Discussion Points

  • Introductions
  • Team approval application
    • SABDFL mentions!
  • Team project
  • CD placement in libraries
    • Approaches
    • Library mailing lists
    • Getting Ubuntu in the catalog


(08:01:10 PM) Vorian: Welcome to one and all!
(08:01:28 PM) ***Vorian listens in silence
(08:01:30 PM) rrittenhouse: - to ? :)
(08:01:45 PM) soham_: lol
(08:01:48 PM) meatballhat: helloooo everyone :)
(08:01:56 PM) theidiotthatisme: How-How-Howdy
(08:02:06 PM) soham_: waiting more members
(08:02:54 PM) Vorian: There are some congratulations in order for two of our team members....
(08:03:08 PM) soham_: wat
(08:03:14 PM) msak007: brb
(08:03:29 PM) Vorian: First is mr meatballhat on becoming an official Ubuntu Member!
(08:03:35 PM) rrittenhouse: <-- Isn't one. I was a bad boy and didnt do his assignment :(
(08:03:36 PM) ***Vorian highfives meatballhat
(08:03:37 PM) soham_: i need to go to the lu
(08:03:40 PM) rrittenhouse: way to go
(08:03:41 PM) ***meatballhat blushes :)
(08:03:55 PM) theidiotthatisme: Yays for meatballhat
(08:04:05 PM) soham_: congrats
(08:04:14 PM) Vorian: yay!
(08:04:20 PM) ***theidiotthatisme cheers
(08:04:28 PM) meatballhat: now I can slack off and start spamming under my ubuntu.com email :P
(08:04:38 PM) Vorian: meatballhat, tru dat
(08:04:42 PM) Vorian: :)
(08:04:56 PM) rrittenhouse: and the second??? :)
(08:05:01 PM) Vorian: congratulations are also in order for jacobmp92 !
(08:05:21 PM) soham_: good job
(08:05:21 PM) Vorian: he is the co-leader of the unanswered posts team on ubuntu forums!
(08:05:34 PM) meatballhat: jacobmp92: congrats!!!
(08:05:35 PM) rrittenhouse: haha cool congrats
(08:05:55 PM) soham_: and he is idle
(08:05:57 PM) soham_: lol
(08:05:59 PM) Vorian: everyone leave your mark on this thread http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=360619
(08:07:42 PM) theidiotthatisme: And it goes quiet... like a school room in the midst of summer...
(08:07:51 PM) Vorian: foo
(08:07:58 PM) Vorian: ok!
(08:08:00 PM) stephen [n=stephen@ppp-70-227-47-108.dsl.dytnoh.ameritech.net] entered the room.
(08:08:07 PM) theidiotthatisme: Hi Stephen :-)
(08:08:07 PM) Vorian: let start with some intro's
(08:08:11 PM) ***meatballhat leaves mark per Vorian's instruction :)
(08:08:23 PM) stephen: hello theidiotthatisme
(08:08:24 PM) Vorian: what?
(08:08:30 PM) Vorian: ok
(08:08:45 PM) Vorian: I'm Steve
(08:08:49 PM) Vorian: I love ubuntu
(08:08:54 PM) Vorian: I love Ubuntu Forums
(08:09:01 PM) Vorian: I love our LoCo team
(08:09:09 PM) Vorian: questions?
(08:09:17 PM) Vorian: who's next..... :P
(08:09:21 PM) theidiotthatisme: That's a lot of love man. Still got room for your wife in there? ;)
(08:09:38 PM) Vorian: thats the understood you
(08:09:43 PM) Vorian: (you)
(08:09:51 PM) msak007: ok sorry guys i'm back
(08:10:20 PM) Vorian: anyone else?
(08:10:28 PM) meatballhat: What's on the docket for tonight?
(08:10:30 PM) theidiotthatisme: I'll introduce myself
(08:10:41 PM) theidiotthatisme: I'm Anthony, I love long walks on the beach and holding hands and... oh....
(08:10:46 PM) theidiotthatisme: lol just kidding guys :-)
(08:11:03 PM) theidiotthatisme: I love Ubuntu, and I love this LoCo, and Vorian has been doing a great job
(08:11:16 PM) ***Brady_M nods
(08:11:17 PM) theidiotthatisme: I'm currently head of the Education Team, and a member of the CD Team and Communication Team
(08:11:34 PM) theidiotthatisme: And if you need any questions, ask Vorian, he's the main man, I'm just lazy ;)
(08:11:38 PM) Freso [i=Fredo@adsl-67-39-196-222.dsl.bcvloh.ameritech.net] entered the room.
(08:11:48 PM) Vorian: haha
(08:12:15 PM) Vorian: next?
