Discussion Points

  • Introductions
  • Feisty Party details
    • What to bring
  • CD distribution
  • OLF planning and finances
  • Consolidating team websites


19:59:49 <Atreus12>    I'm excited. An 'Official' meeting
19:59:50 <PWill>    nothing to see, move along
19:59:52 <Brady_M_>    Wazzzupie
19:59:53 <meatballhat>    Vorian: ahoy  :D
19:59:54 <Vorian>    jacobmp92 is now strongbad eh?
19:59:59 <jacobmp92>    :-D
20:00:23 <Vorian>    Ok
20:00:29 *    hackle577 (n=adam@ip-134-53-120-98.dhcp.muohio.edu) has joined #ubuntu-ohio
20:00:36 <jacobmp92>    meetin time
20:00:37 -Vorian/#ubuntu-ohio-    Meeting Start
20:00:44 <hackle577>    whew just in time
20:00:51 <Vorian>    There are a billion things we have to get through
20:00:54 <PWill>    ======== Meeting Start =============
20:01:04 <PWill>    mine looks better in the logz
20:01:17 <Vorian>    https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/Meetings
20:01:24 <Vorian>    bottom 'o the page
20:01:37 <Vorian>    First off
20:01:49 <Vorian>    Welcome all to the 3rd Official Meeting of the Year!
20:01:54 <hackle577>    huzzah!
20:02:00 <aoirthoir>    woohoo
20:02:08 <jacobmp92>    Vorian: 4th?
20:02:25 <Vorian>    erm, 4th meeting of the year
20:02:30 <jacobmp92>    :-D
20:02:32 <Vorian>    :-/
20:02:39 <Brady_M_>    ?
20:02:44 <jacobmp92>    there logs be editable ;)
20:02:53 <Vorian>    Anyway!
20:02:57 *    dlr_pe (n=david@cpe-24-166-114-193.neo.res.rr.com) has joined #ubuntu-ohio
20:03:04 <Vorian>    who's here for the first time?
20:03:12 <aoirthoir>    I am.
20:03:19 <hackle577>    welcome!
20:03:23 <dlr_pe>    I am (officially)
20:03:27 <PWill>    AForgue is
20:03:27 <aoirthoir>    danka.
20:03:32 <PWill>    i think
20:03:41 <hackle577>    aoirthoir: danke
20:03:48 <jacobmp92>    welcome dlr_pe & aoirthoir & AForgue (if PWill is correct)
20:03:58 <AForgue>    Hi
20:04:12 *    aaronbeekay (n=abk_@adsl-75-49-4-31.dsl.wotnoh.sbcglobal.net) has joined #ubuntu-ohio
20:04:20 <AForgue>    This is my first time - I'm finishing up dinner with Wife so I might not be here for a few mintues
20:04:29 <PWill>    ohiobot: PWill
20:04:29 <ohiobot>    from memory, pwill is always correct
20:04:31 <aoirthoir>    hackle577: your welcome.
20:04:34 <jacobmp92>    ic, welcome
20:04:40 <jacobmp92>    !hi | all
20:04:41 <aaronbeekay>    Har, pwill.
20:04:51 <PWill>    it is aaronbeekay's first time, too
20:04:52 <jacobmp92>    err... nvm :)
20:04:58 <Vorian>    Kewl! Welcome to all the first timers :)
20:05:00 <PWill>    welcome, aaronbeekay
20:05:04 <jacobmp92>    welcome aaronbeekay
20:05:11 <aaronbeekay>    thanks pwill, jacob
20:05:21 <dlr_pe>    thxx
20:05:29 <PWill>    Vorian: what's first on le agenda
20:05:46 <Vorian>    lets start with the party
20:05:54 <Vorian>    Feisty Release Party - Location & time
20:06:04 <PWill>    Easton - Panera - 6PM
20:06:11 <aaronbeekay>    Date?
20:06:15 <jacobmp92>    21st
20:06:17 <hackle577>    21st
20:06:18 <watchmancole>    oops... sorry, AFK... first time for a meeting here too... :)
20:06:20 <hackle577>    ydarn
20:06:23 <jacobmp92>    welcome watchmancole
20:06:29 <aoirthoir>    (any chance of a cleveland party...)
20:06:31 *    jacobmp92 screams
20:06:36 <jacobmp92>    launchpad was updated!
20:06:37 <Vorian>    link PWill?
