About Me


I live in Austria where I work as a professional software developer. Linux is a part of my life since 2003, Ubuntu since 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon. When I'm not programming I'm either helping new users with Ubuntu or answering and editing programming related question the Stack Exchange platform or playing around with Gimp and InkScape. Sometimes I can be found on the nearby hills shredding the downhill tracks on my mountainbike.


  • Programming and Computer Science Theory
  • Mathematics
  • Ubuntu
  • Design
    • User Interface design
    • User Experience design
    • Graphical design
  • Open source software projects in general
  • Downhill and Dirt Mountainbiking

Contributions to Ubuntu

Face-to-Face Event Attendance

  • UDS-O in person
  • UDS-P remotely

Aim within Ubuntu

  • I'm planning to develop a few Ubuntu phone and tablet applications.
  • Successfully started to learn packaging, planning to find a package to maintain.
  • I'm also planing to setup a small town-based (Graz) Meetup early next year in an attempt to create a micro-LoCo to boost the Austrian LoCo.


  • Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/~mainerror

  • E-Mail: odamiean [at] linux [dot] com
  • Twitter: @mainerror

  • Skype: mainerror
  • IRC nick: mainerror
    • Mostly in channels:
      • #ubuntu-at
      • #ubuntu-phone
      • #ubuntu-tablet
      • #ubuntu-arm


Octavian has repeatedly shown that he has the enthusiasm, skills and attitude of a true Ubuntero. His time spent on Ask Ubuntu is very helpful to the larger community, and I highly recommend him for Ubuntu Membership. -- jamesgifford


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