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  • Consolidation of websites
  • VOIP support status
  • Feisty party
  • CDs and content for libraries


(08:18:47 PM) jimbo2150: Ubuntu-Ohio weekly meeting :)
(08:19:13 PM) jacobmp92: here we go: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/Meetings
(08:19:30 PM) meatballhat: heehee ... good luck finding an agenda for tonight  :P
(08:19:35 PM) jacobmp92: heh heh heh
(08:19:48 PM) jacobmp92: we already did consolidation of website (i think?)
(08:20:11 PM) hackle577: yes
(08:20:13 PM) hackle577: kinda
(08:20:29 PM) meatballhat: jacobmp92: consolidation??  aside from awesome-i-fying it?
(08:20:36 PM) jacobmp92: hehe
(08:20:41 PM) meatballhat: oh that's right ... I was absent last week  :P
(08:20:56 PM) jacobmp92: i still need to fix some links to wiki and such.. and get the planet back up and running
(08:21:03 PM) jgedeon: I think the new ohio-ubuntu.us page looks great!
(08:21:09 PM) jacobmp92: but other than that it works
(08:21:23 PM) jacobmp92: (and it was a pain to set up on canonical servers.. bleargh)
(08:21:23 PM) meatballhat: I'll second that, darn it
(08:21:25 PM) Brady_M: Hey. Anyone find using the gizmo to use for conference support helpful? If nay, maybe as a person to person call, but not a confrence 24/7 I keep it runnuing, but nothing but silence\
(08:22:05 PM) jacobmp92: Brady_M: i might come in, i'm bored :-P
(08:22:36 PM) jacobmp92: oh yeah
(08:22:46 PM) jacobmp92: we do have this one: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=407792
(08:22:59 PM) jacobmp92: i knew there was something
(08:23:02 PM) Brady_M: I just think eh.. you think at this moment people request chat and email/ forum support?
(08:23:48 PM) jacobmp92: Brady_M: right
(08:23:59 PM) Brady_M: I've setup users with voip, and even me as a contact, but they don't use it mucvh
(08:24:28 PM) jgedeon: Speaking of support.  It seems that the ohio team has made a reputation for helping.  Seems we are getting people that aren't just in ohio in the mailings.
(08:24:28 PM) Brady_M: anyone else maybe in nu use it allot?
(08:24:44 PM) jacobmp92: Brady_M: not really
(08:25:00 PM) jacobmp92: oh! f2f! i need to get the NU team accounts ready
(08:25:35 PM) Brady_M: yea. I notice that. whats the deal :) I had someone come in here asking for help for Drupal yesterday
(08:25:55 PM) jacobmp92: Brady_M: on the mailing list? or irc?
(08:26:05 PM) Brady_M: both
(08:26:09 PM) jacobmp92: there was someone on the list wanting the theme (i think)
(08:26:21 PM) Brady_M: D3b|an was his name
(08:27:09 PM) Brady_M: right right. I referred Pwill, well many before me too
(08:27:38 PM) Brady_M: I never used it, but I didn't know how to answer it.
(08:27:48 PM) jacobmp92: ic
(08:28:51 PM) Brady_M: one of those "that's a great question.. let me refer you to..' deals
(08:28:59 PM) jacobmp92: yeah
(08:29:58 PM) Brady_M: So I plan on bringing the cam and the GF. Saturday. I'm stoked. I also invited Rinneto from Youtube... hrmmm see if he wants to come say hi.
(08:30:36 PM) jacobmp92: cool
(08:30:47 PM) dowski [i=dowski@bandit.jamwt.com] entered the room.
(08:30:49 PM) jgedeon: We'll be at the party too.
(08:30:57 PM) dowski: hi all
(08:31:00 PM) jimbo2150: So is anything planned for Sat? Events? or just a meeting?
(08:31:09 PM) meatballhat: Greetings, dowski
(08:31:11 PM) meatballhat: :)
(08:31:16 PM) jgedeon: hellow dowski
(08:31:18 PM) jacobmp92: jimbo2150: the feisty party :-D
(08:31:43 PM) ***meatballhat points at visitor  --->  dowski 
(08:31:43 PM) meatballhat: :D
(08:31:43 PM) jacobmp92: hello dowski
(08:31:44 PM) Brady_M: dowski: Hey there
(08:31:51 PM) meatballhat: everybody look!  a REAL Python coder!  B-)
(08:31:55 PM) ***jgedeon we all stare at dowski
(08:32:04 PM) dowski: lol
(08:32:09 PM) jgedeon: LOL
(08:32:15 PM) meatballhat: dowski: you're a Xubuntu user, right?
