This was probably one of the biggest meetings of the year. Steve Stalcups (Vorian) has left the team due to personal issues. The main goal of the meeting was to decide:

  1. How to manage the team
  2. Where the team was headed

Before taking any action on any Launchpad polls, we encourage you to read the entire log (see Meeting Log below) for full details. Please abide by the Ubuntu Code of Conduct in discussion.

1. Team Management

Two possible options are available for team management: single-leader or council-based. Favor was shown for council style leadership, however, this will be polled on Launchpad.


When the style is decided, we will have a thread available on the forum for nominations for the council/team leader. You can nominate as many people as you wish, but please do not nominate yourself. In the event that a leader-based management is chosen, a poll will be taken from the nominees.

2. Team Direction / Subteams

Three styles of subteams were suggested to consolidate our efforts, all of which will be polled on Launchpad. You can vote for one of these at Launchpad:


Suggestion 1

4 teams:

  • Communication, Web, Wiki merged into Communication

  • Marketing and CD merged into Marketing

  • New User stays standalone

  • Education stays standalone

Suggestion 2

3 teams: (the above but with New User and Education merged)

  • Communication, Web, Wiki merged into Communication

  • Marketing and CD merged into Marketing

  • New User and Education merged into Education

Suggestion 3

4 teams:

  • CD, Communication, Marketing merged into Marketing

  • Education, New User merged into Education

  • Web stays standalone

  • Wiki stays standalone

Meeting Log

Dec 12 20:01:22 >#ubuntu-us-oh< Meeting starts - now!
Dec 12 20:01:24 <tnseditor>     this is the most we've had in here for a while
Dec 12 20:01:29 <jacob> (just a logging thing0
Dec 12 20:01:38 <jacob> true, big things happening
Dec 12 20:01:42 <tnseditor>     yes
Dec 12 20:02:02 <jacob> ack anthony isn't here, oh well
Dec 12 20:02:13 <jacob> Anyway, who all is here right now?
Dec 12 20:02:16 <tnseditor>     me
Dec 12 20:02:20 <seisen>        me
Dec 12 20:02:48 <DM|>   me
Dec 12 20:02:48 <Atreus12>      me
Dec 12 20:03:32 <jacob> ok.. not the biggest session, but it will do for now for some brainstorming; we can discuss more on the forums afterwards
Dec 12 20:03:53 <jacob> But, the big thing: Steve (Vorian) is gone, off the team.
Dec 12 20:04:46 <jacob> If you want to know why, ask me later, but it's not something to be discussed now.
Dec 12 20:05:04 <jacob> The big questions are:
Dec 12 20:05:20 <jacob> 1) What do we want to do with the team
Dec 12 20:05:27 <jacob> 2) How do we want it organized
Dec 12 20:05:44 <jacob> and one other thing escaping my mind right now.
Dec 12 20:05:55 <jacob> The biggest thing, which I have said a lot already:
Dec 12 20:06:22 <jacob> Let's *not* get divided up over this issue, blame anyone for it.
Dec 12 20:06:45 <DM|>   1) Not sure what you are asking. Just because our leader is no longer with us doesnt mean we all need to quit.
Dec 12 20:06:51 <jacob> LoCo teams rely not only on the leader for support, but for the team to help out too
Dec 12 20:07:07 <seisen>        he means as a whole
Dec 12 20:07:10 <jacob> DM|: No, nothing of the sort. Just where we want to go with th team
Dec 12 20:07:16 <jacob> yes, what seisen said.
Dec 12 20:07:17 <DM|>   ah yes ok
Dec 12 20:07:25 <DM|>   Well
Dec 12 20:07:33 <jacob> and I know everyone's been pretty busy lately