(08:12:22 PM) msak007: ok all caught up on the backlog, congrats meatballhat and jacobmp92
(08:12:27 PM) msak007: i'll introduce myself
(08:12:43 PM) msak007: my name is Motasim, you guys can call me Mo
(08:12:47 PM) soham_: ok go first
(08:13:12 PM) msak007: not really active in the LoCo, I joined about a month back and want to get more involved buy I think you guys are doing an awesome job so far
(08:13:13 PM) theidiotthatisme: Hi Mo! Welcome to Ubuntu Anonymous :-D
(08:13:48 PM) msak007: i'm normally not at these meetings because of work and other obligations on Wednesdays so you may not see me at too many meetings
(08:14:11 PM) msak007: oh and I prefer KDE over Gnome :)
(08:14:19 PM) msak007: that's all
(08:14:21 PM) ***Vorian boo's at that
(08:14:24 PM) msak007: haha
(08:14:25 PM) theidiotthatisme: msak007: Stock KDE or Kubuntu-desktop?
(08:14:30 PM) theidiotthatisme: Hey Hey no booing, I use XFCE ;)
(08:14:32 PM) theidiotthatisme: lol
(08:14:41 PM) msak007: well with this install of Edgy I installed Kubuntu desktop
(08:14:51 PM) msak007: with Feisty, I might install server and then install base kde
(08:14:52 PM) soham_: I use xdesktop
(08:15:05 PM) ***Vorian is 100% gnome
(08:15:12 PM) theidiotthatisme: Sweet, a variety of DE users :-)
(08:15:15 PM) soham_: lol
(08:15:21 PM) theidiotthatisme: (Helpful for F2F if we are familiar with different DE's)
(08:15:34 PM) Brady_M: Ehm. I'm Brady. I go by o0splitpaw0o in the forums. And I am green too. I been here for 3 weeks now. and blogging ang blogging and blogging away about this . :)
(08:15:46 PM) soham_: I will go next
(08:16:01 PM) theidiotthatisme: Brady_M What's your blog site?
(08:16:20 PM) Brady_M: theidiotthatisme: http://blog.adminremote.com as of now
(08:16:49 PM) soham_: My name is soham
(08:18:22 PM) soham_: I am a linux freak using it for like 15 years. I am osu student too.
(08:19:10 PM) Vorian: gd gd
(08:19:13 PM) Vorian: :)
(08:19:28 PM) Vorian: some of us love the buckeye's
(08:19:46 PM) Vorian: anyone else want to speak up?
(08:19:56 PM) Vorian: let us get to know you a bit?
(08:20:21 PM) theidiotthatisme: meatballhat, rrittenhouse, Pwill?
(08:20:27 PM) soham_: My favorite os is Unix
(08:20:32 PM) theidiotthatisme: Ya know you want to ;)
(08:20:39 PM) meatballhat: oops sorry :D
(08:20:52 PM) meatballhat: Hello, my name is Dan Buch
(08:21:06 PM) meatballhat: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DanBuch
(08:21:30 PM) meatballhat: I'm learning Python :)
(08:21:44 PM) meatballhat: I work for the man, but he's a very nice man
(08:22:10 PM) stephen: i like my speakers. :P
(08:22:11 PM) Vorian: lol
(08:22:16 PM) stephen: when i plug in headphones
(08:22:16 PM) meatballhat: my dogs are usually confused, and my cat is always a little princess
(08:22:21 PM) soham_: lol
(08:22:26 PM) msak007: hehe
(08:22:26 PM) stephen: sound comes out of my headphones and my labtop speakers
(08:22:46 PM) soham_: i am indo-russian too
(08:23:03 PM) soham_: just wanted to share it
(08:23:15 PM) Vorian: :)
(08:23:16 PM) meatballhat: anything else you wanna know, please catch me on IRC or Jabber: daniel.buch@gmail.com :)
(08:23:43 PM) Vorian: great!
(08:23:48 PM) Vorian: nice to meet you dan!
(08:24:02 PM) meatballhat: Vorian: Ha Ha .... :P
(08:24:13 PM) rrittenhouse: im b...b..back :)
(08:24:18 PM) Vorian: I think your dog wants to kill me with his/her eyes
(08:24:31 PM) meatballhat: she knows everything...
(08:24:47 PM) meatballhat: about whatever food you've eaten in the past month...
(08:24:48 PM) theidiotthatisme: Better ditch your hard drive Vorian
(08:24:51 PM) theidiotthatisme: lol
(08:24:56 PM) Vorian: haha
(08:25:03 PM) soham_: lol
(08:25:12 PM) Vorian: anyone else want to go?
(08:25:21 PM) meatballhat: anybody else here with a beagle or a basset? :D
(08:25:21 PM) rrittenhouse: Short and sweet..
(08:25:29 PM) rrittenhouse: actually meatballhat i have a puggle
(08:25:35 PM) rrittenhouse: pug and beagle
(08:25:40 PM) Vorian: rrittenhouse, we are doing intro's
(08:25:41 PM) rrittenhouse: and a pekingese
(08:25:48 PM) meatballhat: a puggle!!! yay!!!