20:06:53 <aoirthoir>    oh actually I will be in wooster on vacation on that date...so any chance of web camming the party so non-locals can be there?
20:06:58 <PWill>    https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/FeistyParty
20:06:59 <Vorian>    Lets try and stay on topic tonight, ok? :)
20:07:25 <jacobmp92>    right
20:07:28 <Brady_M_>    +1 on that
20:07:28 *    bordy (n=chris@153-161.127-70.tampabay.res.rr.com) has joined #ubuntu-ohio
20:07:42 <Vorian>    So, If you are interested in coming to the Party, Please RSVP on the wiki page
20:07:44 <bordy>    Its ok guys, you can start the party.
20:07:46 *    bordy is here
20:07:56 <aaronbeekay>    aoirthoir: Hm-- are you talking about webcasting or webchatting? Webcasting wouldn't be so hard, but chatting might be a bit much work for a release party...
20:07:56 <Vorian>    hey bordy :)
20:07:59 <jacobmp92>    welcome bordy
20:08:18 <PWill>    howdy bordy
20:08:19 <Vorian>    aaronbeekay, its a meet up in Columbus
20:08:33 <bordy>    heyo folks. Just wanted to sit here and watch how you guys run stuff, so I can run mine better.
20:08:35 <PWill>    Vorian: he is my friend; we live in Columbus :)
20:08:37 *    bordy will be quiet, he promises.
20:08:46 <aaronbeekay>    Vorian, I know, aorthoir was talking about webcamming it
20:08:48 <bordy>    Columbus? You mean the new campus of the University of Florida
20:08:50 <aaronbeekay>    Thanks though :]
20:08:58 *    ChanServ gives channel operator status to Vorian
20:08:58 *    bordy (n=chris@153-161.127-70.tampabay.res.rr.com) has left #ubuntu-ohio (requested by Vorian)
20:08:58 *    ChanServ removes channel operator status from Vorian
20:09:13 <PWill>    haha
20:09:26 *    bordy (n=chris@153-161.127-70.tampabay.res.rr.com) has joined #ubuntu-ohio
20:09:28 <Vorian>    any who
20:09:40 <aaronbeekay>    What's the RSVP total gotten to?
20:09:41 <bordy>    not funny, not funny. I know. Sorry ohio.
20:09:46 <jacobmp92>    lol...
20:09:48 <PWill>    like 20 i think
20:09:52 <aaronbeekay>    hokay
20:10:00 <aaronbeekay>    Panera has free wifi now, right?
20:10:06 <jacobmp92>    aaronbeekay: yep
20:10:11 <aaronbeekay>    wootsies
20:10:12 <PWill>    er, 18
20:10:23 <Vorian>    does anyone want to call Panera's tomorrow to give them a heads up
20:10:41 <PWill>    Vorian: I will
20:10:45 <Vorian>    nice
20:10:49 <Vorian>    ty PWill :)
20:10:52 <PWill>    I was actually thinking about doing it earlier this week
20:10:54 <hackle577>    Directions to the exact location of Panera Bread @ Easton: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&q=3942+Townsfair+Way,+Columbus,+OH...
20:11:00 <hackle577>    oops
20:11:03 <Vorian>    !flood > hackle577
20:11:09 <PWill>    heh
20:11:17 <jacobmp92>    http://tinyurl.com
20:11:30 <hackle577>    jacob: yeah :-\
20:11:33 <Vorian>    cool PWill, let us know what they say via mailing list :)
20:11:51 <PWill>    will do Vorian
20:12:06 <Vorian>    Great!
20:12:18 <Vorian>    So I will be bringing the CD's
20:12:27 <Vorian>    what are you bringing?
20:12:42 *    meatballhat brings the jello salad
20:12:51 <Vorian>    lol
20:13:03 <PWill>    they have that now?
20:13:04 <Brady_M_>    Vorian:  I'll bring a mini dv camera to record. and edit later for viewing if needed
20:13:09 <PWill>    crap, offtopic
20:13:13 <Vorian>    Brady_M_, that would be kewl
20:13:27 <theidiotthatisme>    Brady_M_: We could take a still out for the mugshot for Ohio LoCo on  launchpad
20:13:27 <hackle577>    I can also bring a digital camera for still pics
20:13:35 <Vorian>    nice :)
20:13:36 <theidiotthatisme>    hackle577: Or that too
20:13:36 <PWill>    i will as well
20:13:51 <Brady_M_>    theidiotthatisme:  That would be awsome
20:14:36 <Vorian>    great!