Dec 12 20:07:34 <DM|>   Lets knock down one issue at a time
Dec 12 20:07:49 <DM|>   Can we talk about the leader first?
Dec 12 20:07:50 <jacob> that it's been hard to do many meetings, but hopefully we can get things going again
Dec 12 20:07:51 <jacob> sure
Dec 12 20:08:20 <jacob> Two methods of operation for the team: 1) One leader, 2) A group/council of leaders
Dec 12 20:08:25 <jacob> which does everyone prefer?
Dec 12 20:08:31 <DM|>   2) my vote, was just about to say
Dec 12 20:08:52 <jacob> indeed, I prefer that myself
Dec 12 20:09:04 <DM|>   works better as a team
Dec 12 20:09:21 <DM|>   We wanna do a vote?
Dec 12 20:09:25 <jacob> Before Vorian left, it was a two-leader team (him and myself) but I'd like to extend even more
Dec 12 20:09:32 <jacob> DM|: It's something for the forums
Dec 12 20:09:32 <DM|>   or post a poll?
Dec 12 20:09:35 <jacob> yes
Dec 12 20:09:38 <DM|>   :D
Dec 12 20:09:38 <jacob> actually
Dec 12 20:09:48 <jacob> i'll post it in Launchpad... to make it more documented
Dec 12 20:10:04 <seisen>        sounds like a plan
Dec 12 20:10:08 <DM|>   aye
Dec 12 20:10:29 <tnseditor>     I think a council like thing would be good.
Dec 12 20:10:39 <jacob> We want a good amount of the team to vote on these
Dec 12 20:10:45 <tnseditor>     that way it doesn't fall on one person
Dec 12 20:11:30 <jacob> I'll get to posting that after the meeting, and send it out to the list
Dec 12 20:11:54 <tnseditor>     ok
Dec 12 20:12:12 <jacob> the poll will be open for five days, at which point we'll gather opinions on who you all as a team want the leader(s) to be
Dec 12 20:13:07 <tnseditor>     ok
Dec 12 20:13:08 <jacob> The only thing I must ask on that is: please don't nominate yourself. :)
Dec 12 20:13:14 <seisen>        good deal
Dec 12 20:13:15 <tnseditor>     :-p
Dec 12 20:13:15 <DM|>   haha
Dec 12 20:13:23 <DM|>   but can i vote for pedro...
Dec 12 20:13:27 <tnseditor>     :-p
Dec 12 20:13:31 <jacob> hehe
Dec 12 20:14:30 <jacob> moving on?
Dec 12 20:14:36 <tnseditor>     sure
Dec 12 20:14:37 <DM|>   yes
Dec 12 20:14:40 <jacob> ok
Dec 12 20:14:44 <jacob> Next topic: Reorganization
Dec 12 20:14:54 <seisen>        first off how many leaders do we want?
Dec 12 20:15:01 *       jgedeon (n=joe@oh-67-77-123-4.sta.embarqhsd.net) has joined #ubuntu-us-oh
Dec 12 20:15:08 <tnseditor>     hello jgedeon
Dec 12 20:15:09 <DM|>   3-4
Dec 12 20:15:15 <tnseditor>     sounds good
Dec 12 20:15:17 <jgedeon>       Hello tnseditor and everyone.
Dec 12 20:15:20 <jacob> seisen: I don't know if we should make a hard limit, but that's also debatable
Dec 12 20:15:22 <DM|>   hello
Dec 12 20:15:39 <jacob> hello jgedeon, did you hear about Vorian's departure?
Dec 12 20:15:55 <jgedeon>       No I didn't.   May I ask what happened?
Dec 12 20:16:32 <jacob> It's a long story really, but it all happened pretty quickly. I'll mail you some details after this meeting.
Dec 12 20:17:54 <jacob> jgedeon: we were deciding on future team leadership, and now we're on to reorganization. More info will be on the mailing list afterwards. :)
Dec 12 20:17:58 <jacob> Anyway
Dec 12 20:18:11 <seisen>        well lets start with the teams then
Dec 12 20:18:12 <jgedeon>       Where are we in the meeting?
Dec 12 20:18:28 <seisen>        we have some teams with leaders that are MIA
Dec 12 20:18:32 <jacob> jgedeon: we're beginning to discuss the topic of teams
Dec 12 20:18:36 <jacob> seisen: indeed
Dec 12 20:18:58 <tnseditor>     anyone know anything about PWill?
