Discussion Points

  • Setting up CD distibution locations and the associated difficulties
    • Discussion of CD burning and ShipIt

    • Possible Canonical funding of LoCo distribution teams

  • Suggestion to host an Ubuntu expo, to show non-Linux users what Ubuntu can do
    • Possible integration of expo with other Ohio LUGs
  • Suggested creation of subteams within OhioTeam


(08:02:12 PM) Vorian_: Welcome to our "unofficial" meeting!
(08:02:40 PM) daisuki: hello again
(08:02:48 PM) jacobmp92: hey
(08:03:03 PM) Vorian_: hello
(08:03:39 PM) Vorian_: still waiting for black5un so say hi!
(08:04:29 PM) Vorian_: rrittenhouse had a good suggestion earlier today about getting a vision for the loco team
(08:05:06 PM) Vorian_: To recap a couple of things, LoCo teams are designed to help spread Ubuntu
(08:05:28 PM) Vorian_: Most of what we have been doing is setting up resources
(08:05:47 PM) Vorian_: Website thanks to Jacob and Paul
(08:05:59 PM) Vorian_: IRC thanks to Jacob
(08:06:06 PM) Vorian_: wiki
(08:06:10 PM) Vorian_: mailing list
(08:06:17 PM) Vorian_: forum
(08:06:49 PM) Vorian_: so, now on to the working part: Activities!
(08:07:35 PM) Fizzle [n=hackle57@cpe-65-185-32-178.columbus.res.rr.com] entered the room.
(08:07:52 PM) Fizzle: Am i late?
(08:08:07 PM) Vorian_: just starting, welcome
(08:08:18 PM) daisuki: hello
(08:08:23 PM) jacobmp92: hi
(08:08:50 PM) Vorian_: Is there any unfinished business from the last meeting?
(08:09:03 PM) jacobmp92: i don't think so
(08:10:23 PM) Vorian_: jacobmp92: what kind of ToDo list do we have for the site?
(08:10:43 PM) Vorian_: Do we need to publish one
(08:10:45 PM) Vorian_: ?
(08:10:58 PM) jacobmp92: there's not much on it, its pretty much just a calendar
(08:11:09 PM) jacobmp92: i'll go ahead and publish one on the site
(08:12:00 PM) Vorian_: cool, thanks
(08:13:22 PM) Vorian_: so, on to activities....
(08:13:58 PM) OhioLoco484 [n=OhioLoco@cpe-24-166-67-121.neo.res.rr.com] entered the room.
(08:14:01 PM) OhioLoco484 left the room (quit: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).
(08:14:15 PM) Vorian_: Firenurse made a great CD cover for burnt disc's
(08:14:45 PM) Vorian_: There was alot of talk early on about setting up distribution points in your town
(08:15:10 PM) Vorian_: places like libraries, bookstores, mom & pop computer stores
(08:15:20 PM) Vorian_: Is anyone interested in doing that?
(08:16:36 PM) Vorian_: anyone?
(08:17:41 PM) Vorian_: Alrighty then.
(08:18:09 PM) Vorian_: What do you want to do to spread Ubuntu?
(08:18:32 PM) Vorian_ left the room ("Leaving").
(08:18:47 PM) Vorian_ [n=steve@cpe-76-181-131-162.columbus.res.rr.com] entered the room.
(08:18:56 PM) Vorian_: sorry :/
(08:18:59 PM) jacobmp92: heh
(08:19:23 PM) jacobmp92: i'd be interested, however it is a matter of transportation :p
(08:19:40 PM) Vorian_: Understood.
(08:21:26 PM) Fizzle: Yeah. When I'm at college, I'm pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Although I have been trying to convert a lot of my friends.
(08:21:42 PM) Vorian_: nice.
(08:21:45 PM) dralaroc [n=dralaroc@cpe-24-166-90-60.neo.res.rr.com] entered the room.
(08:21:52 PM) Vorian_: ello
(08:22:02 PM) dralaroc: Hi
(08:22:14 PM) jacobmp92: dralaroc, were you just on the web irc? ;)
(08:22:38 PM) Vorian_: you still have that thing up?
