Discussion Points

  • Feisty party was a blast!
  • Website and server details
    • Moving the website to a new server
  • Subteam objectives


20:01:23 -Vorian/#ubuntu-ohio- meeting is on!
20:01:46 * bordy (n=chris@153-161.127-70.tampabay.res.rr.com) has joined #ubuntu-ohio
20:01:46 <Vorian> Evening everyone :)
20:03:02 <jgedeon> Evening.
20:03:02 <watchmancole> howdy
20:03:02 <ohiobot> hello, watchmancole
20:03:02 <Vorian> hey jgedeon
20:03:02 <ohiobot> well, jgedeon is who I am because of who we are...
20:03:02 <jimbo2150> Hola, benos noches
20:03:02 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Vorian
20:03:02 * Vorian sets ban on %*!*@unaffiliated/pwill/bot/ohiobot
20:03:02 * ChanServ removes channel operator status from Vorian
20:03:02 <Vorian> just for the meeting PWill
20:03:02 <Vorian> :)
20:03:02 * bordy grumbles something about Vorian's mean operator tendencies
20:03:03 <bordy> ;)
20:03:03 * EverythingEvil (n=Everythi@cpe-65-189-223-189.neo.res.rr.com) has joined #ubuntu-ohio
20:03:03 <Vorian> bordy, I muted a bot.
20:03:11 <bordy> i saw, was just commenting from my banning last night. lol
20:03:11 <Vorian> ok
20:03:21 <Vorian> there is a LOT to cover tonight
20:03:26 <EverythingEvil> dont mind me, doing cisco
20:04:21 <jacobmp92> whoops, here now
20:04:26 <Vorian> First up, I think we had a fine party this past saturday
20:04:49 <jgedeon> I would second that.
20:04:51 <jacobmp92> +1
20:04:58 <jimbo2150> +2
20:05:04 <Vorian> It would be cool if we could have a get together more often
20:05:23 <jacobmp92> i can agree to that
20:05:36 <jimbo2150> That was a 3-hour drive, cant do that all the time :(
20:05:42 <Vorian> lol
20:05:43 <jacobmp92> heh
20:06:12 <jgedeon> Company write off here. LOL
20:06:23 <Vorian> :)
20:06:23 <watchmancole> 3 times a year isn't too bad
20:06:31 <Vorian> well,
20:06:47 <watchmancole> hey, I see some of my relatives that much. :)
20:06:52 <Vorian> we could set something up monthly, and if you can show great. If not, no big deal.
20:07:26 <Vorian> hmm
20:07:27 <Vorian> ok
20:07:39 <Vorian> on to the first topic
20:07:43 <Vorian> the WebSite
20:07:49 <Vorian> jacobmp92 and PWill
20:07:50 <Vorian> go
20:08:07 <jacobmp92> which website topic? the one about moving or the very first about consolidating
20:08:14 <jacobmp92> or both :)
20:08:30 <Vorian> I have something to toss in the mix as well
20:08:34 * Brady_M (n=o0splitp@cpe-24-166-229-191.columbus.res.rr.com) has joined #ubuntu-ohio
20:08:36 <Vorian> but both
20:08:49 * meatballhat (n=dbuch@ubuntu/member/meatballhat) has joined #ubuntu-ohio
20:08:50 <jacobmp92> ok
20:08:51 <Vorian> I'll toss out this real quick
20:09:08 * meatballhat sneaks in back door .....
20:09:09 * Vorian finds a link
20:09:24 <meatballhat> 33 people in here??!!?! ... how 'bout that!
20:09:29 <jacobmp92> :)
20:09:33 <Vorian> https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu...+question/5658
20:09:51 <jacobmp92> ah, yes, i did see that earlier
20:10:13 <Vorian> I spoke with Matthew, and he gave us the thumbs up.
20:10:23 <Brady_M> nice
20:10:25 <jacobmp92> that would *probably* be on a completely different FTP account, and would not be able to integrate w/ website too easily
20:10:30 <Vorian> (with as much space as we need)
20:10:38 <jacobmp92> but +1 on that
20:11:24 <Vorian> Well, with the other topic, I figured we could use another sub-domain, just in case. :)
20:11:29 * lyceum (n=guest@adsl-68-75-18-44.dsl.wotnoh.ameritech.net) has joined #ubuntu-ohio
20:11:32 <jacobmp92> yeah
20:11:41 <jacobmp92> anywhos, http://ohio.ubuntu-us.org/
20:11:52 <jacobmp92> quick poll, does it look simple enough? easy to understand?