Dec 12 20:19:05 <jgedeon>       I just read the email after I came in here and wasn't sure where the meeting was at about the restructure.
Dec 12 20:19:11 <jacob> We'll want to consolidate our efforts; splitting teams up into too many causes disorganization.
Dec 12 20:19:29 <seisen>        that is what I was thinking
Dec 12 20:19:32 <jacob> tnseditor: PWill had some family issues; I haven't seen him for a while since OLF
Dec 12 20:19:39 <tnseditor>     oh
Dec 12 20:19:40 <tnseditor>     ok
Dec 12 20:19:44 <jacob> actually, a few months ago, we were already planning this
Dec 12 20:19:44 <seisen>        everybody has been wondering
Dec 12 20:19:46 <jgedeon>       jacob, my question is do we have organization to begin with?
Dec 12 20:19:48 <jacob> but it never followed through
Dec 12 20:20:14 <jacob> jgedeon: good question: We have some organization with the teams, but the communication level is very slim.
Dec 12 20:20:36 <DM|>   IDK quite what we should concentrate one
Dec 12 20:20:37 <DM|>   on*
Dec 12 20:20:50 <jacob> let me see what teams we have
Dec 12 20:20:51 <jgedeon>       I would suggest we look at it from the top down.
Dec 12 20:20:53 <seisen>        so how many people actually use the F2F support
Dec 12 20:21:00 *       theidiotthatisme (i=ccd2b9db@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ircatwork.com/x-4d9c65c6b903eddf) has joined #ubuntu-us-oh
Dec 12 20:21:04 <DM|>   ...
Dec 12 20:21:05 <seisen>        hello sir
Dec 12 20:21:06 <DM|>   :P
Dec 12 20:21:12 <jacob> seisen: there is a few, not too much traffic, but quite a bit
Dec 12 20:21:12 <seisen>        about time
Dec 12 20:21:17 <jacob> hey theidiotthatisme 
Dec 12 20:21:18 <seisen>        ok
Dec 12 20:21:21 <jgedeon>       To this date I have yet to see a F2F support request come to me.
Dec 12 20:21:31 <jgedeon>       Hey there theidiotthatisme how are things?
Dec 12 20:21:48 <theidiotthatisme>      Howdy everyone
Dec 12 20:21:49 <jacob> jgedeon: are you on the website account system? that might be why. anyway we'll work on that after the meeting
Dec 12 20:21:59 <jgedeon>       OK.
Dec 12 20:22:10 <jacob> Currently we have the following teams:
Dec 12 20:22:24 <jacob> CD, Communication, Education, Marketing, New User, Web, and Wiki
Dec 12 20:22:32 <theidiotthatisme>      jgedeon: Very freaking slow, internet is crapping on me
Dec 12 20:22:53 <seisen>        couldn't we merge cd and marketing
Dec 12 20:22:55 <DM|>   too many
Dec 12 20:23:00 <tnseditor>     that sounds good
Dec 12 20:23:01 <jacob> My personal thoughts: We merge Communication, Web, and Wiki into one simple Communication team. Splitting this information causes us to be disorganized
Dec 12 20:23:01 <seisen>        and web and wiki
Dec 12 20:23:04 <DM|>   I agree with seisen
Dec 12 20:23:13 <jacob> i like that idea as well
Dec 12 20:23:14 <seisen>        sounds even better jacob
Dec 12 20:23:19 <jacob> another thing to be polled on LP
Dec 12 20:23:24 <tnseditor>     :-)
Dec 12 20:23:27 *       o0splitpaw0o (n=o0splitp@cpe-24-166-228-24.columbus.res.rr.com) has joined #ubuntu-us-oh
Dec 12 20:23:30 <theidiotthatisme>      There is a very strong delay on our end just so everyone knows, and if I die out sorry in advance :-(
Dec 12 20:23:34 <jacob> anyway, theidiotthatisme, did you get the news also?
Dec 12 20:23:39 <jacob> hey o0splitpaw0o
Dec 12 20:23:42 <o0splitpaw0o>  Apologies :(
Dec 12 20:23:46 <seisen>        so that would give us three teams