20:14:45 <PWill>    Brady_M_: check your PM
20:14:48 <Vorian>    so any questions about the Party?
20:15:03 <hackle577>    what's going on post-party?
20:15:09 <hackle577>    some Easton exploring?
20:15:14 <PWill>    I think so
20:15:25 <PWill>    we could go to gameworks or something
20:15:35 <aaronbeekay>    Go to the Apple Store and install Ubuntu on all the machines?
20:15:38 <aoirthoir>    ya know.. MS has to pay stores to have their parties. Ubuntu people do it all on their own.
20:15:42 <PWill>    aaronbeekay: yes.
20:15:58 <aaronbeekay>    Although I do like the GameWorks idea
20:16:05 -Vorian/#ubuntu-ohio-    next topic then....
20:16:12 <Vorian>    Ohio Linux Fest planning
20:16:15 <aaronbeekay>    I could mooch dollars from my p--
20:16:16 <aaronbeekay>    righto
20:16:17 <aaronbeekay>    next
20:16:21 <PWill>    ha
20:16:28 <Vorian>    :)
20:16:39 <aaronbeekay>    OLF is a while away, no?
20:16:43 <theidiotthatisme>    Vorian: I've kept an update on the Wiki about the partnerships
20:16:46 <theidiotthatisme>    aaronbeekay: In september
20:16:54 <aaronbeekay>    Good stuff
20:16:55 <PWill>    september 29
20:16:55 <theidiotthatisme>    Vorian: There has been some question about the amount of power available
20:17:03 <PWill>    theidiotthatisme: link?
20:17:06 <Vorian>    first
20:17:07 <Vorian>    https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/Donations
20:17:07 <theidiotthatisme>    Vorian: I have taken my personal laptop off the list to help free up a spot
20:17:16 <Vorian>    :)
20:17:20 <theidiotthatisme>    Vorian: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/OLF
20:17:26 <theidiotthatisme>    Sorry that was for PWill lol
20:17:38 <bordy>    vorian: linuxfest... is that something you guys organized, or is it something we might already have in effect in Florida?
20:17:44 *    bordy is sorry to interject... again.
20:17:46 <PWill>    theidiotthatisme: If it is in the same hall as last year, there will be one power strip per booth
20:17:52 <Vorian>    bordy, check the links
20:18:07 <jacobmp92>    PWill: think we can bring more power strips? ;)
20:18:10 <theidiotthatisme>    PWill: The way I see it, the two laptops provided by Shafetech can be charged before the event and booted on request
20:18:17 <Vorian>    Its so big, even sabdfl knows about it :)
20:18:18 <theidiotthatisme>    PWill: That saves two power spots
20:18:29 <theidiotthatisme>    PWill: I've also removed my own personal laptop, so that's another one freed
20:18:30 <PWill>    jacobmp92: if you want to risk daisy chaining them :-P
20:18:33 *    Vorian can bring a generator or two
20:18:34 <jacobmp92>    hehe
20:18:48 <Brady_M_>    I could bring an ups :)
20:18:52 <theidiotthatisme>    As of right now there is only one desktop, which is two spots, and then whatever everyone else wants to bring
20:19:10 <PWill>    well, all i know is i am bringing my desktop to show off the latest and greatest ubuntu that is out then
20:19:14 <PWill>    feisty +1
20:19:18 <theidiotthatisme>    Laptops, if they have ok batteries, can be traded on powerspots, and then when recharged the next person can charge theres
20:19:30 <theidiotthatisme>    PWill: Technically Fiesty+1 is October ;)
20:19:46 <PWill>    theidiotthatisme: beta :)
20:19:54 <theidiotthatisme>    PWill: I figured lol
20:20:06 <PWill>    Does anyone have an LCD they can bring so I don't have to lug my CRT down there?
20:20:12 <theidiotthatisme>    But that was the only concern, and I think that would cover it, since mostly laptops are being brought
20:20:17 <PWill>    no pun intended
20:20:25 <Brady_M_>    PWill: I got 17 :) I'll bring an extra
20:20:38 <PWill>    Brady_M_: I figured you'd have one :)
20:20:57 <theidiotthatisme>    Vorian: That was all
20:21:07 <Vorian>    kewl
20:21:13 <aoirthoir>    PWill: what size? I am debating getting a 22 inch
20:21:14 <Vorian>    https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/Donations
20:21:29 <Vorian>    we still have a ways to go....
