great sessions on how to get involved with you LoCo Team
Nov 03 19:34:13 <akgraner>      the logs should be up soon
Nov 03 19:34:37 <akgraner>      _marx_, what ideas did you take away from it
Nov 03 19:35:48 <_marx_>        need for projects with roadmaps
Nov 03 19:36:11 <gchick>        logs are here, for reference: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/openweekKarmic/LoCoTeamBuilding
Nov 03 19:36:15 <_marx_>        more than that but that's one shorty
Nov 03 19:37:42 <_marx_>        also using launchpad to host a roadmap
Nov 03 19:37:47 <akgraner>      I can add a wiki for us to Brainstorm projects
Nov 03 19:38:02 <akgraner>      yeah they just added all that to LP..
Nov 03 19:38:13 <akgraner>      if I recall correctly
Nov 03 19:38:22 <akgraner>      Grantbow, ping
Nov 03 19:38:44 <akgraner>      There will be some sessions at UDS about LoCo teams and Using LP
Nov 03 19:38:54 <_marx_>        blueprints, not roadmaps
Nov 03 19:39:23 <_marx_>        https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-northcarolina
Nov 03 19:39:25 <akgraner>      gotcha
Nov 03 19:40:15 <akgraner>      yeppers I am learning how blueprints work and how to create them
Nov 03 19:40:59 <_marx_>        66 LP members, 70 FB group members
Nov 03 19:41:00 <akgraner>      but anyone who wants to learn how to do them is good
Nov 03 19:41:48 <akgraner>      but we have to remember to keep things simple..
Nov 03 19:43:05 <akgraner>      and easy for everyone to participate in..
Nov 03 19:43:06 <akgraner>      any thoughts
Nov 03 19:43:12 <akgraner>      on where to begin
Nov 03 19:43:34 <akgraner>      and what things to tackle 1st
Nov 03 19:44:21 <akgraner>      and reach out to people on FB, Identi.ca, twitter, blogs, mailing lists, forums. and IRC...
Nov 03 19:44:48 <akgraner>      not everyone who uses Ubuntu Likes IRC, Mailing lists and forums....  so we have to capture people through all forms of social media and stuff
Nov 03 19:48:23 <_marx_>        right i was thing roadmap/blueprint steps to officialdom
Nov 03 19:49:26 <akgraner>      https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NorthCarolinaTeam/Roadmap
Nov 03 19:49:34 <akgraner>      I set that up a while ago
Nov 03 19:49:41 <akgraner>      we just need to add to it
Nov 03 19:49:50 <_marx_>        yeah i was just looking at that page
Nov 03 19:52:22 <akgraner>      do we want a brainstorm wiki for ideas
Nov 03 19:52:36 *       jfrorie (n=jfrorie@cpe-071-075-118-086.carolina.res.rr.com) has joined #ubuntu-us-nc
Nov 03 19:52:43 <_marx_>        yeah maybe so
Nov 03 19:52:59 <jfrorie>       hola, compadres
Nov 03 19:53:01 <jfrorie>       :)
Nov 03 19:53:12 <akgraner>      I can add one tonight and mail it to the list
Nov 03 19:53:17 <akgraner>      forums
Nov 03 19:53:18 <akgraner>      facebook
Nov 03 19:53:34 <akgraner>      oh and do we have an identi.ca and twitter group for our team
Nov 03 19:54:06 <_marx_>        indenti.ca yes
Nov 03 19:55:10 <_marx_>        no sorry it's orkut
Nov 03 19:55:58 <_marx_>        sinbot date
Nov 03 19:56:20 <_marx_>        hum thought he'd give the time
Nov 03 19:56:23 <akgraner>      want me to get those set up as well or does someone else want to set them up?
Nov 03 19:56:39 <_marx_>        have at it
Nov 03 19:56:47 <_marx_>        i'll get on FB in a bit
Nov 03 19:57:04 *       dsmithnc_ (i=4101ef60@gateway/web/freenode/x-b554b6f4a6639cef) has joined #ubuntu-us-nc
Nov 03 19:57:23 <_marx_>        can't get gwibber setup for FB...something to do tomorrow
Nov 03 19:57:41 <_marx_>        howdy dsmithnc_ 
Nov 03 19:58:02 <dsmithnc_>     hello, sorry to be so late
Nov 03 19:58:30 <nameiner>      sorry for being late, got sucked into making ice cream
Nov 03 19:58:33 <_marx_>        dsmithnc_: i think you are the first to join a meeting via the webchat link
Nov 03 19:59:17 <dsmithnc_>     that's 'cuz I couldn't remember my id on the irc client.  It's upstairs and I'm on laptop in living room
Nov 03 20:00:38 <akgraner>      so brainstorm wiki, identi.ca and twitter groups...
Nov 03 20:01:00 <akgraner>      anyone wanna learn how to do the monthly reports.. just in case I get hit by a bus
Nov 03 20:01:04 <akgraner>      it's just a wiki
Nov 03 20:01:11 <_marx_>        [ACTION]akgraner setup brainstorm wiki
Nov 03 20:01:12 <MootBot>       ACTION received: akgraner setup brainstorm wiki
Nov 03 20:01:35 *       _marx_ lol 
Nov 03 20:02:17 <akgraner>      I can teach people next week (this week is open week)  just let me know who wants to know..and I can see if -classroom is available or we can do have it in here
Nov 03 20:02:34 <dsmithnc_>     I'd be willing to learn
Nov 03 20:03:05 <_marx_>        [TOPIC]open
Nov 03 20:03:06 <MootBot>       New Topic: open
Nov 03 20:03:17 <akgraner>      I will send a doodle poll to the list and see what times are good for people..