Dec 12 20:23:46 <jgedeon>       CD, communication and Marketing almost seem the same in a sense and need to share alot of information.
Dec 12 20:23:51 <Atreus12>      are new user and education different?
Dec 12 20:24:01 <jacob> no prob o0splitpaw0o, did you get the mail about the reorganization?
Dec 12 20:24:09 <theidiotthatisme>      jacob, what news?
Dec 12 20:24:13 <seisen>        vorian left
Dec 12 20:24:18 <jacob> in a nutshell
Dec 12 20:24:24 <seisen>        basically
Dec 12 20:24:25 <o0splitpaw0o>  jacob: I agree with it honestly
Dec 12 20:24:32 <jgedeon>       I think newuser and education are different but should be able to work alot together due to training.
Dec 12 20:24:39 <jacob> i'll mail you details as to why o0splitpaw0o and theidiotthatisme, but not right now
Dec 12 20:24:45 <theidiotthatisme>      seisen: What do you mean vorian left?
Dec 12 20:24:53 <seisen>        you left the team completely
Dec 12 20:25:01 <jacob> jgedeon: the communication team is more of a getting the team to talk to each other, not so much getting out and marketing
Dec 12 20:25:07 <seisen>        as in no longer team leader
Dec 12 20:25:09 <o0splitpaw0o>  jgedeon:  Well the new user team meetings have been quite quite since June 2006
Dec 12 20:25:17 <o0splitpaw0o>  June 2007 sorry
Dec 12 20:25:25 <seisen>        sorry he
Dec 12 20:25:59 <jacob> so, here is my proposal, and others can state their own or suggest:
Dec 12 20:26:09 <jgedeon>       o0splitpaw0o, Sorry I too have not been around much in the meetings and the forums.  Busy schedule here.
Dec 12 20:26:22 <DM|>   o0splitpaw0o: Long time no see
Dec 12 20:26:34 <jacob> Communication, Web, Wiki merged into Communication, Marketing and CD merged into Marketing, New User stays standalone, Education stays standalone
Dec 12 20:26:38 <o0splitpaw0o>  DM|: Good to see you DM
Dec 12 20:26:44 <DM|>   o0splitpaw0o:  :D
Dec 12 20:26:49 <jacob> how does that sound?
Dec 12 20:26:54 <seisen>        +1
Dec 12 20:26:55 <tnseditor>     good
Dec 12 20:27:06 <jacob> i'll poll it again on LP for opinions
Dec 12 20:27:08 <DM|>   personally i think Education and new user should be all in one
Dec 12 20:27:27 <jacob> ok, i'll add that as a poll also
Dec 12 20:27:32 <jacob> we want all ideas
Dec 12 20:27:54 <jgedeon>       IMO, CD+Comm.+ Marketing then Education+ Newuser, Web seperate and Wiki and Wiki a complete Ubuntu-Ohio project.
Dec 12 20:27:58 <DM|>   Call it Ubuntu-oh-edu :P
Dec 12 20:28:14 <o0splitpaw0o>  I have to mention something. I got my job as Tech manager in VA, I like to find someone new to take the reigns of the new User team in my place.
Dec 12 20:28:19 <jacob> okay, I'll add that too
Dec 12 20:28:24 <seisen>        congratualtions
Dec 12 20:28:30 <jacob> congrats o0splitpaw0o :)
Dec 12 20:28:30 <DM|>   o0splitpaw0o: Gratz, but it makes me sad
Dec 12 20:28:40 <o0splitpaw0o>  DM|:  thanks
Dec 12 20:28:41 <tnseditor>     good job splitpaw
Dec 12 20:28:42 <seisen>        \o/
Dec 12 20:28:45 <DM|>   o0splitpaw0o: btw.. get me a job :P
Dec 12 20:29:21 <jgedeon>       Congrates o0splitpaw0o .... I've been getting offers in just outside my area but don't plan on moving.  LOL
Dec 12 20:29:44 <o0splitpaw0o>  Well I want to put my personal opinion for New User team of DM, anyone else think of someone who's been as active in it?
Dec 12 20:29:56 <jacob> works for me
Dec 12 20:30:00 <DM|>   :O
Dec 12 20:30:04 <DM|>   : )
Dec 12 20:30:04 *       theidiotthatisme has quit ("CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)")