(08:32:18 PM) jimbo2150: jacobmp92: I know, I was asking if there is anything planned for the party or if it is just a meeting.
(08:32:21 PM) jimbo2150: Hola dowski
(08:32:25 PM) dowski: meatballhat: yup
(08:32:50 PM) jacobmp92: jimbo2150: for the most part, i think theres not much planned.. just a meet-up "hello who are you" session
(08:33:03 PM) jacobmp92: with some panera mixed in
(08:33:22 PM) meatballhat: Anthony Hall, a.k.a. theidiotthatisme, is our most vocal Xubuntu user  ;-)
(08:33:31 PM) dowski: so what is ubuntu-ohio all about?
(08:33:31 PM) meatballhat: although he couldn't make it tonight
(08:33:36 PM) dowski: aha
(08:33:42 PM) jimbo2150: jacobmp92: cool :)
(08:33:43 PM) meatballhat: dowski: we mostly do advocacy and support
(08:33:51 PM) DM|: taking over the world dowski, taking over the world
(08:33:53 PM) DM|: of linux..
(08:33:54 PM) DM|: uh
(08:33:55 PM) meatballhat: there are some business owners here, too
(08:33:56 PM) jacobmp92: dowski: put basically, advocating Ubuntu in Ohio
(08:33:57 PM) dowski: well, i am a big fan of XFCE, so Xubuntu is perfect imho :-)
(08:34:02 PM) ***meatballhat prods Brady_M 
(08:34:08 PM) Brady_M: W00t1
(08:34:11 PM) linuxcolumbus: fluxbox...
(08:34:34 PM) dowski: fluxbox is nice too - i ran that for a while
(08:34:41 PM) jgedeon: What is Xubuntu?  Is that like an ex ubuntu user that went back to winblows??  Lust kidding.
(08:34:49 PM) jgedeon: Just
(08:34:53 PM) jimbo2150: lol
(08:35:06 PM) linuxcolumbus: I used to run xfce too.
(08:35:19 PM) jimbo2150: I havent tries Xubuntu yet, but I will wen Feisty is released.
(08:35:21 PM) meatballhat: dowski: we have some slowly-growing projects here and there ... getting CDs distributed to libraries, supporting biz owners like Brady_M
(08:35:39 PM) dowski: cool, cool
(08:36:00 PM) meatballhat: Seekker is also a business owner who's integrated Ubuntu into her biz model
(08:36:02 PM) Brady_M: meatballhat: Speaking of which I want to know of my public library gave you a call at all?
(08:36:21 PM) meatballhat: Brady_M: not to my knowledge ... everybody gots my digits?
(08:36:29 PM) meatballhat: I'll announce them to the world  ;-)
(08:36:46 PM) ***jimbo2150 transmits to all IRC networks...
(08:36:49 PM) jgedeon: 1-900-###-####
(08:37:00 PM) meatballhat: :)    -ODD-DUCK
(08:37:06 PM) Brady_M: meatballhat: yea, I handed all your contact information. I'll have to make another walk in and see what's going on. Meetings are the secound tuesday of each month
(08:37:43 PM) meatballhat: Brady_M: gotcha ....    I really need to get in touch with Stephen Hedges of OPLIN again ... and OHIONET, too...
(08:38:09 PM) meatballhat: btw, here's the 2-color DVD cover:  http://meatballhat.com/ubuntu
(08:38:29 PM) Brady_M: meatballhat: saw that. looks good
(08:38:49 PM) meatballhat: it's red ... and black ...  and very simple .... ;-) ....