20:11:59 <Vorian> sure
20:12:11 <jgedeon> I think it is looking better.
20:12:23 <jimbo2150> Yes, why isn't 7.04 on there though ?
20:12:25 <jacobmp92> and i know i *still* need to clean up the F2F module and get accounts created and such
20:12:25 * bordy likes it
20:12:28 <jacobmp92> jimbo2150: oops!
20:12:52 <Vorian> jimbo2150, because 7.04 is no good
20:12:54 <Vorian> :P
20:13:03 <jacobmp92> according to rrittenhouse
20:13:05 <jacobmp92> :-D
20:13:08 <jimbo2150> You almost had me.... naw :P
20:13:11 <Vorian> LOL
20:13:21 <rrittenhouse> eh
20:13:27 <rrittenhouse> what about me
20:13:28 <rrittenhouse> haha
20:13:41 * Vorian whispers we have a new channel #ubuntu-ohio-edu
20:13:43 <jgedeon> Question: Have we figured out what the different engines will be used for? Meaning Wiki and Launchpad
20:13:44 <jacobmp92> ok, its on 7.04 now :)
20:14:04 <jimbo2150> yay! :)
20:14:24 <rrittenhouse> jacobmp92, what about me? :P
20:14:26 <rrittenhouse> haha
20:14:34 <jacobmp92> website part 2: moving servers....? PWill, you there? :)
20:14:35 <jacobmp92> hehe
20:14:43 * hackle577 (n=adam@ip-134-53-120-98.dhcp.muohio.edu) has left #ubuntu-ohio
20:14:57 <Vorian> hackle577
20:15:11 <jacobmp92> you muted it :-P
20:15:24 <Vorian> :)
20:15:51 <Vorian> so the big question is weather to move the site off canonical hosting...
20:16:13 <jacobmp92> ultimately I want to talk with PWill and get his opinion in the end
20:16:16 <jgedeon> I do agree that phpmyadmin is needed atleast in todays site engines.
20:16:38 <jacobmp92> the current site offerings do not meet certain needs: SSH, secure transfer, php/sql 5, etc etc
20:16:53 * lyceum (n=guest@adsl-68-75-18-44.dsl.wotnoh.ameritech.net) has left #ubuntu-ohio
20:16:54 <jgedeon> SSH access isn't offered by many and is it really needed?
20:17:00 <jacobmp92> not to mention FTP seems to go down whenever it pleases
20:17:00 <jimbo2150> I have extra space if you need it, I barely use mine :)
20:17:13 <jacobmp92> jgedeon: trust me, it is ;)
20:17:15 <jgedeon> Yes FTP is a problem.
20:17:33 <jacobmp92> point being: anybody remember the original offer back in December?
20:17:37 <jgedeon> jacobmp92: could you expand on that?
20:17:51 <Vorian> jacobmp92, dig it up
20:17:58 <Vorian> from the forum
20:18:03 <jacobmp92> jgedeon: SSH is essential for unzipping.. managing, etc
20:18:06 <jacobmp92> Vorian: searching
20:18:20 <jacobmp92> jgedeon: and with vim, there is no need to reupload
20:18:24 <jimbo2150> I second that, SSH is much faster than ftp with compressed files.
20:18:44 * lyceum (n=lyceum@adsl-68-75-18-44.dsl.wotnoh.ameritech.net) has joined #ubuntu-ohio
20:18:51 <jgedeon> Is there no control panel with where we are now? Not that I am saying we need to stay with them.
20:19:16 <jacobmp92> jgedeon: there is absolutely no controls anywhere, other than FTP
20:19:22 <jgedeon> Ok.