Dec 12 20:30:15 <jacob> depends on the pending poll results too on any possible merges
Dec 12 20:30:24 <jacob> then we'll have to get leaders for those teams
Dec 12 20:30:37 <DM|>   Jacob another idea
Dec 12 20:30:51 <o0splitpaw0o>  DM|:  True, Jacob's done TONS!
Dec 12 20:31:23 <jacob> yeah DM|?
Dec 12 20:31:29 <DM|>   Jacob we could have the "leaders" of the teams be leader of the ohio loco as well, so you have your 3-4 main guys and its members
Dec 12 20:31:33 <jgedeon>       Thinking with my opinion is: CD and Communications is a big part of Marketing and needs direct contact is needed.  Education is Education and new users training go hand in hand.  Web needs to be about the Ohio team and doesn't really fall anywhere else.  And the wikis are used by the ubuntu community and everyone else and should be the same way with the Ohio team.
Dec 12 20:31:36 <jacob> i was just thinking of that DM| 
Dec 12 20:31:53 <DM|>   jacob too many leaders = bad, but if you specialize them and they can inter-communicate about the team
Dec 12 20:31:56 <o0splitpaw0o>  jgedeon:  good points
Dec 12 20:31:57 <jacob> what do you all say?
Dec 12 20:32:04 <seisen>        good idea DM|
Dec 12 20:32:16 <jacob> jgedeon: good point, i'll add those as another poll option
Dec 12 20:32:17 <jgedeon>       As for Ubuntu-Ohio I would suggest a council like body.  That way there is never just one person.
Dec 12 20:32:46 <DM|>   jgedeon yep, we were just discussing that :) already part of the plan and jacobs putting up a poll after the meeting on LP
Dec 12 20:32:47 <jacob> jgedeon: that's what we're leaning towards, but it will be polled on LP to get a general team consensus
Dec 12 20:33:07 <jgedeon>       And maybe each team under ubuntu-ohio have two co-leaders.
Dec 12 20:33:48 <jacob> my opinion on that: while LP requires team leaders, those teams shouldn't be seen as "teams" per say, just organizational groups
Dec 12 20:34:22 <DM|>   What were the suggestions on the teams? marketing communication and new user?
Dec 12 20:34:26 <jacob> ie. have a leader for the group, but try to keep everyone equal
Dec 12 20:34:27 <jgedeon>       jacob, I agree that the Ubuntu-Ohio team needs to be part of the consensus.  I would also have to say that they should also be the ones that nominate the canidates and then after acceptance then the group in all votes on the council.
Dec 12 20:34:51 <jacob> indeed
Dec 12 20:35:01 <o0splitpaw0o>  +1
Dec 12 20:35:17 *       derspankster (n=Spanky@cpe-76-181-4-2.columbus.res.rr.com) has joined #ubuntu-us-oh
Dec 12 20:35:38 <tnseditor>     hello derspankster
Dec 12 20:35:47 <derspankster>  good evening
Dec 12 20:35:49 <jgedeon>       jacob, I don't think you can have a team leader that is equal. They have more responsibility with the over all Ubuntu-Ohio team.
Dec 12 20:36:10 <DM|>   leaders are a good thing, even if it is an organized group
Dec 12 20:36:14 <jacob> jgedeon: Yes, in that aspect, but I mean within these little subteams
Dec 12 20:36:21 <DM|>   someone always will have someone to go to for questions or guidance
Dec 12 20:36:30 <jgedeon>       Team leaders are the ones that should be reporting to the Council and to Communications and Marketing.
Dec 12 20:36:50 <o0splitpaw0o>  Breaking up the work, prevents this becoming a full time job.
Dec 12 20:37:00 <jacob> they should, but imo everyone in a subteam (and only in the subteam) should get equal say in things
Dec 12 20:37:05 <jgedeon>       jacob, Subteams are the same.  There has to be a point of contact and then it can go down from that point.
