Your System

  • Ubuntu Won't Start!
  • The Ubuntu Logo Appears Corrupted or Just Looks Odd While Booting
  • When I Start My Computer I Get Text Instead of a Graphical Interface
  • I Tried to Use a Word or PowerPoint Document, and the Fonts Are All Wrong

  • How Do I Install a Package?
  • I Want to Install an Application That Is Not In Synaptic
  • Nautilus Is Painfully Slow-How Can I Make It Run Faster?
  • Add TrueType Fonts to Your Desktop Quickly

  • How Can I Test That an ISO File Works?
  • I Downloaded an Autopackage But I Don't Know How to Run It
  • How Do I Compile an Application?
  • I Can't See the Hidden Dot Files and Folders in the File Manager
  • How Do I Restore Something I Deleted in the File Manager?
  • The Desktop Has Hung-What Do I Do?
  • My Screen Resolution Is Wrong
  • How Can I Automatically Login Without Having to Enter My Login Details?
  • I Tried to Upgrade My System, but I Get an Error
  • I Am Running Out of Disk Space-How Do I Free Up Some Space?
  • I Deleted Something in the File Manager, but I Don't See the Extra Disk Space
  • Another Version of Ubuntu is Out-How Do I Upgrade to It?
  • How can I add other Desktop Enviroments?


  • When I Click the Close Window Icon My Program Doesn't Go Away
  • The Upgrade Notification Bubble Keeps Appearing, and I Want It to Stop
  • Extending Nautilus with Scripts
  • I Went to a Web Site in Firefox, and the Macromedia Flash Plug-in is Missing
  • Java is Not Installed on My System
  • I Have Heard Desktop Search is Cool-How Do I Install It?
  • My E-mail Doesn't Work in Evolution
  • Installing ClamAV for my Ubuntu


  • I Downloaded a Particular Media File, and It Won't Play
  • My DVD Won't Play
  • DVD Playback is Jittery and Jumpy
  • When I Start Some Applications Ubuntu Says I Don't Have Access to /dev/dsp
  • My Microphone Doesn't Work
  • How Do I Change the Visual Theme?
  • How Do I Find and Install New Desktop Themes and Backgrounds?
  • How Do I Turn My Ubuntu Computer Into a MythTV Box?


  • I Can't Access My LAN
  • Nameserver Problems
  • How Do I Use ssh (Secure SHell) for Transferring Files Across a Network?
  • How Do I Use a Graphical Application Remotely with ssh (Secure SHell)?
  • My Wireless Card is Not Working
  • I Need to Use WPA or I Use WPA-PSK on My Wireless Access Point


  • Ubuntu Has Not Detected My Old Sound Card.
  • My Cardbus Adapter is Not Being Recognized
  • I Plug In My USB Stick and Nothing Happens
  • I Copied Some Files to/from My USB Stick, but When I Access It Later the Files Are Not There
  • My CD-ROM/DVD Is Not Working
  • My CD-ROM/DVD Drive Won't Eject
  • I Bought a Device, but It Doesn't Work In Ubuntu
  • My Computer Says It Is Out of Memory
  • How Can I Copy Photos from My Mobile Phone to My Ubuntu Computer with Bluetooth?
  • I Can Read My USB Storage Device, but I can't Write to It
  • Filesystem Fun
  • How Do I Format a Disk?
  • The Keys On My Keyboard Spit Out the Wrong Letters/Symbols
  • My Serial Mouse Is Not Working
  • My Mouse Scroll Wheel Does Not Work
  • My Remote Control Doesn't Work
  • How Do I Find Out Which Hardware Works In Ubuntu Before I Purchase It?

System Administration

  • How Do I Schedule Things to Happen?
  • How Can I Copy a File from One Computer to Another?
  • I Know an Application Is Available In Ubuntu but Synaptic Can't Find It
  • I Am Running Ubuntu on an Older Computer, and I Would Like a Faster Desktop
  • I Have Reinstalled Windows, and Now Ubuntu Won't Start!
  • How Do I Fix My Disk After a Power Failure?
  • Ubuntu Takes Up Too Much Disk Space on My Old Computer
  • My Computer Is Running Quite Slowly--How Can I Find Out What is Going On?
  • How Can I Find Out the Different Options for Commands?
  • How Do I Get My Root Account Back?
  • I Forgot My System Password-What Can I Do?
  • How Do I Access My Windows Partitions?
  • Ubuntu Is Slow On My AMD K7 Computer
  • How Do I Add Users?


  • Running Another OS In Ubuntu
  • It Was Suggested I File a Bug Report, but I Don't Know How
  • How Can I Monitor the Weather?
  • How Do I Make Ubuntu Bread?
  • How Can I Prevent the Pain I am Getting My Fingers When I Type?

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