Discussion Points

  • Problems with getting CDs
  • Potential approval as a LoCo Team

  • March install fest discussion
    • Objectives and locations
  • Pros and cons of the mailing list and the forum
  • DIY marketing
    • Possible Youtube "commercial"


(20:00:46) vorian_: Ok lets start
(20:00:59) daisuki: late but here
(20:01:06) vorian_: just in time :)
(20:01:07) rrittenhouse: just about to start
(20:01:13) Karark|away is now known as Karark
(20:01:14) daisuki: cool
(20:01:18) Karark: hello
(20:01:20) jacobmp92: hello
(20:01:25) vorian_: Welcome everyone to our "unofficial" meeting
(20:01:26) jgedeon: Hello
(20:01:39) rrittenhouse: hi.
(20:01:51) Karark: i'm Blake, from Norwood... first meeting for me
(20:01:52) lfmiller: howdy
(20:02:01) daisuki: Hi
(20:02:17) jgedeon: I'm Joe from Palmyra, first meeting too.
(20:02:28) jacobmp92: welcome :)
(20:02:32) jgedeon: TY
(20:02:36) lfmiller: I'm LeRoy - Middletown - same here - first meeting.
(20:02:48) vorian_: welcome to all the new comers!
(20:03:05) vorian_: We have 42 official members last count!
(20:03:11) daisuki: geesh
(20:03:13) jacobmp92: awesome
(20:03:38) Karark: woot
(20:04:09) ***vorian_ runs around like crazy man
(20:04:27) rrittenhouse: haha
(20:04:30) vorian_: So to catch everyone up...
(20:04:49) vorian_: LoCo teams are designed for two reasons
(20:04:56) vorian_: Translation and...
(20:05:09) vorian_: Advocating ubuntu
(20:05:39) vorian_: The latter applies to us.
(20:05:44) vorian_: Any questions?
(20:05:47) daisuki: yes
(20:05:52) vorian_: go
(20:05:58) daisuki: explain this translation ?
(20:06:13) vorian_: english to spanish... and so on
(20:06:17) daisuki: k
(20:06:26) vorian_: sorry ;-(
(20:06:38) vorian_: others?
(20:06:40) lfmiller: I have a question.
(20:06:42) vorian_: go
(20:07:13) lfmiller: I've tried a couple of times to get some cds from ubuntu and been rejected
(20:07:21) lfmiller: any ideas as to what is going on?
(20:07:37) Karark: hmm
(20:07:38) rrittenhouse: i did it once and they sent a few of em
(20:07:38) vorian_: They are transitioning from 6.06 to 6.10
(20:07:40) rrittenhouse: like 30
(20:07:44) jacobmp92: same here, its been really hard to get CDs lately
(20:07:47) Karark: i've always received CDs
(20:08:00) lfmiller: I even tried for 20.
(20:08:10) Karark: try 10, then
(20:08:23) lfmiller: I am asking for PowerPC disc, could that be a problem?
(20:08:54) jgedeon: I think I read somewhere in the forums that that might be a problem.
(20:09:12) Karark: i think it's a possible problem
(20:09:22) Karark: powerPC is phased out, right?
(20:09:32) vorian_: Availability is not arc specific, it just in very high demand
(20:10:17) vorian_: There is a test in progress on making shipit faster...
(20:10:18) lfmiller: Ok - just wondering thought maybe "they" were mad at me or something -- hahaha
(20:10:27) vorian_: lol
(20:10:50) jgedeon: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCReview
(20:11:01) vorian_: They are playing with the idea of choosing loco team in the states as distro points (for the states_
(20:11:25) daisuki: that would help with distrubution
(20:11:25) jacobmp92: @vor: I see, that's interesting
(20:11:28) lfmiller: That would be a great idea.
(20:11:46) vorian_: in the works....
(20:12:01) vorian_: Anyway.. we are an unofficial loco team
(20:12:17) Karark: oh? what makes a team official?
(20:12:23) vorian_: or an apprentice loco team
(20:12:29) jacobmp92: Canonical approves it
(20:12:33) vorian_: Several things...