(08:26:04 PM) rrittenhouse: we adopted him. hes kind of a pita
(08:26:05 PM) ***meatballhat loves dogs, but not in that creepy elitist way
(08:26:08 PM) rrittenhouse: haha
(08:26:20 PM) Vorian: ok
(08:26:21 PM) rrittenhouse: looking for a puggle? ;)
(08:26:22 PM) soham_: haha
(08:26:22 PM) jgedeon: Evening Everyone.
(08:26:23 PM) rrittenhouse: haha anyhow!
(08:26:28 PM) Vorian: hey jgedeon :)
(08:26:41 PM) Vorian: let me direct everyone's attention to this link
(08:26:44 PM) Vorian: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncilAgenda
(08:26:45 PM) ***jgedeon waves around the room to everyone!
(08:26:59 PM) ***theidiotthatisme waves back at jgedeon
(08:27:04 PM) rrittenhouse: :)
(08:27:14 PM) Vorian: look at the locoteams section....
(08:27:22 PM) meatballhat: YAY!!!
(08:27:33 PM) ***Vorian does a backflip
(08:27:34 PM) jgedeon: KEWL!
(08:28:14 PM) theidiotthatisme: Vorian: Will you send an announcement on Forums and mailing list when they find out when the next meeting will be?
(08:28:34 PM) Vorian: theidiotthatisme, yes sir
(08:28:44 PM) theidiotthatisme: Vorian: Thank you very much, I would love to attend the meeting :-)
(08:28:51 PM) Vorian: theidiotthatisme, np
(08:29:05 PM) Vorian: I have a very reliable source
(08:29:11 PM) Vorian: who tells me
(08:29:28 PM) theidiotthatisme: Yeah. Unfortunately I lost my birdie :-( I was really hungry earlier...
(08:29:28 PM) Vorian: Shuttleworth loves us and we are ringers to get the nod
(08:29:38 PM) theidiotthatisme: Shuttleworth?
(08:29:48 PM) Vorian: Mark Shuttleworth!
(08:29:58 PM) Vorian: sabdfl!
(08:30:11 PM) theidiotthatisme: lol I know who he is :-P
(08:30:22 PM) msak007: awesome
(08:30:25 PM) meatballhat: know how he's a retired Cosmonaut?
(08:30:33 PM) Vorian: the minister of magic
(08:30:35 PM) theidiotthatisme: I just wasn't aware he even knew what we were doing or if he kept tabs on things like the LoCo's
(08:30:43 PM) meatballhat: he said we were "on the right trajectory" ...heeheehee
(08:30:48 PM) Vorian: haha
(08:30:53 PM) Vorian: hold on
(08:30:59 PM) Vorian: I have some quotes too
(08:31:12 PM) Vorian: (07:35:39 PM) sabdfl: and a VERY neat wiki page :-)
(08:31:30 PM) Vorian: (07:32:59 PM) sabdfl: team ohio! land of the famous linuxfest :-)
(08:31:36 PM) Vorian: and so on...
(08:31:37 PM) rrittenhouse: :)
(08:31:37 PM) theidiotthatisme: lol!
(08:31:39 PM) msak007: cool
(08:31:48 PM) theidiotthatisme: sabdfl... that's him?
(08:31:50 PM) rrittenhouse: linuxfest ..i cant wait ;)
(08:31:58 PM) Vorian: he said many more cool things to meatballhat
(08:32:03 PM) theidiotthatisme: I missed the last one :-(
(08:32:09 PM) meatballhat: so now we have to focus, that's all :)
(08:32:23 PM) soham_: lol
(08:32:34 PM) Vorian: What is one activity we can do within a month, as a team?
(08:32:35 PM) theidiotthatisme: So Mr. MS really commented huh? Now I feel special :-D lol
(08:32:48 PM) theidiotthatisme: Cement getting Ubuntu CD's into Libraries and stores
(08:33:00 PM) Vorian: thats a good one
(08:33:11 PM) ***Vorian thinks we need a secretary
(08:33:15 PM) PWill: Hey, sorry I'm late
(08:33:26 PM) Vorian: w00t PWill
(08:33:32 PM) meatballhat: PWill: !!! hallooo!
(08:33:37 PM) theidiotthatisme: Hi PWill!
(08:33:39 PM) jgedeon: Evening PWill
(08:33:50 PM) PWill: evening
(08:33:53 PM) Brady_M: theidiotthatisme: you guys mentioned last week about indexing Ubuntu?
(08:33:55 PM) Vorian: hey real quick, lets help break a record at #ubuntuforums
(08:33:58 PM) PWill: Have I mussed much?
(08:34:05 PM) Vorian: everyone join #ubuntuforums
(08:34:06 PM) arustyspork [n=Rusty@dialup-] entered the room.
(08:34:09 PM) Brady_M: theidiotthatisme: in the libraries? what do you mean by that?
(08:34:28 PM) theidiotthatisme: Brady_M: Indexing them? *confuzzled*
(08:34:29 PM) msak007: public libraries?
(08:34:52 PM) PWill: missed*
(08:35:07 PM) theidiotthatisme: Yes I think we should focus on public libraries
(08:35:19 PM) Vorian: any other ideas?
