This is a framework proposal to be submitted to a county or municipal school system. It describes method through which Linux can be promoted within the school system. A possible framework for this approach would be the recycling of obsolete hardware through installation of Ubuntu and reused within the public school system. Particularly desirable equipment, such as laptops, could be prizes in scholastic achievement contests. A possible contest would be essay based on the meaning of freedom or other open-source related topic.


The North Carolina Ubuntu Local Community is an organization whose purpose is the advocacy of the Open Source Ubuntu operating system. We hope to increase the visibility of Ubuntu in the community as an alternative to the current Microsoft and Apple offerings. To show the utility of Ubuntu, we intend to offer our expertise in refurbishing and rehabilitating older computer equipment to create functional, productive systems. We intend to offer these systems at no charge to students in an environment designed to increase open source software awareness.

Why Linux is superior to Windows in a educational environment.

  • No cost outlay for the O/S.
  • Most applications are free.
  • Issues relating to piracy are virtually eliminated.
  • Tighter security.
  • Can recapitalize obsolete hardware.
  • Superior immunity to viruses.


  • Need some system specifications (Software/Hardware) Probably system in the 1.5Ghz range since the popularity of the everex walmart systems.
  • A description of the contest parameters. Essay format? Subject Matter areas: be Open Source, Free vs. Free, Linux, Choice, Freedom.
  • Probably will need to explain the source of the systems if it is donated. Corporate exposure and all that rot. Exploring sources for these systems.
  • Need an age group target for the contest

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