(08:39:16 PM) dowski: nice
(08:39:23 PM) meatballhat: I'll have to make yellow, orange, brown, blue, etc.... versions
(08:39:55 PM) meatballhat: dowski: thanks much.  Brady_M has been very instrumental in composing the booklet that will be *inside* the DVD case
(08:40:21 PM) meatballhat: we're trying to provide a product that's a wee bit more informative than the wallets shipped out by ShipIt
(08:40:23 PM) dowski: cool - sounds like you guys are going all-out
(08:40:33 PM) meatballhat: ....something better for libraries
(08:40:46 PM) Brady_M: Was all the rest of the work completed? (not sure. I been beyond usual busyness latley
(08:40:57 PM) meatballhat: dowski: we're trying to stay low/no-budget as much as possible, though
(08:41:01 PM) DM|: Brady_M so was my mockup used?
(08:41:48 PM) dowski: meatballhat: that makes sense
(08:41:56 PM) Brady_M: DM|: I think meatballhat had pulled some of it. yea.
(08:42:01 PM) DM|: cool
(08:42:04 PM) meatballhat: DM|: not yet.  If you'd like to talk about it more on the mailing list, I've got some grouchy-old-man style suggestions for ye ;-)
(08:42:13 PM) ***Brady_M points at meatballhat >--- he's the man to talk with bud.
(08:42:37 PM) meatballhat: I've been hanging out with Jenda and Troy Sobotka too much ;-)
(08:42:48 PM) ***Vorian rolls his eyes
(08:42:57 PM) meatballhat: Vorian!  you're really there!!!
(08:43:11 PM) jacobmp92: lol
(08:43:19 PM) Vorian: ug! having wireless trouble
(08:43:22 PM) Vorian: sorry
(08:43:33 PM) jimbo2150: Ya he's been hiding in those planters for the last half-hour. You blind? lol
(08:43:34 PM) Vorian: what did i miss?  =]
(08:43:37 PM) jacobmp92: that N-router still causing problems?
(08:43:45 PM) meatballhat: dowski: before I forget, you're welcome to join the ranks  --> launchpad.net/~ubuntu-us-ohio
(08:43:59 PM) meatballhat: we're obsessed with membership numbers here
(08:44:00 PM) Vorian: jacobmp92, it wasn't untill today =[
(08:44:10 PM) dowski: hehe
(08:44:43 PM) Vorian: its off topic, and can wait another 15 min :)
(08:44:47 PM) dowski: do i have to take part in some sort of hazing if i join?
(08:44:59 PM) Vorian: dowski, yes
(08:45:09 PM) meatballhat: we throw IRC pies
(08:45:17 PM) Brady_M: dowski: We do "woobi kooshin'"
(08:45:31 PM) jimbo2150: dowski: I'm still waiting for the bruises to heal...
(08:45:53 PM) dowski: well, we'll see if i can take ...
(08:46:06 PM) ***jacobmp92 prepares more pies
(08:46:13 PM) dowski: on a side note, did launchpad get a major redesign lately or am i crazy?
(08:46:24 PM) jacobmp92: dowski: yep, it did
(08:46:24 PM) meatballhat: dowski: you ain't crazy  ;-)
(08:46:27 PM) jimbo2150: Ya, new version :)
(08:46:33 PM) dowski: man, it looks slick
(08:46:42 PM) Vorian: what! launchpad got a redesign?
(08:46:55 PM) meatballhat: dowski: and versatile ... it's a huge reason why I'm plugging away at Zope3
(08:47:10 PM) meatballhat: Vorian's been a beta tester for several months now ;-)
(08:47:22 PM) Vorian: what meatballhat!
(08:47:23 PM) ohiobot: meatballhat is not going to be here tonight
(08:47:29 PM) Vorian: thats crazy
(08:47:31 PM) Vorian: lol
(08:47:35 PM) jacobmp92: lol....
(08:47:42 PM) meatballhat: uh oh ...  ohiobot, you are living in the past, dude
(08:48:06 PM) Vorian: hey etank and the merry crew from kentucky got approved last night!
(08:48:08 PM) meatballhat: ohiobot: meatballhat is <reply> just another Wordpress web log
(08:48:13 PM) hackle577: by the way everyone, the New User "orientation" type page is up: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/NewMember
(08:48:14 PM) hackle577:  if you havent seen it yet
(08:48:17 PM) etank: some on the yay us
(08:48:19 PM) Vorian: Appalachia rules
(08:48:30 PM) etank: i mean "yay us"
(08:48:36 PM) Brady_M: hackle577:  yea saw the changes
(08:48:44 PM) jacobmp92: congrats etank and the kentucky team :)
(08:48:44 PM) Vorian: congrats etank :) again
(08:48:58 PM) meatballhat: w00t for KY  (!!!!!!!)