(08:35:25 PM) meatballhat: +1 for focus on libraries :D
(08:35:28 PM) theidiotthatisme: And any smaller electronic or computer store (I think they're going to need a hand in advantage. Nothing like Free software)
(08:35:39 PM) Brady_M: theidiotthatisme: let me read back on the the issue of libraries. I mentioned it would be an easy walk into the library here and ask, but you mentioned a specific title. for it... uhg one moment
(08:35:43 PM) msak007: how do you guys approach that - do you just go to a library and ask to leave CDs there?
(08:35:45 PM) jgedeon: I would also like to place some in the school libraries in the school that I am working with.
(08:36:00 PM) meatballhat: msak007: we're going at them from both ends
(08:36:08 PM) meatballhat: walk in the door ...
(08:36:13 PM) theidiotthatisme: jgedeon: If you can do it, go for it
(08:36:14 PM) meatballhat: and sneak in the back
(08:36:15 PM) jacobmp92: my apologies.. bob evans seemed to have a need to keep my waiting for two hours
(08:36:21 PM) msak007: haha
(08:36:28 PM) meatballhat: jacobmp92: hellooo!
(08:36:31 PM) Vorian: wecome mr team leader
(08:36:35 PM) jacobmp92: :-D
(08:36:39 PM) arustyspork: Brady_M, enjoying the days off?
(08:36:58 PM) meatballhat: http://www.oplin.org/ <--back door #1
(08:37:12 PM) Brady_M: arustyspork: no, not really. I like staying busy. no work= no money for me.
(08:37:16 PM) meatballhat: http://www.ohionet.org/index.php <-- back door #2
(08:37:51 PM) meatballhat: at OPLIN, the chairman already uses Ubuntu :)
(08:37:56 PM) msak007: really?
(08:38:01 PM) theidiotthatisme: That's a plus :-D
(08:38:20 PM) meatballhat: Stephen Hedges is a great guy ... he even already joined our mailing list
(08:38:35 PM) theidiotthatisme: meatballhat: Sometime will you email me, I got emails earlier about contacting those two and am slightly confused on what we're approaching and how we're doing that so I know what to know when going in to the libraries
(08:38:46 PM) meatballhat: theidiotthatisme: np :)
(08:39:03 PM) theidiotthatisme: Meatballhat: Thank you :-D
(08:39:07 PM) meatballhat: theidiotthatisme: you're moving "back east," right?
(08:39:19 PM) theidiotthatisme: Already have
(08:39:21 PM) theidiotthatisme: I'm in Boardman
(08:39:23 PM) Vorian: everyone join #ubuntuforums again....
(08:39:29 PM) msak007: whoa cool, i'm in warren :)
(08:39:37 PM) jgedeon: Welcome back Neighbor.
(08:39:43 PM) theidiotthatisme: And soon in summer I might be back in Niles
(08:39:48 PM) theidiotthatisme: Well thank you :-D lol
(08:39:56 PM) msak007: cool
(08:40:09 PM) rhys [n=rhys@dialup-] entered the room.
(08:40:12 PM) arustyspork: Brady_M, yeah thats true im bored, sams here, i got a new lappy Dell D400 1.4ghz p-m centrino spec 512 ram cd-rw/dvd external no drive internal so its like 3.4lbs
(08:40:23 PM) theidiotthatisme: and I'm hoping to talk to the schools of Niles about the Education project
(08:40:34 PM) theidiotthatisme: The schools there need something to boost their image and I think our team might be a good start
(08:40:41 PM) Vorian: how can we coordinate this library move?
(08:41:00 PM) rhys: wtf? school of the niles?
(08:41:13 PM) rhys: ooo. im in the MEETING. :)
(08:41:19 PM) jgedeon: Vorian are we going to have the Feisty CD's to place or are we placing 6.06?
(08:41:20 PM) Vorian: /cs l r
(08:41:23 PM) theidiotthatisme: the schools of Niles? You know... Niles Schools District.. lol
(08:41:39 PM) theidiotthatisme: jgedeon: My vote is on 6.06, but there have been talks about distributing both which is also a good idea
(08:41:42 PM) Vorian: jgedeon, thats what the CC meeting is about
(08:41:54 PM) jgedeon: Ok
(08:42:17 PM) PWill: Vorian, jacobmp92 meatballhat rrittenhouse: Now that we have officially chosen a base theme and completely converted to Drupal 5.0, we need to actually do stuff with the theme
(08:42:18 PM) Vorian: we get *500* CD's every release as a team
(08:42:35 PM) rhys: for linux to be in any school district you must have an intellegent Admin. and as one vendor at the Ohio Linux Confrence put it ( "so shes MSCE". "Yea, whatever."
(08:42:45 PM) theidiotthatisme: Vorian: hehe. FUN!
(08:42:52 PM) meatballhat: PWill: you bring up an apropos topic: LoCo Communication!
(08:42:56 PM) Vorian: PWill, ?