20:19:24 <jacobmp92> we had to install our own mini sql client
20:19:31 <Vorian> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=308556
20:19:48 <Vorian> there were two threads that were merged
20:20:01 <jacobmp92> Vorian: thats why i couldnt find it then :-p
20:20:30 <jacobmp92> http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php...9&postcount=22 to be specific
20:20:32 <Brady_M> http://www.securityfocus.com/infocus/1806
20:20:37 <Vorian> It may be a bit strange to follow
20:21:10 <jacobmp92> ie, this server has SSH, unlimited MySQL, 2.? TB limit (for my whole account, but thats plenty)
20:21:16 <jacobmp92> 200GB+ space
20:21:43 <jacobmp92> not to mention mysql 5 and php 5 as CGI, with no permission problems or safe mode troubles
20:21:47 <jimbo2150> I have that too :)
20:22:07 <jacobmp92> jimbo2150: dreamhoster? ;)
20:22:13 <jimbo2150> Yep
20:22:19 * Vorian does too
20:22:21 <Vorian> bluehost
20:22:51 <jimbo2150> I looked at them first, but decided to go with DH
20:22:54 <jacobmp92> dreamhost downtime < bluehost
20:23:03 <jacobmp92> but that would be brand loyalty, now, wouldnt it
20:23:09 <jacobmp92> ignore that :)
20:23:43 <jacobmp92> anyway
20:23:52 <jacobmp92> the site is already up from the development version
20:24:00 <jacobmp92> http://files.codechunk.net/ohioloco
20:24:21 <jacobmp92> (of course it would still be ohio.ubuntu-us.org if we make the switch)
20:25:24 <Vorian> nice
20:25:31 <jacobmp92> and... I can provide account access thru the DH web panel to manage MySQL databases, subdomains, and such
20:25:42 <Brady_M> I have hosting too https://www.securepaynet.net/gdshop/...itpaw&ci=1782&
20:25:53 <Brady_M> I can host, but ssh isn't availible
20:26:20 <jacobmp92> Brady_M: don't you have to pay WWD for that?
20:26:36 <jimbo2150> DH allows SSH/FTP on any user you set up, but you can restrict it (if neccessary)
20:26:36 <jgedeon> Who is the host that we are considering?
20:26:44 <Brady_M> jacobmp92: 3.25 a month?! yea. that's it ; )
20:26:49 <jacobmp92> hehe
20:27:03 <jacobmp92> jgedeon: dreamhost, no extra costs
20:27:21 <jacobmp92> also: there are six backups made of all files
20:27:25 <Brady_M> just handing out help for it.
20:27:33 <jacobmp92> two hourly, two daily, and two monthly
20:28:12 <Brady_M> also this is a tax writeoff so np
20:28:50 <Vorian> ok, so lets poll it for a week
20:28:56 <Vorian> and move on :)
20:29:05 <jacobmp92> Vorian: let me ask PWill what he thinks about it first
20:29:09 <jacobmp92> next topic
20:29:42 <jgedeon> Does someone have a name of a site hosted by them please.
20:29:54 <jimbo2150> techie-jim.net :P
20:29:58 <Vorian> I'll but something else in if that's ok?
20:30:01 <jacobmp92> jgedeon: http://codechunk.net http://oratos.com http://fosswire.com
20:30:04 <jacobmp92> yup
20:30:08 <jgedeon> TY
20:31:45 <Vorian> Anyone interested in hosting an Ubucon?
20:31:56 * Vorian is very interested
20:32:14 <Brady_M> Vorian: sorry explain?
20:32:19 <meatballhat> Vorian: we agreed that there will be a bake sale, yes?
20:32:33 <Vorian> meatballhat, so say we all :D
20:32:54 <meatballhat> excellent
20:33:25 <Vorian> like this one that was in NYC
20:33:37 <Vorian> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TheUbucon/NYC2007/Schedule
20:34:42 <Vorian> It essentially is a Canonical sponsored install fest/ short conference/ and a place where normal people can feel "ok" about using linux
20:34:54 <jacobmp92> ic
20:34:55 <Vorian> I would like to dub it the Buckeye Ubucon
20:35:15 <jimbo2150> Isnt the next one in Spain?
20:35:25 * lyceum (n=lyceum@adsl-68-75-18-44.dsl.wotnoh.ameritech.net) has left #ubuntu-ohio
20:35:27 <jacobmp92> jimbo2150: thats UDS
20:35:34 <jacobmp92> developer meetings
20:35:40 * Brady_M thinks I got a gaming/internet hotspot here, but out in the middle of nowhere. I got a uilding so...
20:35:53 <Brady_M> and a building
20:35:55 <Brady_M> lol
20:36:05 <jimbo2150> ah
20:36:27 <Vorian> jimbo2150, yes! the next Ubucon is in Sevilla
20:36:29 <Vorian> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TheUbucon/Sevilla
20:36:53 <Vorian> which happens to be the same place they are holding the developers summit
20:36:55 <jacobmp92> bah!