(20:12:39) daisuki: sacrifical virgins ?
(20:12:42) Karark: lol
(20:12:45) vorian_: lol
(20:12:47) jacobmp92: :-p
(20:13:14) vorian_: Stability, contribution, and active activism (3 activities)
(20:13:44) vorian_: One approved status is achieved... there are several perks the team gets
(20:13:45) vorian_: cars
(20:13:49) vorian_: houses
(20:13:54) vorian_: loco jet
(20:13:59) Karark: i wish
(20:14:19) vorian_: Ok, its not so different from what we do now
(20:14:20) daisuki: sign me up for my rocket trip into space
(20:14:36) vorian_: with the exception of CD's
(20:14:48) vorian_: Great questions! any more?
(20:14:51) Karark: yea
(20:14:58) vorian_: ok
(20:15:12) Karark: how do we show our stability, contribution, and active activism?
(20:15:37) jacobmp92: As for active activism, there will be an install fest in March I believe
(20:15:38) vorian_: document on the ubuntu wiki
(20:15:50) jacobmp92: theres one
(20:15:52) vorian_: we will get to the install fest here in a couple
(20:15:56) vorian_: yep
(20:17:05) vorian_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoGettingApproved
(20:17:10) Karark: ty
(20:17:20) vorian_: there's the link on getting approved
(20:17:41) vorian_: any other questions?
(20:18:02) vorian_: OK... Any unfinished business?
(20:18:02) jgedeon: Mine will wait till we get to the install fest.
(20:18:20) vorian_: OK, =)
(20:18:33) vorian_: @jacob?
(20:18:50) jacobmp92: no questions here
(20:18:54) vorian_: Can you cover the what of the site
(20:18:58) jacobmp92: ok
(20:19:22) jacobmp92: As by vote from the poll last week, the site is now running on Canonical's server
(20:19:32) jacobmp92: http://ohio.ubuntu-us.org/
(20:19:53) ***vorian_ stands and cheers!
(20:19:54) jacobmp92: It is running off of a basic theme, modified only a little to match the Ubuntu color scheme
(20:20:03) jacobmp92: :D
(20:20:14) Karark: \o/
(20:20:16) daisuki: cool
(20:20:27) jacobmp92: Paul (PWill) (not here) I believe will be designing a theme
(20:20:37) darkdancer [n=darkdanc@cpe-24-33-148-32.woh.res.rr.com] entered the room.
(20:20:45) jacobmp92: Not 100%, but I'm pretty sure
(20:21:07) jacobmp92: And uploads on the site are still disabled, although they havent posed a problem
(20:21:28) vorian_: can themes be uploaded?
(20:21:29) jacobmp92: Past meeting logs will be posted on the site
(20:21:33) jacobmp92: via FTP, yes
(20:21:40) darkdancer is now known as SageDancer
(20:21:42) jacobmp92: but no image uploading for user profiles
(20:22:13) jacobmp92: But, since we do most of our business on the forums, there isn't much of a problem with that
(20:22:31) vorian_: agreed
(20:22:40) jacobmp92: thats all the news for the site
(20:22:43) SageDancer: hello all
(20:22:46) ***jacobmp92 turns the show back to Vorian
(20:22:48) jacobmp92: hello
(20:22:52) Karark: hey SageDancer
(20:23:14) vorian_: Thanks Jacob
(20:23:20) SageDancer is now known as DarkDancer2
(20:23:27) ***jacobmp92 nods
(20:23:29) DarkDancer2: that's a bit better
(20:23:36) vorian_: welcome!
(20:23:38) DarkDancer2: someone has my nick... ;)
(20:23:43) lfmiller left the room (quit: Remote closed the connection).
(20:24:00) vorian_: Install Fest....
(20:24:34) vorian_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/InstallFest
(20:25:29) vorian_: March gives plenty of time for planning
(20:25:32) rrittenhouse: ok ok back sorry :P
(20:25:51) rrittenhouse: i always miss half of a meeting SOMEHOW.... but im here hours before haha
(20:26:04) jacobmp92: lol
(20:26:18) vorian_: I know when 5.10 came out, there was an install party in columbus
(20:26:26) rrittenhouse: nice
(20:26:35) daisuki: did u attend ?