(08:43:00 PM) jacobmp92: PWill: should we wait until the new design is revealed on ubuntu.com before modifying an old theme?
(08:43:09 PM) theidiotthatisme: Rhys: I'm aiming for the Education Project in Niles. Linux can come later lol
(08:43:16 PM) meatballhat: Now that we have focus, let us make it visible on our main site
(08:43:17 PM) jgedeon: rhys, I already have one district seriously looking to convert.
(08:43:33 PM) msak007: which school?
(08:43:35 PM) Vorian: PWill, jacobmp92 we need to get that support module loaded asap on the site
(08:43:35 PM) rhys: theidiotthatisme, should i google this?
(08:43:52 PM) jgedeon: Southeast Local School District in Portage County.
(08:44:00 PM) theidiotthatisme: jgedeon: Once I move to Niles I will attend some meetings because I think some of the elemtary schools could benefit from Edubuntu
(08:44:01 PM) jacobmp92: Vorian: working on that :)
(08:44:01 PM) PWill: Who here knows PHP fluently?
(08:44:06 PM) theidiotthatisme: Rhys: What do you want to Google?
(08:44:07 PM) PWill: oh
(08:44:14 PM) Vorian: jacobmp92, :)
(08:44:23 PM) soham_: he does
(08:44:26 PM) jacobmp92: PWill: i have the module loaded, there just isnt much in the code yet :-p
(08:44:28 PM) rhys: jgedeon, if their in portage county shouldnt they use gentoo?
(08:44:33 PM) soham_: i know him
(08:44:41 PM) PWill: jacobmp92: if you need help themeing the module you know who to ask
(08:44:43 PM) jacobmp92: ah hey soham_ i didn't realize you were here
(08:44:52 PM) jacobmp92: PWill: ok :)
(08:44:59 PM) soham_: lol
(08:45:12 PM) DwyII [n=DwyII@ppp-70-230-29-97.dsl.bcvloh.ameritech.net] entered the room.
(08:45:13 PM) msak007: lol rhys
(08:45:14 PM) soham_: hey jacob
(08:45:50 PM) rhys: theidiotthatisme, niles school district project?
(08:47:00 PM) Vorian: (notice) back to the topic of libraries
(08:47:21 PM) theidiotthatisme: Vorian: Sorry for going off topic :-)
(08:47:32 PM) Vorian: ah! it worked:)
(08:47:47 PM) msak007: ok...so what to do with the links meatballhat posted?
(08:47:57 PM) arustyspork: Brady_M, sent you a link on PM ill continue this convo there didnt realise i was kinda crashing the meeting :)
(08:48:03 PM) Vorian: So how can we coordinate this effort
(08:48:11 PM) meatballhat: msak007: most of what we need to do goes like this:
(08:48:32 PM) meatballhat: there are mailing lists maintained by OPLIN and OHIONET
(08:48:38 PM) PWill: On the topic of libraries, Columbus Metropolitan is probably not a good contender for our Ubuntu crusade
(08:48:53 PM) meatballhat: If we get a plan in place to offer CDs and training...
(08:49:08 PM) meatballhat: we can send a snazzy-lookin email to these lists...
(08:49:28 PM) meatballhat: and instantly adopt the cred of both OPLIN and OHIONET
(08:49:36 PM) soham_: That is a goood idea
(08:49:39 PM) meatballhat: or so said the peeps I talked to
(08:49:57 PM) meatballhat: we're trying to avoid the Junk folder :)
(08:50:11 PM) msak007: so basically the email would be for anyone whose interested to email you for more info
(08:50:12 PM) theidiotthatisme: Junk Folder = Bad
(08:50:14 PM) jgedeon: I see no problem with a little beginner class on Ubuntu and the differences from M$.
(08:50:23 PM) soham_: or train people with the help of youtube
(08:50:35 PM) Freso left the room (quit: "Leaving").
(08:50:45 PM) msak007: *who's
(08:50:45 PM) rhys: ooo. so where is NIles
(08:50:54 PM) rrittenhouse: soham_, thats a good idea too
(08:50:58 PM) msak007: trumbull county...bout 15 minutes north of youngstown
(08:51:00 PM) PWill: Last summer, a friend and I set up a meeting with the Columbus Metropolitan Library, created a slideshow, and showed them all the benefits of using Firefox over IE. We even pointed out 4 critical holes in IE that they had not patched. After that, they told us that it was a nice presentation, but they were reluctant to use open source software because of their "experiences with it"
(08:51:13 PM) meatballhat: especially with OHIONET, they publish a list of classes, and we should have something ready in time for the Fall schedule
(08:51:21 PM) soham_: screencating
(08:51:37 PM) DwyII: PWill: Any idea what experiences?
(08:51:43 PM) Vorian: PWill, the idea is to get Ubuntu into the Libraries catalog...