20:21:32 <aoirthoir>    PWill: i can get it for a couple hundred...but I dont have car so Id have to ride with someone to bring it (id pay)
20:21:36 <PWill>    aoirthoir: whoever has the biggest that they don't mind bringing. i just don't want to carry my CRT
20:21:50 <aoirthoir>    PWill: ok..i will make plans.
20:21:54 <theidiotthatisme>    Vorian: I know we do, and I will be donating once finances are more stable
20:22:13 <theidiotthatisme>    Vorian: Should we consider creating a forum or mailing list topic for discussing fund raising ideas?
20:22:19 <PWill>    awesome, well let me know if you get a 22 so we can be sure to let Brady_M_ know we don't need the 17
20:22:23 <Vorian>    theidiotthatisme, sure
20:22:23 *    jacobmp92 likes that idea
20:22:41 <Brady_M_>    PWill: ok
20:22:51 <PWill>    Vorian: yeah, I get paid for a website I did later this week, so I will actually donate $50 then
20:22:53 <aoirthoir>    PWill: ok
20:23:03 <theidiotthatisme>    Vorian: Will post the topic now
20:23:41 <Vorian>    meatballhat, CD Distribution project update - printing in 1- and 2-color == biggest bang for buck
20:23:45 <theidiotthatisme>    Vorian: Ok, will post it tomorrow, internet is not responding
20:23:49 <PWill>    Anything else on the OLF agenda?
20:24:29 <theidiotthatisme>    PWill: I believe that was our only main concern, dont forget to check Wiki for updates and post your own updates
20:25:15 *    jimbo2150 (n=Jim@adsl-75-24-8-37.dsl.yntwoh.sbcglobal.net) has joined #ubuntu-ohio
20:25:45 *    zachlinu1 (n=zach@adsl-69-211-221-226.dsl.wotnoh.ameritech.net) has joined #ubuntu-ohio
20:25:51 <jacobmp92>    next topic?
20:26:10 <jimbo2150>    Hi everyone
20:26:15 <jacobmp92>    hey jimbo2150
20:26:20 <theidiotthatisme>    hi jimbo2150
20:26:31 <theidiotthatisme>    Is everyone still here? It kind of went dead..
20:26:35 <jacobmp92>    it did
20:26:41 *    Brady_M_ nod.
20:26:42 <aoirthoir>    i am here
20:26:51 <Atreus12>    We're listening quietly
20:26:51 <theidiotthatisme>    Vorian? meatballhat?
20:26:54 <jacobmp92>    anywho... CD distribution?
20:27:02 <Vorian>    woot
20:27:06 <Vorian>    meatballhat, CD Distribution project update - printing in 1- and 2-color == biggest bang for buck
20:27:10 <Vorian>    ??
20:27:11 <aoirthoir>    yall could have someone build a website "Will build website for OLF" like a work for food kinda thing
20:27:13 <aaronbeekay>    Here
20:27:28 <jacobmp92>    aoirthoir: PWill already built it for em :-P
20:27:40 <jacobmp92>    wait, never mind :)
20:27:41 <PWill>    i added factoids to my ohiobot
20:27:44 <PWill>    ohiobot: olf
20:27:44 <ohiobot>    Ohio Linux Fest is an annual Linux conference held in Columbus, Ohio. The Ubuntu-Ohio team will be participating this year: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/OLF and the official OLF site is http://www.ohiolinux.org
20:27:52 <jacobmp92>    nice
20:27:53 <PWill>    ohiobot: feisty party
20:27:53 <ohiobot>    Come and join us on Saturday, April 21 at Easton Town Center in Columbus at 6pm for the Feisty Release party: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/FeistyParty
20:28:28 <aaronbeekay>    pwill, can ohiobot send only to one user?
20:28:36 <PWill>    aaronbeekay: i dunno
20:28:37 <aaronbeekay>    I guess that would be PMing.
20:28:39 <theidiotthatisme>    Vorian: I think meatballhat's connection may have died or he has become busy
20:28:43 <PWill>    ohiobot: feisty party > PWill
20:28:43 <ohiobot>    PWill: are you using Windows?
20:28:44 <aaronbeekay>    pwill: dooo itttt
20:28:44 <jimbo2150>    PM probably
20:28:45 <theidiotthatisme>    Vorian: Should we continue to next topic?