Dec 12 20:37:14 <jacob> i suppose you're right
Dec 12 20:37:20 <DM|>   at the same time jgedeon, if you have too many leaders, there will be too much dis-organization
Dec 12 20:37:29 <jacob> eh yeah, i'd have to agree actually jgedeon
Dec 12 20:37:30 <seisen>        exactly
Dec 12 20:37:47 <jacob> but again like DM| said we don't want too many leaders
Dec 12 20:38:08 <jacob> when we get the leadership mentality then.... issues... arise. heh
Dec 12 20:38:11 <o0splitpaw0o>  I was thinking people more in charge of specific aspects of content per group and what they are responsible for.
Dec 12 20:38:13 <DM|>   now when we get bigger, expansion of leaders is a great idea
Dec 12 20:38:23 <DM|>   deligation o0splitpaw0o :)
Dec 12 20:38:36 <jgedeon>       DM|, disorganization is no chain to go up.  It has been proven in every incedent that has failed.  Communication is key.
Dec 12 20:38:59 <jacob> not so much that leadership is bad, not at all, but just the "i'm higher up than you" thinking
Dec 12 20:39:22 <o0splitpaw0o>  That has been the hardest thing, the communication part.
Dec 12 20:39:25 <jacob> anyway, I'll get those team things up as a poll.
Dec 12 20:39:37 <jgedeon>       I understand the "I'm higher up than you" that is why I said that each team should have co-leaders.
Dec 12 20:40:24 *       ChanServ gives channel operator status to jacob
Dec 12 20:40:32 <jacob> kinda like those chanops that do this all the time.
Dec 12 20:40:36 <jacob> it's annoying.
Dec 12 20:40:39 *       ChanServ removes channel operator status from jacob
Dec 12 20:40:49 <jacob> just a point illustration there :P
Dec 12 20:41:47 <jgedeon>       Look at corp. america or any other chain of command.  There are leaders that report to the next level that way the top doesn't have 5million people coming all at once.  Plus it's easier to get multiple things done because one person is not spread so thin to keep up with everything.  Just one place to go to get information that is needed.
Dec 12 20:42:06 <jacob> true
Dec 12 20:42:36 <jacob> I guess we'll just play it out as we organize then, eh?
Dec 12 20:42:46 <o0splitpaw0o>  yup
Dec 12 20:42:47 <jgedeon>       If things get out of hand the leaders still would have to answer to the Ubuntu-Ohio council..  And if you mis use your placement then there are stiffer penitlies to face...
Dec 12 20:42:53 <DM|>   I drew an illistration of what i was thinking
Dec 12 20:42:56 <jacob> true, true
Dec 12 20:42:57 <DM|>   im hosting it hold on
Dec 12 20:43:03 *       aoirthoir (n=joseph@wsip-68-99-156-37.ri.ri.cox.net) has left #ubuntu-us-oh
Dec 12 20:43:20 <seisen>        but part of the problem is we don't have that many active people
Dec 12 20:43:20 <jgedeon>       DM|, is it basically shaped as a pyramid?
Dec 12 20:43:27 <jacob> I suppose it is like the ubuntu TB and Community Council
Dec 12 20:43:29 <DM|>   haha no
Dec 12 20:43:52 <DM|>   http://img213.imageshack.us/my.php?image=pict0001mu3.jpg with my wonderful handwriting
Dec 12 20:44:08 <jacob> (eew imageshack) lol
Dec 12 20:44:12 <DM|>   meh
Dec 12 20:44:19 <jacob> hehe nice DM| 
Dec 12 20:44:21 <DM|>   have something better?
Dec 12 20:44:37 <jacob> nope :P
Dec 12 20:44:40 <jgedeon>       DM|, that is a pyramid.  LOL
Dec 12 20:44:41 <DM|>   for pic hosting
Dec 12 20:44:44 <jacob> oh yes
Dec 12 20:44:57 <jacob> photobucket, tinypic, bayimg, etc etc
Dec 12 20:44:57 <DM|>   jgedeon haha , well, I guess :P