Nov 03 20:03:24 <_marx_>        akgraner: teach what?
Nov 03 20:03:32 *       nameiner_ (n=nameiner@cpe-066-026-085-020.nc.res.rr.com) has joined #ubuntu-us-nc
Nov 03 20:03:44 <akgraner>      how to do monthly reports and basic LoCo wiki needs
Nov 03 20:04:09 <akgraner>      so we have a bunch of people that can cover for each other
Nov 03 20:05:20 <_marx_>        xclnt
Nov 03 20:07:21 <_marx_>        i've been talking with a small group of people about beginner level computer classes based on linux
Nov 03 20:07:37 <akgraner>      oh that sounds fun!
Nov 03 20:07:46 <gchick>        classes=school, or something informal/community based? either way, kewl!
Nov 03 20:07:49 <_marx_>        modeled after the free classes available at local libraries
Nov 03 20:08:53 <_marx_>        one of the people in that small group works for the w-s/fc library and has taught the ms based beginner classes
Nov 03 20:09:07 <_marx_>        so finally a good contact in that area at least
Nov 03 20:09:17 <dsmithnc_>     where are the classes going to take place, if you do it/
Nov 03 20:10:08 <_marx_>        dsmithnc_: that is problem #1, library pc's would need to use live cd's and usb drives
Nov 03 20:10:43 <_marx_>        adding a complication that beginners don't really need
Nov 03 20:10:45 <dsmithnc_>     Yep, I don't feature them wanted to put in dual-boot pc's.
Nov 03 20:11:11 <dsmithnc_>     getting my fingers tangled tonite....wanted/wanting
Nov 03 20:12:24 <_marx_>        another possibility is a server, have the library clients livecd boot to a thin client server
Nov 03 20:12:51 <_marx_>        or usb boot if the hardware is capable
Nov 03 20:13:46 <dsmithnc_>     any possiblity of a community college buying in?  Usually they are always on the lookout for new programs to offer, especially in continuing ed.
Nov 03 20:14:49 <_marx_>        dsmithnc_: it's a leap; they don't offer many free classes
Nov 03 20:15:16 <_marx_>        well maybe not such a leap but i've not been able to find the right person at fctcc
Nov 03 20:15:19 <_marx_>        or ftcc
Nov 03 20:15:25 <dsmithnc_>     no, that's true.  my experience was generally with "older" adults!! :)
Nov 03 20:16:41 <_marx_>        wake forest was a good host to piedmont linux users group for years
Nov 03 20:17:02 *       nameiner has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
Nov 03 20:17:37 <dsmithnc_>     unca used to have a pretty active linux group...but I lost track of them
Nov 03 20:18:02 <_marx_>        dsmithnc_: where are you, or did you say and i missed it?
Nov 03 20:18:32 <dsmithnc_>     Nope, I didn't say...15 miles south of Asheville in Fletcher, NC
Nov 03 20:18:41 <_marx_>        oh geez
Nov 03 20:18:49 <_marx_>        holstein: ping
Nov 03 20:18:59 <_marx_>        he's in swananoa
Nov 03 20:19:10 *       _marx_ used to live in h'ville
Nov 03 20:19:29 <dsmithnc_>     we're about the same miles from Hooterville, right in the middle
Nov 03 20:19:40 <dsmithnc_>     about a mile or so from the airport
Nov 03 20:20:16 <_marx_>        dammitman, Hooterville, we called it that when i lived there
Nov 03 20:20:26 <dsmithnc_>     still true!
Nov 03 20:22:50 *       akgraner_ (n=akgraner@adsl-222-157-40.clt.bellsouth.net) has joined #ubuntu-us-nc
Nov 03 20:24:08 <akgraner_>     oh this connection tonight...just stinks
Nov 03 20:24:26 <_marx_>        akgraner: the joys of country living?
Nov 03 20:26:09 <_marx_>        next meeting in two weeks
Nov 03 20:26:19 <akgraner_>     I will try to make it..
Nov 03 20:26:30 <akgraner_>     but not looking to good atm
Nov 03 20:26:58 <akgraner_>     UDS is that week..
Nov 03 20:27:09 <_marx_>        check out open week on ubuntu-classroom and seeks url
Nov 03 20:27:31 <_marx_>        https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek
Nov 03 20:27:57 <_marx_>        there's been some good stuff in there
Nov 03 20:28:08 <akgraner_>     the "Ask Mark" Session has been moved to Friday just an FYI
Nov 03 20:28:42 <akgraner_>     it was supposed to be tomorrow morning but some last minute stuff came up so it had to be moved to Friday at 1700 UTC
Nov 03 20:28:43 <_marx_>        17:00 utc
Nov 03 20:29:07 *       _marx_ continues to lag :)
Nov 03 20:29:49 <BugeyeD>       but you can ask _marx_ just about any time, no need to wait
Nov 03 20:29:53 <akgraner_>     _marx_, :-)  you are fine.. I just need to put the caffeine down
Nov 03 20:30:34 <_marx_>        #endmeeting
Nov 03 20:30:35 <MootBot>       Meeting finished at 19:30.

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