20:28:48 <meatballhat>    sorry  .... emergency .... sorry ... /me back now
20:28:48 <PWill>    haha
20:28:54 <jacobmp92>    :_
20:28:57 <jacobmp92>    :) *
20:29:01 <PWill>    aaronbeekay: apparently not.
20:29:02 *    meatballhat is reeeeeally sorry
20:29:08 <jacobmp92>    no probs
20:29:12 <Vorian>    tis ok
20:29:14 <theidiotthatisme>    meatballhat: no need to apo.ogize
20:29:17 <meatballhat>    okay ... CD distribution
20:29:27 *    theidiotthatisme is going AFK
20:29:29 <aoirthoir>    yes i am interested in how this cd thing works.
20:29:32 <meatballhat>    yes, I have a draft cover, the booklet is coming shortly
20:29:34 <jacobmp92>    see ya theidiotthatisme
20:29:36 <AForgue>    How/where are CDs distributed?
20:29:47 <meatballhat>    I will post a thumb of the cover before the meeting is over
20:29:48 *    zachlinu1 (n=zach@adsl-69-211-221-226.dsl.wotnoh.ameritech.net) has left #ubuntu-ohio
20:30:38 <meatballhat>    many thanks to Brady_M_, theidiotthatisme,  and everyone else who's added content, btw  ;-)
20:30:59 <aoirthoir>    is this a fiesty iso or something ?
20:31:17 <Brady_M_>    DM| Did allot Sunday with me.
20:31:31 <meatballhat>    aoirthoir: look at the wiki page  -->   wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/CDdistribution    :)
20:31:55 <aoirthoir>    k
20:32:34 *    Brady_M_ gives propts to DM|
20:32:46 *    Brady_M_ and props
20:32:51 <Brady_M_>    :)
20:32:59 <jacobmp92>    :-P
20:33:43 *    DM| (n=dm@cpe-65-31-7-98.insight.res.rr.com) has joined #ubuntu-ohio
20:33:43 <PWill>    ohiobot: ohio cd
20:33:44 <ohiobot>    i guess ohio cd is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/CDdistribution
20:35:18 <meatballhat>    PWill: very cool  ;-)
20:35:40 *    bordy (n=chris@153-161.127-70.tampabay.res.rr.com) has left #ubuntu-ohio ("Konversation terminated!")
20:35:50 <PWill>    if anyone wants to add factoids, just PM. if i trust you enough, I will add you to the allowed list
20:35:57 <PWill>    PM me*
20:35:58 *    theidiotthatisme is back until *:45
20:36:26 <aoirthoir>    factoid: aoirthoir is a deity and a living legend
20:36:29 <aoirthoir>    (in his own mind)
20:36:32 <aoirthoir>    :D
20:37:23 <Atreus12>    just to confirm, the cd's are going to be 'vanilla' Ubuntu releases?
20:37:29 <Vorian>    Hey
20:37:39 <jacobmp92>    Atreus12: yep
20:37:39 <meatballhat>    Atreus12: correct
20:37:44 <Vorian>    theidiotthatisme has a couple of things before he has to take off....
20:37:53 <PWill>    ohiobot: aoirthoir
20:37:54 <ohiobot>    from memory, aoirthoir is his own god
20:38:01 *    etank has quit ("leaving")
20:38:04 *    rrittenhouse (n=tad@unaffiliated/rrittenhouse) has joined #ubuntu-ohio
20:38:07 <jacobmp92>    lol
20:38:08 <PWill>    hey rrittenhouse
20:38:12 <jimbo2150>    ohiobot: God
20:38:13 <ohiobot>    jimbo2150: I give up, what is it?
20:38:17 <jimbo2150>    lol
20:38:25 <rrittenhouse>    ok ok ok im late.... dangit work never fails to mess up me being at this meeting ;)
20:38:41 <aoirthoir>    woa
20:38:42 <rrittenhouse>    Its like they know I have it and try to keep me from attending.. its a conspiracy i tell you!!
20:38:55 <jacobmp92>    heh
20:38:57 <aoirthoir>    thanks PWill !
20:39:21 <theidiotthatisme>    Vorian: Sorry, was making a sandwhich
20:39:27 <theidiotthatisme>    Did everyone here get my email from earlier on the mailing list?
