Generally we will try to meet, as a team, at least twice a month in IRC to discuss what is going on in our individual Ubuntu efforts, plan what can be done as a team, and assist each other in building and implementing ideas to benefit the Ubuntu community.

This page will serve as a sort of hub for meeting information, and everybody is encouraged (yay Wiki!) to edit this and add ideas to the agenda, add responses to meeting times, and anything else that may arise.


  • Team meetings will be held in #ubuntu-us-nc every 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month.

  • Please see the Meeting Agenda for information on the next scheduled meeting date.


Please add your agenda items for the April 1st team meeting below:

NOTE: Please add items here - Team Lead/Chair can add items to chair agenda wiki

Please sign any agenda items you add with a @ SIG@

Previous Agendas

  • Anyone looking for previous agenda items?? If so please go here!

Meeting Minutes

  • Previous meetings can be found here

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