Dec 12 20:45:04 <o0splitpaw0o>  DM|: LOL awsome
Dec 12 20:45:05 <DM|>   photobucket.. meh
Dec 12 20:45:11 <jacob> all of those don't bandwidth/hotlink restrict ya
Dec 12 20:45:24 <jacob> anyway that's OT :P
Dec 12 20:45:32 <jgedeon>       Council is at the top. Then spreads to the teams.  Which would talk directly with the Team Leaders.  Leaders to the team members.
Dec 12 20:45:39 *       theidiotthatisme (i=ccd2b9db@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ircatwork.com/x-469e001fa2f97ab0) has joined #ubuntu-us-oh
Dec 12 20:45:45 <jgedeon>       WB theidiotthatisme
Dec 12 20:45:53 <tnseditor>     hello theidiotthatisme
Dec 12 20:45:59 <jacob> hey theidiotthatisme 
Dec 12 20:46:05 <DM|>   Im saying jgedeon the council are the team leaders, sorry shoulda made that clear
Dec 12 20:46:43 <o0splitpaw0o>  OK, one thing I need to do is GIVE this ubuntu server to one of you guys for ubucon. I won't be here and need to give it away to one of you current leaders
Dec 12 20:46:51 <jgedeon>       DM|, so you think the council should be made up of the team leaders?
Dec 12 20:46:53 *       theidiotthatisme has quit (Client Quit)
Dec 12 20:47:25 <Atreus12>      I think that would be logical
Dec 12 20:47:34 <jacob> I like that idea
Dec 12 20:47:35 <DM|>   jgedeon righ tnow we are kinda small with active members, I think that is best at the moment, and when we get bigger. We grow with council and then team leaders
Dec 12 20:47:56 <jacob> especially since we don't have a gigantic amount of active members
Dec 12 20:48:21 *       theidiotthatism1 (n=Admin@cpe-204-210-185-137.neo.res.rr.com) has joined #ubuntu-us-oh
Dec 12 20:48:24 *       DM| loves brainstorming :P
Dec 12 20:48:41 <tnseditor>     that's what's been happening today for me... brainstorming :-p
Dec 12 20:48:42 *       DM| is "weirded" out that he likes brainstorming
Dec 12 20:48:53 <jacob> lol
Dec 12 20:49:10 <jgedeon>       Well if the team leaders are the council then the team leaders have no one to answer to...  Then you will have the "I'm higher than you" going on.  I've seen it way too many times.  And being involved in Government we train and are tested so much with structure...  NIMS.
Dec 12 20:49:16 <o0splitpaw0o>  "Love when a plan comes together" Hanibal Smith - A-Team
Dec 12 20:49:28 *       jacob doesn't want to brainstorm about all of the paper/webwork that needs to be done to file this to loco central :P
Dec 12 20:49:48 *       seisen has quit (Remote closed the connection)
Dec 12 20:49:50 <tnseditor>     :-p
Dec 12 20:50:00 <tnseditor>     do you need any help with that?
Dec 12 20:50:08 <jacob> jgedeon: shouldn't the other team members vote that abusing member out then?
Dec 12 20:50:27 *       seisen (n=seisen@adsl-76-253-137-113.dsl.akrnoh.sbcglobal.net) has joined #ubuntu-us-oh
Dec 12 20:50:32 <tnseditor>     wb seisen
Dec 12 20:50:38 <jgedeon>       If they do and that leader has the power to substain the vote and not listen.
Dec 12 20:50:39 <DM|>   jgedeon but another thing to note is that we are a team, there will be no struggle of power because you have the 3 guys and if one is being bad, we kick them in the touche
Dec 12 20:51:05 <DM|>   we are a team though, not a government
Dec 12 20:51:17 <o0splitpaw0o>  I han't met someone yet here with that jerk complex.
Dec 12 20:51:17 <jacob> otherwise we would need a constitution :P
Dec 12 20:51:27 <tnseditor>     hahaha
Dec 12 20:51:30 <jgedeon>       And every professional team that you know of has a structure with leaders.