20:37:00 * jacobmp92 was wrong
20:37:00 <Vorian> :)
20:37:11 <jacobmp92> halfway
20:37:31 <Brady_M> I can offer late night cow tipping for entertainment and the pool hall is iopen :)
20:37:52 <Vorian> The trick to this is very very good planning
20:38:00 <Vorian> And
20:38:04 <Vorian> Great Guests
20:38:39 <Vorian> How many people do you think our little old team could get to attend an event like this?
20:39:27 <jacobmp92> judging by the 35 at panera, if we advertise this we might get 100+
20:39:40 * Vorian pokes meatballhat ^
20:39:47 <meatballhat> :D
20:39:48 <Vorian> jacobmp92, I agree completely
20:39:51 <meatballhat> yesssssss?
20:40:13 <Vorian> look what jacobmp92 put down as a number
20:40:38 <Ax3> Vorian, know you guys have moved on, but I swear by A Small Orange hosting, asmallorange.com
20:40:52 <Vorian> lol, thanks Ax3 :)
20:40:55 <Ax3> you might check that out if you guys are looking for a move :)
20:40:59 <Ax3> sory i just got in
20:41:04 <Vorian> thats fine
20:41:20 <Vorian> Ax3, there are a few of us who have plenty of room to spare :)
20:41:25 <meatballhat> that be crazy .... what a great turnout :D
20:41:41 <Ax3> hehe, don't expect me to drive up to ohio tho :P
20:41:54 <Vorian> I think it could be much higher though.
20:42:27 <Vorian> I'll email Jono to get a scope of what we would be looking at.
20:43:39 <Vorian> quiet crowd tonight
20:43:50 <meatballhat> boo!!!!!!
20:43:59 * jacobmp92 stands up and claps
20:44:02 * jimbo2150 jumps in his seat
20:44:06 <Ax3> im still reading what you all have written :)
20:44:10 <jacobmp92> :-p
20:44:12 * meatballhat throws chair through window
20:44:15 * Brady_M scream timmmey!
20:44:22 * Ax3 pokes bordy
20:44:54 * jacobmp92 goes to prepare some pies
20:45:03 * meatballhat pretends he's a Borg and walks like Frankenstein into Vorian ... pushes him slowly and awkwardly
20:45:17 <Vorian> aaronbeekay Airforce5555 Brady_M EverythingEvil ianmcorvidae jbsn jgedeon joshjosh lando moe_fwacky PqSe_ PWill rodolfo1974 rrittenhouse Seekker spaz watchmancole
20:45:28 <Vorian> :)
20:45:28 <jgedeon> ?
20:45:30 <Vorian> ok
20:45:41 <meatballhat> is there a /cs command for that???
20:45:42 <watchmancole> ?
20:45:59 <meatballhat> /cs !wallflowers
20:46:08 <Vorian> meatballhat, /notice
20:46:13 <jimbo2150> Taking a step back, If you guys need another coder, I have 10+ years PHP, 2+ years ColdFusion, some Java, and learning Python this summer.
20:46:44 <meatballhat> jimbo2150: you want a job?
20:47:17 <jacobmp92> heh
20:47:17 <Vorian> ok
20:47:22 <jimbo2150> lol, already got one untill I get out of school. I just meant for the group
20:47:35 <Vorian> herding cats eh?
20:47:52 <meatballhat> jimbo2150: move to Cleveland ... sacrifice your soul for a tiny, struggling company ... it's the _BEST_
20:48:02 <Brady_M> Vorian: watched that eh?
20:48:10 <Vorian> several times
20:48:20 <jimbo2150> meatballhat: Thanks, talk to me again when I have a degree :)
20:48:23 <EverythingEvil> job market in cleveland is terrible
20:48:47 <watchmancole> EverythingEvil: yes it is
20:48:49 <meatballhat> EverythingEvil hits nail on head ... grazes /me thumb
20:49:07 <jgedeon> Progressive owns the cleveland job market it seems.
20:49:19 <EverythingEvil> yea, i've gottten offers from them
20:49:24 <meatballhat> jgedeon speaks truf
20:49:32 <Vorian> kusinich *cough*
20:49:41 <watchmancole> LOL
20:49:48 <meatballhat> Vorian: he's the Ross Perot of NE Ohio!
