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Spreading Ubuntu across the Tar Heel State

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This is the home page for the Ubuntu North Carolina (NC) Local Community (LoCo) Team. Started in August, 2007, the NC Team is steadily growing. The NC LoCo Team is a group of Ubuntu-Linux enthusiasts whose common goal is to share Ubuntu with all areas of the Tar Heel state. In accordance with the Ubuntu philosophy, this team is open and available to all. Our members range from non-technical end user (NTEU) to Ubuntu-Linux Kernel developers. If you'd like to contribute to Ubuntu-Linux, we encourage you to join the team. No previous knowledge or experience is necessary.

If you are not quite ready to join the team, and are just looking for some help, come check out our LoCo team support options.


  • Educate the North Carolina public about the use of Ubuntu, Linux, and Open Source.
  • Provide an avenue, via an Ubuntu Local Community, in which all who wish can use, participate in, contribute to, and develop Ubuntu.
  • Assist local Linux User Groups and Free/Libre Open Source Software initiatives.
  • Introduce Ubuntu to people at business and social events
  • Focus on promoting Ubuntu to people with a non-technical background


important.png Action Plan - PLEASE stop by and look at this action plan, as it pertains to all of us.

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Special Thanks to the Ubuntu Florida Local Community Team for inspiring the Ubuntu North Carolina Local Community Team wiki pages.

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