Dec 12 20:51:31 <jacob> neither have I o0splitpaw0o, I don't think we'll have a problem with it
Dec 12 20:51:37 <tnseditor>     "We the people of Ubuntu Ohio..."
Dec 12 20:51:46 <DM|>   o0splitpaw0o:  i have my days, but I usually go into my closet and scream at the dust bunnies
Dec 12 20:51:54 <seisen>        lol
Dec 12 20:51:55 <jacob> "in order to form a more perfect LoCo Team"
Dec 12 20:51:56 <o0splitpaw0o>  DM|: LOL
Dec 12 20:52:01 <tnseditor>     hahahaha
Dec 12 20:52:08 <jacob> "establish hereby our Launchpad usernames...."
Dec 12 20:52:14 <tnseditor>     haha
Dec 12 20:52:15 <jgedeon>       jacob, you just kid that on the head with your in order comment!!!
Dec 12 20:52:19 <jacob> "...we hereby sign with our GPG signatures"
Dec 12 20:52:19 <DM|>   can i sign with a jpg?
Dec 12 20:52:21 <DM|>   : P
Dec 12 20:52:25 <jacob> hehe
Dec 12 20:52:32 <tnseditor>     :-p
Dec 12 20:52:40 <DM|>   at 300x300 pix, 95% compression
Dec 12 20:52:53 <DM|>   anyway
Dec 12 20:53:04 <DM|>   so whats next on the agenda?
Dec 12 20:53:46 <jacob> Nothing, really. If we're finished with this "serious business" then I'll put a log end mark here and send out mails and such
Dec 12 20:53:58 <DM|>   wundyfull
Dec 12 20:54:04 <DM|>   tinypic is nice
Dec 12 20:54:08 <tnseditor>     I thought we'd talk about Ubucon at the next meeting
Dec 12 20:54:22 <tnseditor>     get a little caught up with that.... stuff to think about.
Dec 12 20:54:32 <jacob> tnseditor: yes, but we need theidiotthatism1 for that, and his connections isn't too healthy right now :P
Dec 12 20:54:34 <DM|>   Well question about that is... What has vorian done with ubucon ?
Dec 12 20:54:37 <tnseditor>     right
Dec 12 20:54:38 <tnseditor>     I know
Dec 12 20:54:39 *       theidiotthatisme (n=Admin@cpe-98-27-223-85.neo.res.rr.com) has joined #ubuntu-us-oh
Dec 12 20:54:47 <tnseditor>     I was just saying for the next meeting...
Dec 12 20:54:48 <theidiotthatisme>      howdy people
Dec 12 20:54:49 <tnseditor>     or whenever
Dec 12 20:54:51 <tnseditor>     hello again
Dec 12 20:54:51 <jacob> ah okay
Dec 12 20:54:55 <o0splitpaw0o>  oi
Dec 12 20:54:55 <jacob> hey theidiotthatism1 
Dec 12 20:55:04 <jacob> i'll get you the logs you missed, we're just wrapping up
Dec 12 20:55:10 <jgedeon>       theidiotthatisme, I would get your drop checked from the pole to the house.
Dec 12 20:55:14 <theidiotthatisme>      sorry for the troubles finally found internet
Dec 12 20:55:30 <jacob> DM|: theidiotthatisme did most of the Ubucon stuff. most of it is on the forums.
Dec 12 20:55:36 <DM|>   ah ok
Dec 12 20:55:39 <theidiotthatisme>      jgedeon: We live in apartment, we were using our friend's internet but it dropped so were looking for another signal
Dec 12 20:55:51 <o0splitpaw0o>  jacob: So I'm handing the magical staff for the NU to you till votes are final on a new lead, just FYI
Dec 12 20:55:52 *       DM| is guilty of not reading the ohio loco forums too much, 
Dec 12 20:56:00 <jgedeon>       OH......  theidiotthatisme, I don't want to hear that your wardriving.  LOL
Dec 12 20:56:03 <jacob> ok, that's fine o0splitpaw0o 
Dec 12 20:56:14 <theidiotthatisme>      jgedeon: Just for now :-D
Dec 12 20:56:28 <theidiotthatisme>      I take it I missed a lot of important stuff :-(
Dec 12 20:56:34 <DM|>   theidotthatisme dont get caught by the police, up to 2,500.00 fine now a days
Dec 12 20:56:37 <jacob> anyway, i think that's it, so.....

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