(08:51:55 PM) Vorian: not to get libraries to use it
(08:51:55 PM) PWill: Vorian: I know
(08:51:57 PM) Vorian: kk
(08:52:10 PM) PWill: DwyII: no, they didn't say
(08:52:10 PM) meatballhat: soham_: have you looked into the LP team that's already on this case ... w/screencasts, that is?
(08:52:17 PM) rrittenhouse: PWill, I guess thats when you have to learn about those experiences and we have to change them! ;) Maybe they have a new tech director haha
(08:52:19 PM) rrittenhouse: we can only hope
(08:52:24 PM) soham_: i didn't
(08:52:26 PM) PWill: rrittenhouse: i hope so
(08:52:28 PM) soham_: sorry
(08:52:36 PM) DwyII: It's a shame some other freeware tarnished the overall genre's reputation. :(
(08:52:48 PM) PWill: rrittenhouse: the guy seemed like he got an A+ cert out of a cereal box
(08:52:53 PM) meatballhat: if there are members who want to do screencasts, that's great, as it benefits all LoCo Teams...
(08:52:53 PM) rrittenhouse: haha most people do
(08:52:57 PM) rhys: PWill, experiences? you mean being free and better?
(08:52:57 PM) theidiotthatisme: meatballhat: Sent you a pm
(08:53:00 PM) rrittenhouse: your not required to update them
(08:53:07 PM) PWill: rhys: that's what i said
(08:53:17 PM) PWill: they just kind of brushed us away
(08:53:50 PM) rrittenhouse: Also if we just try and get them to allow it in their catalog maybe they will be OK with it instead of changing something on their active set up. It IS a different situation....
(08:54:01 PM) rrittenhouse: im just curious on how you even go about getting stuff like that in the catalog
(08:54:11 PM) msak007: what's the "catalog"?
(08:54:17 PM) jgedeon: PWill: was the only person that brushed you away a single person and possibly their IT admin?
(08:54:22 PM) rrittenhouse: their list of books? stuff you can check out
(08:54:28 PM) Vorian: rrittenhouse, yep
(08:54:40 PM) PWill: jgedeon: Most of the IT staff seemed rather reluctant
(08:54:41 PM) msak007: well i know about the book catalog...is there also a software catalog?
(08:54:47 PM) rhys: word @ msak007
(08:55:09 PM) jgedeon: Hmmm.. Challanges are enjoyable.... WEG
(08:55:15 PM) theidiotthatisme: msak007: Have you ever walked into a library with movies, and CD's also? Libraries are starting to expand quite a bit
(08:55:34 PM) msak007: honestly i haven't been to a library in a long time
(08:55:50 PM) msak007: last library i was in was my university's library, and that was 3 years ago
(08:56:00 PM) PWill: msak007: :-O
(08:56:15 PM) msak007: can't remember my last visit to a public library...i know it's bad i don't utilize it
(08:56:17 PM) soham_: lol msak
(08:56:17 PM) ***Brady_M guilty. me either
(08:56:57 PM) jgedeon: Libraries and post offices are under utilized in the day of the internet and broadband.
(08:57:06 PM) Vorian: (notice) 5 minute warning
(08:57:08 PM) theidiotthatisme: jgedeon: Not for me :-)
(08:58:04 PM) PWill: :-X we got off topic again
(08:58:22 PM) msak007: we're still on topic of the libraries...that was my fault i asked about the catalog
(08:58:23 PM) theidiotthatisme: I'm terrible at staying focused O:-)
(08:58:42 PM) PWill: ha
(08:59:05 PM) jgedeon: We know how we can benefit from the library but what benefit can we offer the library?
(08:59:24 PM) rhys__ [n=rhys@dialup-] entered the room.
(08:59:27 PM) theidiotthatisme: An expanded catalog at no expense to them? And a foray into new material
(08:59:28 PM) meatballhat: training, simply put
(08:59:28 PM) rhys left the room (quit: Nick collision from services.).
(08:59:31 PM) rhys__ is now known as rhys
(09:00:06 PM) theidiotthatisme: and yes, training too :-)
(09:00:11 PM) jgedeon: Dan you might be onto something there..
(09:00:13 PM) rrittenhouse: are we talking about making a type of training series?
(09:00:16 PM) theidiotthatisme: Increased activity of the libraries
(09:00:26 PM) meatballhat: free stuff is always good, and the peeps at OPLIN and OHIONET both confirmed that a resurgence in interest in FOSS is now happening throughout libraries
(09:00:30 PM) jgedeon: Don't most have rooms that can be used for meetings and lectures?
(09:00:40 PM) theidiotthatisme: jgedeon: Most do
(09:00:44 PM) meatballhat: jgedeon: that's it exactly
(09:01:00 PM) meatballhat: libraries are starved for attention on the IT front
(09:01:01 PM) rhys: hmm
(09:01:03 PM) hartleycharlene: Elyria definetely does
(09:01:12 PM) theidiotthatisme: rrittenhouse: Maybe, that would fit well with cross-teamwork between the Marketing and the Education Team. I would love to see the collaboration
(09:01:20 PM) rrittenhouse: yep ;)
(09:01:21 PM) jgedeon: Getting more people into the library might help them get more use out of the facitlity.