20:49:54 <Vorian> lol
20:50:13 <jgedeon> He's the little hitler of NE Ohio
20:50:19 <Vorian> He is very entertaining, thats a fact jack!
20:50:25 <jgedeon> But his wife..... Now that is another story....
20:50:30 <Vorian> anyway....
20:50:33 <meatballhat> egad
20:50:37 <jimbo2150> lol
20:50:48 <meatballhat> if meeting == chaos:
20:51:00 <Vorian> so, anyone not cool with a Ubucon? (Ubuntu Conference)
20:51:19 <Brady_M> +1 for it
20:51:37 * EverythingEvil hates cisco systems
20:51:38 <Vorian> thanks Brady_M :)
20:51:44 <meatballhat> Vorian: I know you didn't invent the word, but Ubucon sounds like we're *tricking* people with Ubuntu .... (ahem ...'con')
20:51:48 <meatballhat> :D
20:51:50 <jimbo2150> +1 but cant go
20:51:53 <Vorian> hehe
20:52:03 <meatballhat> +1 btw
20:52:18 <Vorian> +100
20:52:34 <Vorian> ok, I'll pursue it
20:52:34 <Vorian> next up
20:52:36 <jacobmp92> +3.1415926538
20:52:50 <Vorian> stop throwing pi's
20:53:00 <jacobmp92> :-D
20:53:03 <Vorian> its so irrational
20:53:05 <meatballhat> Vorian: you know an event planner you're keeping secret, btw?
20:53:23 <Vorian> yes, jono bacon
20:53:25 <Vorian> :)
20:53:26 <ianmcorvidae> heh, irrational.
20:53:32 <meatballhat> Vorian: excellent
20:54:05 <Vorian> :D
20:54:08 <Vorian> Subteams - Establishing goals, assigning leaders to empty posts, and recruitment
20:54:33 <Vorian> all teams filled
20:54:37 <Vorian> all teams running
20:54:51 <Vorian> the Education team will be very busy after friday
20:55:06 <Vorian> The New User team is waiting for accounts
20:55:16 <jacobmp92> (oops)
20:55:19 <Vorian> Maybe we need an "event" committee
20:55:56 <watchmancole> Vorian: What would the New User team do?
20:56:11 <Vorian> watchmancole, help support new linux/ubuntu users
20:56:19 <watchmancole> ah, gotcha
20:56:29 <Vorian> there is a press release ready to roll any day now....
20:56:30 <Vorian> ...
20:56:32 <Vorian> ......
20:56:34 <Vorian> ..
20:56:34 <Vorian> .
20:56:36 <Vorian> ....
20:56:39 <Vorian> or not
20:56:43 <jacobmp92> ?
20:56:46 <Vorian> but one day there will be
20:56:46 <Brady_M> ?
20:56:58 <meatballhat> press release ... hmmmmmmm
20:57:05 <meatballhat> why does that sound familiar?
20:57:17 <jimbo2150> Vorian just said it :)
20:57:36 <meatballhat> hmmmmmmm .... I seem to remember .... hmmmmmmm
20:57:38 <Vorian> =]
20:58:08 <Vorian> something about sheep moms and something
20:58:24 <meatballhat> Vorian: that's a dead end
20:58:27 <meatballhat> sorry
20:58:35 <Vorian> ok
20:58:38 * Brady_M is confused
20:58:42 <meatballhat> anybody around here know proper writing style?
20:58:50 * Vorian ducks
20:58:57 <meatballhat> "Inverted Pyramid" ring a bell?
20:58:58 * Brady_M blank look
20:59:07 <jacobmp92> meatballhat: ugh
20:59:13 * meatballhat is bitter as hell :P
20:59:15 * jgedeon scratches head.
20:59:18 <jacobmp92> journalism teacher forcing it into heads
20:59:27 <jacobmp92> then criticizes it
20:59:33 <meatballhat> jacobmp92: so I take it you're not a fan? :D
20:59:40 <Vorian> hmm
20:59:42 <jacobmp92> meh
20:59:45 <jacobmp92> so/so
21:01:12 <meatballhat> "Jane is a champion boxer with a dog named Mambo. She won an award last night for being awesome. Later on, she will be meeting her arch-nemesis, Fanny McGorkle. It will be quite a fight!"