(08:22:49 PM) dralaroc: I was kinda lost ;)
(08:22:50 PM) Vorian_: lol
(08:22:57 PM) Vorian_: welcome!
(08:23:04 PM) jacobmp92: no, but that is the only place the OhioLoco### names come from
(08:23:04 PM) dralaroc: Thank you
(08:23:26 PM) Vorian_: weird
(08:23:49 PM) Vorian_: anyone: what would you like to see the team do?
(08:25:46 PM) dralaroc: Teach me about this chat stuff...this is my 1st time
(08:26:17 PM) Fizzle: Install fests would be great, but there is something I'd like to see happen in particular. Maybe there's already something out there like this but anyway, it would be sweet to have some sort of exhibition/demo of Ubuntu advertised with flyers, etc. where people could see some of the cooler/better stuff Ubuntu can do.
(08:26:22 PM) rrittenhouse: for some reason i swore the meeting started at 9... ::kicks himself::
(08:26:26 PM) jacobmp92: @dralaroc, it appears you are in, so all you have to do is just type like in normal IM
(08:26:35 PM) Vorian_: rofl
(08:26:39 PM) jacobmp92: lol
(08:27:26 PM) Vorian_: Fizzle: great idea! what kind of timeframe?
(08:27:31 PM) Black5un: (20:03:39) (Vorian_) still waiting for black5un so say hi!
(08:27:35 PM) Black5un: hi sweetie
(08:27:46 PM) Vorian_: lmao
(08:27:57 PM) jacobmp92: lol....
(08:27:58 PM) rrittenhouse: wth
(08:28:22 PM) Black5un: i spilled like 6 lines a hour ago
(08:28:24 PM) rrittenhouse: Fizzle, I like that idea too
(08:28:58 PM) Vorian_: Black5un: glad to see your not an FBI bot
(08:29:01 PM) Vorian_: lol
(08:29:20 PM) ***jacobmp92 rolls eyes
(08:29:34 PM) Vorian_: thanks
(08:29:37 PM) jacobmp92: lol
(08:29:45 PM) Fizzle: We can discuss some of the specifics, but I think we need people to actually *want* to install before we go any further with them.
(08:30:05 PM) Fizzle: So a demo of sorts would IMHO be a good thing.
(08:30:15 PM) jacobmp92: definitely need demos
(08:31:19 PM) Vorian_: so *assignment
(08:31:46 PM) Vorian_: check with your LUG's to see if/when they are having an expo
(08:32:15 PM) Vorian_: We can get marketing materials from the mother ship.
(08:32:32 PM) Fizzle: Alright, now that I've posited my one good idea, I have to leave. Hot date!
(08:32:37 PM) Fizzle: Sorry guys :-(
(08:32:40 PM) jacobmp92: lol
(08:32:46 PM) Vorian_: Thanks!
(08:32:52 PM) Fizzle: no prob
(08:32:58 PM) Fizzle: bye!
(08:33:01 PM) jacobmp92: bye
(08:33:01 PM) rrittenhouse: bye
(08:33:03 PM) Fizzle left the room (quit: ).
(08:33:03 PM) danbuch929 [n=meatball@70-39-156-18.clvdoh.adelphia.net] entered the room.
(08:33:05 PM) Vorian_: c'ya
(08:33:15 PM) ***danbuch929 sneaks in back door...
(08:33:27 PM) Vorian_: lol
(08:33:41 PM) rrittenhouse: :)
(08:33:49 PM) ***danbuch929 pretends he doesn't notice laughter
(08:33:52 PM) rrittenhouse: I like the idea of showing off ubuntu
(08:34:43 PM) Vorian_: an Expo will take a substantial amount of planning.
(08:34:46 PM) Vorian_: but
(08:35:01 PM) rrittenhouse: i would think schedule a showing a Q & A session would be good
(08:35:06 PM) rrittenhouse: not a total expo
(08:35:07 PM) Vorian_: LUG's usually have one or two big meet ups a year
(08:35:40 PM) jacobmp92: in ohio the bix expo is http://ohiolinux.org/
(08:35:53 PM) Vorian_: sept?
