About me

I'm currently enrolled at Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany and going for a B.Sc. in Geoscience & Astrophysics. A master shall follow if all goes well, but preferably not in Europe. Most certainly not at a German university.

A quick run down the nickname: I was born and bred in Hamburg (northern Germany) and spent another few years of my life in Minnesota (northern US). Further, if you study space physics you're bound to run across the northern polar lights or more widely known as the aurora borealis - lights in the sky resulting from discharges due to collisions between charged particles from the earth's magnetosphere with those in the upper atmospheric electrojets. Quite beautiful. And there might be one more, but those who figure, we'll let 'em figure.

My first distro was Suse 6, which at the same time was also my first buy on ebay. I was thirteen though and loved video games too much to not go back to mostly running Windows. Today, I'm happily using Ubuntu on my laptop since Breezy. I've also had to deal with Suse and Fedora in the lab. The latest experiment is Arch on my old desktop PC, which is fun, but for simplicity and a reliable laptop for class, I really dig Ubuntu.

Off the screen I play and follow cricket, tennis and football/soccer.

"The screen" by the way is almost always a computer monitor. I despise television - it's quality is decreasing by the day. Plus, content's way too limited. Why would you watch what's accidentally presented to you on 1 of a few dozen channels???


As for a physical address, Hamburg's got to suffice - this is publicly viewable afterall.

You can reach me via email at either or

ICQ: 75731294 msn: (never check the email) yahoo: (never check the email)

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