(09:01:28 PM) meatballhat: everyone, meet my older sister, hartleycharlene !!
(09:01:37 PM) theidiotthatisme: Hi hartleycharlene!
(09:01:39 PM) msak007: hi
(09:01:43 PM) rrittenhouse: hii hartleycharlene
(09:01:44 PM) ***theidiotthatisme waves hi
(09:01:55 PM) soham_: hey hartleycharlene
(09:01:56 PM) Vorian: hello hartleycharlene
(09:01:59 PM) ***jgedeon waves tio hartleycharlene
(09:02:00 PM) msak007: brb guys
(09:02:06 PM) Vorian: pinging her to death
(09:02:07 PM) theidiotthatisme: ok msak007
(09:02:30 PM) soham_: bye
(09:02:43 PM) rhys: Brady_M, Richwood Public Library and Maarysville Public Library.
(09:02:55 PM) rhys: Go out, fair crusader of FOSS!!
(09:03:06 PM) jacobmp92: (a bit late on the uptake) hi hartleycharlene!
(09:04:00 PM) PWill: Gotta go
(09:04:05 PM) PWill: Talk to you all next week
(09:04:06 PM) rrittenhouse: Are we allowed to put ubuntu in libraries?
(09:04:07 PM) jgedeon: L8rs PWill
(09:04:14 PM) meatballhat: PWill: laters :)
(09:04:24 PM) rrittenhouse: I wasnt sure *how* that would work or if some of the people would flip on us or not ;)
(09:04:25 PM) theidiotthatisme: Bye Pwill!
(09:04:28 PM) rhys: rrittenhouse, allowed by who?
(09:04:31 PM) rrittenhouse: Bye PWill
(09:04:39 PM) jacobmp92: cya PWill
(09:04:41 PM) hartleycharlene: hi all. (also slow this evening!)
(09:04:42 PM) soham_: bye PWill
(09:05:27 PM) jgedeon: rrittenhouse: with a little discussion I wouldn't see why not if the head of the library ok's it. there would be no cost to them and there would be a free tangable product for them to give away.,
(09:05:30 PM) theidiotthatisme: This is all starting to become very exciting :-)
(09:05:46 PM) soham_: it's v-day
(09:05:56 PM) rrittenhouse: jgedeon, I mean say with Canonical...Im just saying they seem protective about the logo
(09:05:58 PM) rrittenhouse: Stuff like that
(09:06:11 PM) jgedeon: OH.
(09:06:21 PM) rrittenhouse: Im just wondering if there isnt something we have to do that makes it official so we can do tihs
(09:06:24 PM) rrittenhouse: this*
(09:06:28 PM) Brady_M: jgedeon: Heck if AOL did it, I am sure it can be done, but isn't there a head per county that manages all the liraries/
(09:06:37 PM) stephen left the room (quit: Remote closed the connection).
(09:06:53 PM) meatballhat: rrittenhouse: no worries there ... especially if we're already using CDs from ShipIt
(09:07:22 PM) jgedeon: Brady_M: should be.
(09:07:31 PM) rrittenhouse: meatballhat, ok
(09:07:32 PM) rrittenhouse: :)
(09:07:34 PM) jgedeon: We also have little local libraries in our area.
(09:07:39 PM) meatballhat: Brady_M: you've got it ... which is why we're partnering with OHIONET and OPLIN
(09:07:54 PM) rrittenhouse: yeah we just a SMALL library here
(09:08:00 PM) rrittenhouse: about the size of my kitchen and living room ;)
(09:08:10 PM) theidiotthatisme: rrittenhouse: At least filled up? lol
(09:08:24 PM) soham_: we have like 4 libraries
(09:08:28 PM) Brady_M: jgedeon: I'll talk who is in charge and pass what , if any is required here locally. I'll message you later for an email
(09:08:28 PM) rrittenhouse: yeah
(09:08:52 PM) rrittenhouse: Well the cool part about having a small local library I might question the lady about the process
(09:09:18 PM) rrittenhouse: Its the same person I chat with everytime I go down there so its less intimidating ;)
(09:09:23 PM) sporkarustyone [n=Rusty@dialup-] entered the room.
(09:09:27 PM) Brady_M: that would be helpful. Somthing I can hand out so she/he and read it
(09:09:39 PM) Brady_M: who to contact
(09:10:25 PM) Brady_M: and what to expect
(09:11:01 PM) meatballhat: Brady_M: lookie here about the materials part of it: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-us-ohio-f2f/+spec/ohio-cd-materials
(09:11:11 PM) Brady_M: meatballhat thank you
(09:11:12 PM) arustyspork left the room (quit: Nick collision from services.).
(09:11:25 PM) sporkarustyone is now known as arustyspork
(09:13:06 PM) Vorian: anything else to cover?
(09:13:19 PM) ***Vorian dances b/c we have 80 members now!