(08:49:01 PM) hackle577: if there's anything that anyone feels should be improved/added just drop me a line
(08:49:16 PM) meatballhat: some of my favorite people are Kentuckans
(08:49:18 PM) Vorian: werd hackle577! you are awesome!
(08:49:23 PM) redboot [n=redboot@cpe-24-29-29-139.cinci.res.rr.com] entered the room.
(08:49:29 PM) jimbo2150: meatballhat: I certainly hope you mean the state! :P
(08:49:38 PM) You are now known as TehFabulotr0n
(08:49:43 PM) meatballhat: that be right ;-)  .... this channel is PG
(08:49:44 PM) hackle577: yes, i am
(08:49:48 PM) hackle577: awesome, that is
(08:49:51 PM) hackle577: :-P
(08:49:56 PM) Vorian: haha
(08:50:07 PM) jacobmp92: nice
(08:50:17 PM) You are now known as hackle577
(08:50:23 PM) meatballhat: dowski: if you want to meet a Moin power user, look no further than hackle577 ;-)
(08:50:53 PM) jacobmp92: hackle577 has become synonymous with MoinMoin
(08:50:58 PM) hackle577: meatballhat: aww shucks
(08:51:01 PM) ***hackle577 blushes
(08:51:19 PM) meatballhat: nobody slings square brackets better ...
(08:51:21 PM) Vorian: hackle577, you should join the ubuntu scribes team (#ubuntu-scribes)
(08:51:34 PM) dowski: haha, nice
(08:51:43 PM) dowski: nice to meet you hackle577
(08:51:45 PM) Brady_M: So you here what happened on the Columbus campus yesterday with the FSF ?
(08:51:52 PM) Brady_M: err and hear
(08:51:56 PM) jacobmp92: Brady_M: no actually, what?
(08:51:58 PM) hackle577: dowski: my pleasure
(08:52:08 PM) hackle577: Vorian: what do they do?
(08:52:28 PM) Vorian: they control the ubuntu wiki.
(08:52:34 PM) Vorian: somehow, I am on the team
(08:52:38 PM) hackle577: ha
(08:52:40 PM) Brady_M: FSF contacted the local linux club of OSU and had them rally in front of a Microsoft Office release party there last night handing out Ubuntu CD's and information.
(08:52:58 PM) jacobmp92: Brady_M: awesome!!
(08:53:01 PM) jimbo2150: haha!
(08:53:05 PM) meatballhat: HA
(08:53:47 PM) jimbo2150: Brady_M: You think any of them will learn something?
(08:53:55 PM) rrittenhouse [n=tad@unaffiliated/rrittenhouse] entered the room.
(08:54:03 PM) Vorian: Brady_M, do you have a link?
(08:54:31 PM) meatballhat: jimbo2150: they will learn about a certain growing population of nutjobs, yes?
(08:54:58 PM) Brady_M: Vorian: I got an email, sent from a collage student (you seen in in here.. rustyspork) from Boston to OSU club telling them to go and rally.
(08:54:59 PM) jimbo2150: meatballhat: Yes, and about making better products maybe?
(08:55:37 PM) meatballhat: the nutjobs have historically been the first across the finish line  ;-)
(08:56:55 PM) Brady_M: It was a paphlet with information on Ubuntu FSF and differences and limitations of Vista and Office VS. Linux etc. If you want a copy of it. I can send the mail. not much information on it, but I was informed this morning when Rusty came in explaining that many people showed up with Picket signs with this logo...
(08:57:28 PM) DM|: Brady_M whoa
(08:57:43 PM) Brady_M: This was the picket sign: http://pirateslair.szwag1er.webd.pl/wp-content/uploads/2007/01/bad-vista.gif
(08:57:57 PM) hackle577: lol
(08:58:03 PM) jimbo2150: haha
(08:58:21 PM) Brady_M: This is the responsible party supported by FSF http://badvista.fsf.org/
(08:59:31 PM) jimbo2150: A grassroots campaign agains M$... never thought I'd see it :P

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