(20:26:36) jacobmp92: Idea for install fest: Easton Town Center, there are a lot of people with laptops there
(20:26:37) rrittenhouse: Yeah about the install fest - I'm not sure if i should try and travel north to canton or cleveland and have one....
(20:26:39) vorian_: nope
(20:26:50) vorian_: daisuki, nope
(20:27:01) jgedeon: rrittenhouse, hold you thought.
(20:27:14) vorian_: last count was five locations
(20:27:14) rrittenhouse: jgedeon, ok
(20:27:58) vorian_: locations should have wifi and eth0
(20:28:16) vorian_: and be free
(20:29:22) vorian_: we are all spread throughout the state...
(20:30:01) vorian_: The bulk of the team being in Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincy
(20:30:08) rrittenhouse: yep
(20:30:27) vorian_: Mansfield and Dayton have had volunteers
(20:31:07) lfmiller [n=lfmiller@ppp-69-221-211-33.dsl.dytnoh.ameritech.net] entered the room.
(20:31:14) vorian_: So is march too soon?
(20:31:21) rrittenhouse: im halfway between cleveland, columbus and not much farther from mansfield UGH! :-D
(20:31:39) jacobmp92: March should be good
(20:32:11) jgedeon: The install fest users that bring thier systems in, are they non ubuntu/linux users or are they users?
(20:32:27) vorian_: our **LUG's will have the most experience with this kind of event
(20:32:40) rrittenhouse: wow in the end mansfield is the closest in miles
(20:32:56) jacobmp92: @jgedon: most are non-linux users
(20:32:57) vorian_: could be anyone....
(20:33:24) rrittenhouse: in my old LUG we had people from the college it was held and from the outside
(20:33:39) jgedeon: Ok, so you have to look at advertising this to get those users to the fest.
(20:34:03) daisuki: i'm sorry what is a "LUG"
(20:34:12) jgedeon: Linux User Group
(20:34:52) vorian_: Advertising... yes
(20:35:07) vorian_: any thoughts on advertising
(20:35:09) vorian_: ?
(20:35:24) rrittenhouse: we ...need it?
(20:35:28) rrittenhouse: sorry ;)
(20:35:29) jgedeon: What if you had a location available for somewhat of a take over?
(20:35:34) jacobmp92: not yet, but... word of mouth?
(20:35:52) jacobmp92: We should totally take over the Dell kiosks
(20:36:02) vorian_: lol
(20:36:03) daisuki: lol
(20:36:10) Karark: a take over?
(20:36:25) rrittenhouse: we need to spend this time finding places online and possibly public areas to post flyers (that we need to make and vote on)
(20:36:32) jgedeon: A place going from Windows to Ubuntu.
(20:36:37) daisuki: coffee shops
(20:36:37) Karark: oh ok
(20:36:53) vorian_: daisuki, thats a good idea
(20:36:59) Karark: you could probably get local cable access for a free commercial
(20:37:21) Karark: like the community bulletin board
(20:37:23) vorian_: letters to the editor, press release
(20:37:30) rrittenhouse: i think we have one coffee shop around here... for like an hour
(20:37:38) rrittenhouse: like i said this place sucks
(20:37:52) daisuki: my sympathy
(20:37:54) vorian_: like my town....lol
(20:37:56) lfmiller: Hit a couple of local ma and pa computer shops .
(20:37:56) rrittenhouse: thanks :)
(20:37:58) rrittenhouse: haha yeah
(20:38:22) vorian_: libraries
(20:38:23) jacobmp92: @vorian: letters to the editor, definitely
(20:38:32) jgedeon: lfmiller: I'm not sure that is such a wise idea. LOL I'm not well liked by a few of them around this area. LOL
(20:38:34) vorian_: =)
(20:38:41) jgedeon: Windows feeds thier families.
(20:39:10) lfmiller: JGedeon -- well, that's ok, I don't like most of the shops around here! So I started my own :)
(20:39:13) vorian_: vista will put their kids through college.