21:01:32 <meatballhat> "Jane has been boxing since the age of 3 .... "
21:01:48 <meatballhat> "Jane's dog, Mambo, has quite the personality ...."
21:02:02 <jimbo2150> rivaling Lassie?
21:02:03 <meatballhat> "Fanny McGorkle is a champion in her own right ...."
21:02:14 <meatballhat> "Be sure to tune into the fight ...."
21:02:14 <jacobmp92> too familiar
21:02:18 <meatballhat> </end>
21:02:55 * Vorian applauds
21:02:57 <meatballhat> who wants to be on the Marketing Subteam???? :D
21:03:37 * meatballhat is fully absorbed in *completely* overhauling the DIY Marketing site :D
21:03:53 <jacobmp92> (breaking the awkward silence)
21:03:59 <meatballhat> heeheeheehee
21:04:11 <meatballhat> jacobmp92: you aren't allowed to volunteer, btw ... ;-)
21:04:23 * jacobmp92 does a woot
21:04:28 * Brady_M Anyone....
21:05:15 <meatballhat> wow ... :D I didn't think I was _that_ scary :P
21:05:18 <Vorian> one square per ....
21:05:37 <Vorian> </crow>
21:05:50 <Brady_M> send a shout out, maybe these peeps are looking away
21:05:51 <jimbo2150> Our meetings are very unorthodox...
21:06:05 <Vorian> jimbo2150, its an unofficial meeting.
21:06:09 <Vorian> =]
21:06:24 <jacobmp92> next week is official, woot
21:06:27 <meatballhat> oi .... yes, we keep it silly on all but the first meet of the month :P
21:08:07 <Vorian> alrighty then
21:08:21 <Vorian> Library Partnerships - Where are your Ubuntu CDs?
21:08:24 <jimbo2150> ^ Jim Carry
21:08:31 * ChanServ gives voice to Vorian
21:08:47 <Vorian> who did that?
21:08:54 * meatballhat runs
21:08:56 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Vorian
21:08:56 * ChanServ removes channel operator status from Vorian
21:09:08 * ChanServ removes voice from Vorian
21:09:19 * meatballhat returns
21:09:24 <Brady_M> meatballhat: I sent a few edubuntu and ubuntu cd's to the Library Administrator and asked her to call you again yesterday
21:09:31 <Vorian> nice python usage meatballhat
21:09:34 <meatballhat> Brady_M: awesome!!!!!!
21:10:00 <EverythingEvil> should i see if UAkron library wants some?
21:10:08 <EverythingEvil> i think i have some on order
21:10:11 <meatballhat> EverythingEvil: absolutely!
21:10:24 <Brady_M> rr
21:10:46 <Brady_M> rrittenhouse: Your Cd's mailed today 5 of each
21:11:42 <jacobmp92> completely unrelated: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_tXcRYOYZ0
21:12:41 <jimbo2150> TOO much time :) LOL
21:12:52 <jacobmp92> :-D
21:14:53 * meatballhat throws Nerf football at jacobmp92
21:15:02 <jacobmp92> hehe
21:15:06 <Vorian> lawl
21:15:33 <meatballhat> jacobmp92: you got pretty messed up, now didn't you? Those things hurt!
21:15:53 <jacobmp92> yep.
21:15:58 <jacobmp92> scarred for life :-P
21:16:20 <meatballhat> a beatiful, Nerf-colored scar
21:16:28 <Vorian> ok
21:16:32 <meatballhat> s/beatiful/beautiful/
21:16:38 <Vorian> since the idiot is not here
21:16:46 <Vorian> I am going to plug the EDU team
21:16:58 <meatballhat> theidiotthatisme! my dude!
21:17:18 <Vorian> We set up a channel for the EDU team
21:17:26 <Vorian> #ubuntu-ohio-edu
21:17:55 <Vorian> to help in discussing all the new and exciting things coming your way
21:18:12 <meatballhat> very cool!
21:18:17 <Vorian> We are going to have a moodle
21:18:50 <Vorian> if it's so kewl meatballhat, why aren't you there 8-)
21:18:50 <jacobmp92> this moodle? http://moodle.org/
21:18:56 <Vorian> yep
21:19:21 <jacobmp92> cool :)
21:19:27 <jimbo2150> Are we all going to get Ubuntu-Ohio-Certified?
21:19:48 <Vorian> lol
21:19:49 <jimbo2150> :)

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