(08:35:54 PM) rrittenhouse: yeah i go there every year
(08:35:56 PM) rrittenhouse: october iirc
(08:36:08 PM) rrittenhouse: ok sept 30
(08:36:18 PM) ***Vorian_ smirks
(08:36:23 PM) jacobmp92: 29th in 2007 ;)
(08:36:33 PM) rrittenhouse: any of you go the last 2 years?
(08:36:42 PM) Vorian_: yo
(08:36:48 PM) jacobmp92: nope :-/
(08:36:57 PM) rrittenhouse: Vorian_, was that a ya or yo
(08:37:01 PM) rrittenhouse: haha
(08:37:06 PM) Vorian_: yes and no
(08:37:10 PM) rrittenhouse: tryin to get this font down
(08:37:12 PM) rrittenhouse: oh ok
(08:37:18 PM) rrittenhouse: i have pictures somewhere
(08:37:24 PM) rrittenhouse: probably on the dead HD.
(08:38:36 PM) Vorian_: who wants to check Ohio LUG's to see if there is an opportunity for us to show off?
(08:39:03 PM) ***Vorian_ I will
(08:39:07 PM) rrittenhouse: u can
(08:39:10 PM) dralaroc: Lol
(08:39:10 PM) rrittenhouse: LOL ;)
(08:39:11 PM) jacobmp92: lol
(08:39:12 PM) Vorian_: thanks
(08:39:13 PM) danbuch929: anybody else here tried to contact the Akron LUG? I've never had success...
(08:39:24 PM) danbuch929: ...nor much with the Cleveland LUG
(08:39:32 PM) Vorian_: Troy's buisy atm
(08:40:30 PM) Vorian_: Columbus is very active
(08:40:42 PM) danbuch929: so I've heard from skippy
(08:40:47 PM) Vorian_: ok
(08:41:26 PM) rrittenhouse: Vorian_, Couldnt find it on a quick browse...
(08:41:41 PM) Vorian_: rrittenhouse: ?
(08:41:49 PM) rrittenhouse: of ohiolinux.org
(08:41:57 PM) rrittenhouse: about getting a spot
(08:42:43 PM) danbuch929: has there been any discussion so far about reaching *past* the traditional Linux community directly to the unwashed masses?
(08:42:53 PM) ***danbuch929 is unwashed
(08:43:04 PM) Vorian_: you gentile
(08:43:23 PM) danbuch929: it's the feisty Marketing Team member inside me :-)
(08:43:42 PM) rrittenhouse: I liked your idea earlier about splitting us up into groups to make a task list
(08:43:46 PM) Vorian_: 7.04 feisty?
(08:44:08 PM) danbuch929: Vorian: 80.09 feisty
(08:44:15 PM) Vorian_: ha ha
(08:45:05 PM) Vorian_: We want to make teams for the upcoming year
(08:45:17 PM) danbuch929: I like the idea
(08:45:26 PM) Vorian_: like, webteam, wiki team, distro team,
(08:45:27 PM) danbuch929: what's been said in favor/against?
(08:45:49 PM) Vorian_: none against, not really published
(08:46:13 PM) danbuch929: hehe... well, for *my* part, I think the Web Team's doing a bang-up job :-D
(08:46:55 PM) ***Vorian_ brings everyone up to date
(08:46:57 PM) rrittenhouse: haha yeah.. we need some defined teams so people can contribute their time and do stuff
(08:47:13 PM) rrittenhouse: i tried the whole bug triage thing and it seems i wasnt great at it
(08:47:13 PM) Vorian_: there is a subteam on launchpad, ohio-web-team
(08:47:14 PM) rrittenhouse: haha
(08:47:20 PM) jacobmp92: :D
(08:47:39 PM) Vorian_: Dan is the owner
(08:47:40 PM) danbuch929: Vorian_: thanks for that push - I'd like to work from that model for other teams
(08:48:06 PM) Vorian_: danbuch929: Push? You had a great Idea!