20:39:27 <PWill>    jimbo2150: try again ;-)
20:39:35 <jimbo2150>    ohiobot: God
20:39:36 <ohiobot>    i heard god is sabdfl
20:39:41 <Brady_M_>    lool
20:39:42 <jimbo2150>    lol
20:39:46 <dlr_pe>    I did - good stff
20:39:51 <dlr_pe>    stuff
20:40:10 <PWill>    theidiotthatisme: i did
20:40:27 <theidiotthatisme>    Okay, that's good :-) For those who didn't, sorry, sign up for the mailing list! lol
20:40:41 <theidiotthatisme>    I think we can scratch the recruiting for now, we seem to have a good number of fresh faces tonight
20:41:00 <aoirthoir>    i dont know how to sign up for the mailing list
20:41:02 <theidiotthatisme>    The other thing I did want to cover mostly was teams that may be able to work on upstream projects
20:41:20 <PWill>    here is the message for those that didn't get it: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-us-oh/2007-April/000238.html
20:41:32 *    jimbo2150 salutes theidiotthatisme.
20:41:33 <theidiotthatisme>    PWill: Thank you :-)
20:41:52 <PWill>    aoirthoir: go here to sign up: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-us-oh
20:42:13 <theidiotthatisme>    As  noted in the email, any teams or members that may be interested in working on a project (instead of starting a new one), there are lot of new projects being started in the community
20:42:38 <theidiotthatisme>    In the email I made fullcircle mag an example, that can be contributed to from both the communication team and the education team
20:42:41 <PWill>    for future reference:
20:42:45 <PWill>    ohiobot: mailing list
20:42:45 <ohiobot>    rumour has it, mailing list is at https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-us-oh
20:43:10 <theidiotthatisme>    This will help bring in active participation in both the teams, giving real projects for contributions, while helping fledgling teams and community projects grow
20:43:16 *    ashfaith (n=ashlee@cpe-76-181-146-41.columbus.res.rr.com) has joined #ubuntu-ohio
20:43:19 <AForgue>    Can I make an observation?
20:43:22 <jimbo2150>    Don't have much the time with school, but with summer coming up, will definitely look into the project pool.
20:43:26 <theidiotthatisme>    I would really like to see someone who may be interested in the Communication Team take part in fullcircle :-)
20:43:36 <theidiotthatisme>    AForgue: Of course
20:43:37 <hackle577>    AForgue: sure!
20:43:42 <aoirthoir>    done.
20:44:01 <PWill>    fullcircle?
20:44:25 <hackle577>    the ubuntu magazine, i think
20:44:27 <theidiotthatisme>    PWill: Full Circle mag, Ubuntu Marketing's new project
20:44:31 <AForgue>    As a new member, it is a little confusing which website is which. Right now I have found my way into three separate sites...https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/ , http://ohio.ubuntu-us.org/ , https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-us-ohio  This just seems very disjointed and confusing to me.
20:44:32 <theidiotthatisme>    hackle577: RightQ
20:44:33 <theidiotthatisme>    *Right!
20:44:50 <PWill>    oh, i didn't know it was called full circle
20:44:54 <hackle577>    AForgue: PM me, I'll help
20:45:02 <theidiotthatisme>    AForgue: I understand your confusion, and I think we do need to sit down and reorganize a little more and maybe make a "Welcome" page
20:45:11 <jacobmp92>    theidiotthatisme: i agree there
20:45:19 <hackle577>    +1
20:45:21 <AForgue>    hackle577: My point is that this may be a little off-putting to newcomers
20:45:43 <hackle577>    AForgue: Yeah, we need to work on that a bit.
20:45:47 *    ashfaith (n=ashlee@cpe-76-181-146-41.columbus.res.rr.com) has left #ubuntu-ohio ("Leaving")
20:46:08 <hackle577>    on that subject, I frankly don't see the need for most of the OhioTeam to have a LP presence
20:46:31 <meatballhat>    AForgue makes a very important point ... shall we add it to the prospective agenda for on upcoming meeting?  It's very much worth addressing
20:46:45 <theidiotthatisme>    meatballhat: Yes
20:46:46 <hackle577>    meatballhat: I'll go ahead and do just that ;-)
20:47:01 <PWill>    hackle577: once we start doing projects the blueprints will be nice
20:47:05 <meatballhat>    hackle577: why, thankkkk you ;-)
20:47:10 <PWill>    hackle577: it also helps track the number of members
20:47:15 <hackle577>    PWill: true and true
20:47:20 <meatballhat>    +1 for PWill's points  :)
20:47:25 <PWill>    ohiobot: PWill
20:47:25 <ohiobot>    i heard pwill is always correct
20:47:33 <hackle577>    ohiobot: hackle577
20:47:33 <ohiobot>    hackle577: bugger all, i dunno
20:47:38 <hackle577>    damn
20:47:41 <PWill>    haha
20:47:48 <theidiotthatisme>    Okay guys, I really have to go
20:47:53 *    EpicSevenTwenty (n=Epic_c@reshall-138-201.OIT.EDU) has joined #ubuntu-ohio
20:47:54 <PWill>    theidiotthatisme: get to work!
