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Clear message
  • We meet at 7pm on IRC channel #ubuntu-us-nc
  • To join the meeting without setting up an IRC client click here




Governance and leadership

[TOPIC] Review the leadership wiki

  • Review final definitions.
  • Call for vote. [VOTE]


[TOPIC] Ubuntu Advocacy

  • The fortnight in review:
    • individual advocacy - What are you doing to get the word out?
    • Team advocacy - What is the team doing to get the word out?


[TOPIC] Global Jam Days

[TOPIC] Release Parties

  • Let's get what is planned on the team wiki and other places.

[TOPIC] Outreach to rural areas

  • [LINK] see MD Tour

  • continue or backburner?
    • enter below if time allows
      • New projects begun since last meeting
      • New project ideas

Team Approval

[TOPIC] Team Approval

Afaik all we need to do is make the application wiki page. The fact that we are working on the wiki organization is evidence of activity.
Please see

for a mockup of our application for approval.

Agenda for Upcoming Meeting

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Action Items


See the log for this meeting here

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