(08:48:10 PM) danbuch929: it's exactly what's intended for LP, from what I've read
(08:48:28 PM) Vorian_: what other teams do we need?
(08:48:35 PM) Vorian_: Wiki
(08:48:44 PM) Vorian_: (needs to look purdy)
(08:49:02 PM) danbuch929: agreed... I'm also in favor of a team dedicated to materials
(08:49:09 PM) Vorian_: communication team
(08:49:34 PM) danbuch929: yes... including the painful task of getting CD publishing/distribution localized
(08:49:41 PM) danbuch929: AWAY from ShipIt, that is
(08:49:50 PM) jacobmp92: if shipit approved, however
(08:49:55 PM) jacobmp92: approves*
(08:50:04 PM) Vorian_: Donation team to make our own cd's
(08:50:08 PM) Vorian_: lol
(08:50:11 PM) jacobmp92: :D
(08:50:23 PM) danbuch929: lol
(08:50:26 PM) jacobmp92: CDs are cheap.. its the burning part that's painful
(08:50:42 PM) Vorian_: Shipit changes are in the works,
(08:50:47 PM) jacobmp92: right
(08:50:53 PM) Vorian_: we should see results in about a year
(08:51:08 PM) danbuch929: Jono wants to see LoCo's step up
(08:51:14 PM) jgedeon: Vorian_: can you say what kind of changes? (sorry just getting in)
(08:51:15 PM) danbuch929: with CD distribution
(08:51:50 PM) Vorian_: right now they are all shipped from the england basically
(08:52:17 PM) Vorian_: He wants US CD's shipped from the US and so forth
(08:52:29 PM) danbuch929: I can ask around the Marketing Team to see if we can get wallets/labels for both Edgy and Feisty
(08:52:39 PM) danbuch929: the Dapper ones are already available
(08:52:44 PM) Vorian_: http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=1833066&postcount=19
(08:53:10 PM) Vorian_: danbuch929: labels would be nice
(08:53:44 PM) danbuch929: given how long it takes to burn/checksum discs, it will probably be best if we can find a suitable publishing partner
(08:53:57 PM) Vorian_: officemax
(08:54:10 PM) Vorian_: thats why we need a donation team!
(08:55:01 PM) jgedeon: Vorian_: Couldn't ShipIt or who ever just ship to the teams and then let the teams fill the orders?
(08:55:18 PM) Vorian_: jgedeon: that is in the works
(08:55:37 PM) jgedeon: OK
(08:55:42 PM) danbuch929: jgedeon: there's been a lot of discussion 'bout that ... what with getting Canonical to trust Approved LoCos with their money
(08:56:07 PM) danbuch929: ...which doesn't mean that a Donation Team is out of the question ;-)
(08:56:13 PM) Vorian_: speaking of approved teams...
(08:56:52 PM) rrittenhouse: How long have LoCo's been around?
(08:56:53 PM) Vorian_: the canadian team is up for approval at the next cc meeting
(08:57:49 PM) danbuch929: rrittenhouse: since the "Dawn of Ubuntu" :-P
(08:57:58 PM) jgedeon: Trusting the LoCo's with their money just means audits of the LoCo's. That shouldn't be a problem as long as money for distrobution is only used for that.
(08:57:59 PM) danbuch929: I'm referring to the wallpaper, of course
(08:58:36 PM) jgedeon: Makes the Teams take accountability and not just saying they are part of something.
(08:58:41 PM) danbuch929: jgedeon: I think Jono'd be the first to say that this is only the half of it, and it's really not a bad thing to have locally-stockpiled donations
(08:58:57 PM) Vorian_: There doesn't need to be any money involved, other than cd's
(08:59:06 PM) Vorian_: UPS is magical
(08:59:15 PM) jacobmp92: lol
(08:59:21 PM) danbuch929: Vorian_: let's hope it takes less than a year to implement :-D
(08:59:29 PM) Vorian_: lol
(08:59:45 PM) danbuch929: ...until then, it's really up to us
(08:59:47 PM) rrittenhouse: danbuch929, So what do other LoCo's do?