(20:39:50) vorian_: so... it needs to be a saturday, right?
(20:39:57) jacobmp92: yeah
(20:40:10) jacobmp92: or Sunday
(20:40:18) vorian_: early, mid, late march?
(20:40:33) jgedeon: I would vote for late march.
(20:40:44) jacobmp92: late, although anything really works
(20:40:57) vorian_: sounds like a poll
(20:41:05) jacobmp92: lol...
(20:41:07) vorian_: i really hate polls
(20:41:30) vorian_: side note-how can we get the mail list going
(20:41:34) vorian_: ?
(20:41:44) jacobmp92: hmmm
(20:41:58) jacobmp92: should it be more discussion oriented or announcements?
(20:41:59) vorian_: I think the forums alienate half the team...
(20:42:23) daisuki: how do you mean vorian ?
(20:42:28) jgedeon: jacobmp92: Why can't both be covered?
(20:42:45) rrittenhouse: i need to see what weekends i have off in march (i have every other off)
(20:43:03) vorian_: I know that there are at least 5 people on the team who have told me several times they hate forums
(20:43:11) jacobmp92: @jgedeon: thats what I was wondering, no one really said the purpose of the list
(20:43:24) vorian_: The mail list is threaded somewhat
(20:43:33) vorian_: polls can be done in launchpad
(20:43:37) jacobmp92: right
(20:43:53) jgedeon: I've been a member of the forums since early 05 and I can count how many times I have posted to them on one hand probably.
(20:44:01) jgedeon: Just don't have to time to surf them much.
(20:44:08) jacobmp92: actually, vorian, there is a setting in the mailing list admin that makes discussion easier
(20:44:16) jacobmp92: lemme find it on mailman
(20:44:29) vorian_: hmmm
(20:44:38) ***vorian_ signs into admin
(20:45:00) vorian_: Sorry about the side track.
(20:45:08) jacobmp92: lol
(20:45:12) vorian_: Does anyone want to help moderate the list?
(20:45:16) jacobmp92: i can
(20:45:23) vorian_: ok
(20:45:26) jacobmp92: aha! found it
(20:45:36) vorian_: anyone else?
(20:45:47) vorian_: soon we will be getting the spam bots
(20:45:49) jacobmp92: "Where are replies to list messages directed?" should be set to "This list," even though it says not to
(20:46:11) jacobmp92: it makes the auto-reply send to everyone by default, letting anyone view discussions
(20:46:29) vorian_: ok, I'll reset it.
(20:46:47) vorian_: ok last thing I wanted to discuss was DIY marketing.
(20:47:15) vorian_: it the spread ubuntu reincarnate
(20:47:27) daisuki: any updated images ?
(20:47:37) vorian_: thats the deal
(20:47:54) vorian_: they are looking for existing or out dated marketing materials
(20:48:08) vorian_: http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=320182
(20:48:25) jgedeon: If they are existing they why are they looking for them? Shouldn't they already have them?
(20:48:48) vorian_: Well there are about 6 or 7 active helpers
(20:49:30) vorian_: jgedeon, new owners - Corey B, and Jenda
(20:50:24) rrittenhouse: vorian_, I would like to help out with the list moderating if you need it.
(20:50:24) jgedeon: Ok I think I understand it now. I think I read it wrong.
(20:50:32) vorian_: ok
(20:50:39) jgedeon: I hope they aren't wanting us to stop using our own whitepapers.
(20:50:52) vorian_: no no
(20:51:10) vorian_: They are making a one stop shop
(20:51:41) rrittenhouse: I also missed the whole DIY marketing thing ;)
(20:51:50) vorian_: http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=320182
(20:51:58) vorian_: there you go =)
(20:52:03) rrittenhouse: thx
(20:52:09) jgedeon: re-re-redeading it now.