20:48:00 <theidiotthatisme>    Please update the website with the log for me tomorrow :-)
20:48:06 <jacobmp92>    will do :)
20:48:16 <PWill>    i was gonna say that
20:48:16 <jimbo2150>    Bye theidiotthatisme
20:48:21 <jacobmp92>    hehe
20:48:25 <theidiotthatisme>    And for everyone new here tonight, dont forget to check out the teams and look for projects ;)
20:48:26 <hackle577>    theidiotthatisme: sorry, i've been kinda lax with doing that on the wiki
20:48:29 <theidiotthatisme>    Night everyone
20:48:32 <hackle577>    night
20:48:37 <jacobmp92>    night
20:48:39 <Brady_M_>    night
20:48:47 <meatballhat>    nightely nightsons
20:48:53 <jacobmp92>    any more topics?
20:48:58 *    theidiotthatisme has quit ("Leaving.")
20:49:02 <PWill>    my bot, i guess
20:49:06 <jacobmp92>    :-p
20:49:17 <PWill>    i will add stuff periodically
20:49:30 <PWill>    if you want to add anything regarding the ohio team, just let me know
20:49:32 <jacobmp92>    quick note, if anyone wants some F2F goodness, /msg me for a site password
20:49:47 <PWill>    and to call a fact, just type in ohiobot: fact
20:49:53 <jacobmp92>    ohiobot: jacobmp92
20:49:54 <ohiobot>    jacobmp92: i haven't a clue
20:49:54 <aoirthoir>    ok ...teams..projects how
20:49:55 <PWill>    ohiobot: launchpad
20:49:55 <ohiobot>    extra, extra, read all about it, launchpad is at https://www.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-us-ohio
20:49:56 <jacobmp92>    hehe
20:50:02 <aoirthoir>    ohiobot: aoirthoir
20:50:03 <ohiobot>    well, aoirthoir is his own god
20:50:07 <aoirthoir>    :D
20:50:21 <hackle577>    ohiobot: hackle577
20:50:21 <ohiobot>    parse error: dunno what the heck you're talking about, hackle577
20:50:23 <jimbo2150>    A little too much fun with the bot :P
20:50:23 <PWill>    you all like this thing don't you :-P
20:50:35 <jacobmp92>    oh yes :)
20:50:39 <PWill>    i'll add stuff about certain people once i think of something funny for them
20:50:42 <hackle577>    he needs to compliment me more :-P
20:50:49 <jacobmp92>    PWill: we need a server for that bot ;)
20:51:06 <PWill>    my box is always on and connected :)
20:51:15 <jacobmp92>    meh, whatever works :)
20:51:32 <hackle577>    i have an announcement, a minor one
20:51:47 <PWill>    seriously, check the IRC logs. i am signed on IRC like 24/7. but once I get another box specifically for a server, i will do that
20:52:23 <hackle577>    three days ago, i booted into GParted and finally erased my Windows partition, no more dual-booting for The Fabulotron
20:52:27 <aoirthoir>    definitely random stuff about people too...
20:52:33 <jacobmp92>    hackle577: yay
20:52:36 <aoirthoir>    hackle577: hooray
20:52:45 *    ChanServ gives channel operator status to jacobmp92
20:52:49 <Brady_M_>    hackle577:  He he! Hazah!
20:52:50 *    meatballhat applauds hackle577
20:52:56 *    jacobmp92 has changed the topic to: Welcome to Ubuntu Ohio! | NEW team goal ~ 200+ members and $1200 by the LinuxFest! (so get recruiting and donating) | Want to see the F2F module? Contact jacobmp92 | RSVP For the Feisty Release Party https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/FeistyParty |
20:52:59 *    jimbo2150 <applause>

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