(09:00:01 PM) danbuch929: they have pet projects, such as translation
(09:00:09 PM) danbuch929: in most non-English countries
(09:00:11 PM) jgedeon: danbuch929: most of the time when I give someone a CD they give it back to me so that I do the install on their systems.
(09:00:24 PM) Vorian_: lol
(09:00:36 PM) danbuch929: jgedeon: same here :-) .... we've got to get outta the IT biz
(09:00:54 PM) danbuch929: ...and into the mass marketing biz
(09:01:06 PM) danbuch929: (or keep one foot in each)
(09:01:09 PM) danbuch929: :-P
(09:01:31 PM) jgedeon: danbuch929: I have a probable project coming up which involves converting a school system and it will be given the Ohio teams name since I am doing it on a volunteer status.
(09:01:47 PM) Vorian_: "wiki"
(09:02:02 PM) danbuch929: jgedeon: ooh ooh! details!!! yes! on the wiki/mailing list/everywhere!
(09:02:29 PM) jgedeon: danbuch929: that is why I asked about the install fest last week.
(09:02:50 PM) danbuch929: jgedeon: I work for a tech integration company that works primarily with schools, so I'm hoping to influence similar decisions in the future...
(09:03:11 PM) jgedeon: danbuch929: your not in the NE Ohio area are you? LOL
(09:03:19 PM) danbuch929: that I am ;-)
(09:03:31 PM) jgedeon: 929.... CF?
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(09:04:57 PM) Vorian_: ok, so any other teams?
(09:05:14 PM) danbuch929: whadda we got so far? Web, Wiki, Communication, Donation?
(09:05:17 PM) rrittenhouse: what all do we have so far
(09:05:55 PM) Vorian_: team dedicated to materials
(09:06:15 PM) danbuch929: Vorian_: can you define materials? ;-)
(09:06:42 PM) Vorian_: well, since we have a marketing guru on, go ahead:)
(09:07:11 PM) ***danbuch929 looks around the room.. (subtext: marketing guru??? here?)
(09:07:37 PM) Vorian_: ha
(09:07:37 PM) rrittenhouse: yeah im curious what a materials team is? do you mean marketing materials?
(09:07:57 PM) Vorian_: I was quoting dan from 30 min ago
(09:08:23 PM) Vorian_: http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=320182
(09:08:47 PM) danbuch929: materials as in swag or materials as in CDs or materials as in a trade show booth/trailer?
(09:09:04 PM) danbuch929: is somebody gonna build a FreedomToaster?? :-D
(09:09:13 PM) rrittenhouse: haha whats that
(09:09:42 PM) danbuch929: another one of sabdfl's pet projects: http://www.freedomtoaster.org/
(09:10:05 PM) jgedeon: KEWL!
(09:10:10 PM) danbuch929: pretty slick... like a magnet for vandals :-D
(09:10:32 PM) jgedeon: Well put it in the jails so they learn something while they are in there. LOL
(09:10:33 PM) dralaroc: wow
(09:10:53 PM) danbuch929: okay, so I'm a lame teammate, but I can at least be a good husband... I've gots to jet
(09:11:01 PM) rrittenhouse: thats neat
(09:11:02 PM) danbuch929: sorry to be so in-and-out
(09:11:05 PM) jgedeon: Go in for B&E and come out with electronic warfare skills. LOL
(09:11:27 PM) rrittenhouse: i would use a slot load cdrom drive
(09:11:34 PM) danbuch929: I'll read the Minutes and look forward to lots and lots of mailing list discussion, eh?
(09:11:37 PM) rrittenhouse: if they have burners that way anyhow
(09:11:50 PM) jgedeon: L8rs danbuch929, go check on your husband status. LOL
(09:12:25 PM) danbuch929 left the room ("somebody prod my dear wife into writing press releases for us, okay?? sarahebuch@gmail.com :-)").
(09:12:39 PM) jgedeon: True, that way they don't try to use it as a cup holder.
(09:12:55 PM) rrittenhouse: i just thought someone could break it off easily

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