OFED - OpenFabrics Enterprise Distribution.

Share your tips/tricks/lessons-learned for using OFED on Ubuntu.

OFED 3.5 support in Ubuntu

Please see OFED 3.5 and Ubuntu.pdf for details.

Among the last 4 Ubuntu releases, Ubuntu 13.04 has the most up-to-date packages as in OFED 3.5. However, there are still some packages that aren't available in the universe or not up to date as in OFED 3.5.

What's missing

  • Fabric management: ibacm, ib-bonding.
  • Hardware specific user space library: infinipath-psm (QLogic Truescale), libcxgb4 (Chelsio T4), and libehca (IBM).
  • Utility: qperf

What's not the latest

  • dapl
  • libibcm
  • mstflint
  • ofed-docs
  • perftest
  • rds-tools
  • libsdp


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