(20:52:13) vorian_: lol
(20:52:19) rrittenhouse: oh yeah i read it once.. hmm guess ill re read too
(20:52:43) daisuki: we need a ubuntu commerical on youtube
(20:52:58) rrittenhouse: yep :-D
(20:53:01) daisuki: lols
(20:53:06) jacobmp92: :D
(20:53:28) rrittenhouse: then ill go spam it on my myspace friends pages haha jk.
(20:53:37) vorian_: lol
(20:53:39) jacobmp92: lol
(20:53:43) jgedeon: Isn't that where the Mandila video is?
(20:53:52) rrittenhouse: nah i only have that because my wife is all like "you dont have a myspace.." blah blah
(20:54:28) ***jacobmp92 shudders at the sound of myspace
(20:54:34) rrittenhouse: haha
(20:54:44) jgedeon: rrittenhouse: Tell her "No I don't, last I checked I wasn't into little kids.."
(20:54:52) daisuki: lmao
(20:54:56) rrittenhouse: she meant because she has one.. her friends do
(20:54:58) Karark: heh
(20:54:59) rrittenhouse: hell our two dogs do
(20:55:03) rrittenhouse: ;)
(20:55:20) rrittenhouse: dont ask its something pet owners do.... then pets add each other
(20:55:25) rrittenhouse: http://www.myspace.com/fortheloveofhamradio
(20:55:35) rrittenhouse: yeah thats me.
(20:55:46) jgedeon: rrittenhouse: I think it's time for you too look into content management and black list some sites.
(20:55:50) vorian_: so before we wander off too far into the weeds
(20:56:04) rrittenhouse: yeahhhhh sorry :)
(20:56:09) vorian_: Anything else anyone wants to bring forth?
(20:56:42) jgedeon: vorian_: I'm still wondering what is thought of a install fest in a location where the systems are already there.
(20:56:47) rrittenhouse: vorian_, should people be assigned to the research of a possible video for youtube?
(20:57:17) vorian_: jgedeon, suggestion?
(20:57:49) jgedeon: I have a possible location in NE Ohio that is seriously looking at going to Ubuntu.
(20:58:01) vorian_: Hey that would be great
(20:58:25) lfmiller: Need more SWOH users IMHO :)
(20:58:42) jgedeon: It would be more than just showing people how to install it would be showing everyone some of the powers of Ubuntu and linux.
(20:58:46) Karark: i've converted a few in cincinnati, lfmiller
(20:58:49) daisuki: this install fest .... is it just the actual install .... or to show what is capable with ubuntu ?
(20:58:56) jacobmp92: both
(20:59:03) daisuki: i was wondering the same jgedeon
(20:59:06) lfmiller: I've got a few here in Middletown - Karark
(21:00:07) jgedeon: I've got Local goverments using ubuntu, quite a few homes, and also a school.
(21:00:24) vorian_: The first thing we need to figure out really is what physical locations, and who is going to be the point person
(21:00:56) lfmiller: That's great - I've got one store using ubuntu, but it was like pulling teeth
(21:00:58) vorian_: so do we have a volunteer for cincy?
(21:01:01) jgedeon: I guess school should be a few classrooms in schools
(21:01:26) jgedeon: lfmiller: That wasn't the case here really, they seen what could be done and went with it.
(21:02:28) lfmiller: JGedeon - Most of the people I show they take to it fast -- but then there are a few who just don't get it -- at least at frist
(21:02:54) vorian_: 6.06 is much easier to get going then 5.04
(21:02:59) vorian_: that was my first
(21:03:08) lfmiller: Yes, I agree --
(21:03:16) Karark: warty was my first
(21:03:24) daisuki: dapper man here
(21:03:32) jacobmp92: dapper
(21:03:33) jgedeon: In all honesty I am more in favor for 6.10 than 6.06
(21:03:46) lfmiller: I was the same way thou -- I saw the advantage, but I started using 5.04 and just wasn't impressed.... till 5.10/6.06 that is.
(21:03:48) vorian_: 6.06 is lts
(21:04:03) jgedeon: True. :(
(21:04:16) Karark: ubuntu was the first linux distro i really liked
(21:04:25) vorian_: me too
(21:04:27) lfmiller: The store that I put on linux is using 6.10 -- they like it after the fact.

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