(09:13:29 PM) theidiotthatisme: Gettin up there :-)
(09:13:30 PM) jacobmp92: woot for 80 members
(09:13:33 PM) ***Vorian was dancing when we had 20
(09:13:34 PM) meatballhat: DwyII has a funny tale of life in the trenches :)
(09:13:36 PM) rrittenhouse: awesome!
(09:13:41 PM) ***Brady_M *Bwaah!
(09:13:48 PM) DwyII: Trenches? Oh no!
(09:13:48 PM) jgedeon: Vorian: I just think we need the infor from the CC meeting so that we can plan more and start to make moves.
(09:14:02 PM) jacobmp92: Vorian: i bet you were dancing the moment you created the team on launchpad ;)
(09:14:07 PM) arustyspork: Brady_M, check ur pm :)
(09:14:10 PM) Vorian: jacobmp92,
(09:14:14 PM) Vorian: for real jacobmp92
(09:14:17 PM) meatballhat: DwyII: tell us your tale!
(09:14:19 PM) jacobmp92: lol
(09:14:34 PM) Vorian: I danced with the 1st member other than me....
(09:14:42 PM) DwyII: Yesterday I brought in my little iBook with Ubuntu on it, to school...I had to interview my math teacher, who also happens to be the department head.
(09:14:54 PM) rhys: Whoohoo!! Brady_M, took me 21 seconds to be banned from DALnet. :D
(09:15:16 PM) DwyII: I got the chance to show it to my computer applications teacher, and pointed out even the cross-OS Open Office stuff...
(09:15:25 PM) jgedeon: rhys: do you really try hard to piss people off or does it come naturally?
(09:15:31 PM) Vorian: 1st member was steven8
(09:15:32 PM) DwyII: I had to tell him multiple times that, yes, it was all free. He could just look it up and get a disk sent to him.
(09:15:40 PM) DwyII: "Wow, that would save a ton of money."
(09:15:43 PM) jacobmp92: DwyII: nice
(09:15:54 PM) rhys: jgedeon, depends on who they are. That time, ohh yes.
(09:16:01 PM) jgedeon: DwyII: there is quite a bit of FOSS for MAth
(09:16:08 PM) DwyII: I also got to show the math department head all the special features about it too, including how beryl > aero.
(09:16:14 PM) DwyII: By far.
(09:16:20 PM) rhys: is there any way i can make money off ubuntu? legally?
(09:16:28 PM) meatballhat: it's worth mentioning that DwyII's district hasn't passed a levy in 10-odd years
(09:16:34 PM) DwyII: Absolutely.
(09:16:34 PM) rhys: like a, buy me lunch and ill get you installed and working. :)
(09:16:44 PM) jacobmp92: rhys, there is the gpl but you have to provide the source also if you do sell it
(09:16:54 PM) DwyII: ...Somehow, we got new flat-screen TVs in our cafeteria, and a new shiny sign out front, and an elevator...but we can't afford desks and textbooks.
(09:16:56 PM) DwyII: It's a mystery.
(09:17:07 PM) Vorian: lol
(09:17:13 PM) rhys: jacobmp92, if they ask for the source?
(09:17:14 PM) hartleycharlene: sounds like our school district!
(09:17:21 PM) meatballhat: hartleycharlene: do tell :)
(09:17:23 PM) DwyII: I think we finally started to update our computers from cruddy old Compaqs, but they would still have tons of potential with ubuntu on all of them instead.
(09:17:23 PM) jacobmp92: rhys: yes
(09:17:25 PM) theidiotthatisme: Sounds like many school districts
(09:17:41 PM) meatballhat: hartleycharlene is teacher, btw
(09:17:44 PM) DwyII: Er, to have ubuntu on them. :P
(09:17:46 PM) Brady_M: oh, everyone seen the flash banner you can add to your blog, my space etc under the loco art? like, dislike, want more options?
(09:17:51 PM) meatballhat: is A teacher, that is
(09:17:54 PM) msak007: sorry bout that
(09:17:56 PM) jgedeon: DwyII: LTSP!!!!
(09:18:02 PM) theidiotthatisme: Brady_M Already on my blog
(09:18:03 PM) jacobmp92: Brady_M: i like it for the most part, but the background it a bit distracting
(09:18:05 PM) hartleycharlene: yes, a teacher of gifted students, but we have NO TECHNOLOGY!!
(09:18:05 PM) theidiotthatisme: sorry my myspace
(09:18:06 PM) theidiotthatisme: lol
(09:18:09 PM) jacobmp92: Brady_M: maybe darken the bg a bit
(09:18:11 PM) msak007: i'm back
(09:18:48 PM) Brady_M: jacobmp92: I can make different revisions of it with different background that is no problem
(09:18:52 PM) jgedeon: meatballhat I thought there are some systems going to her classroom?
(09:19:03 PM) meatballhat: hartleycharlene needs an LTSP lab made outta the cpu's my boss donated ... next installfest?
(09:19:14 PM) hartleycharlene: We have to get past Kokai first.
(09:19:15 PM) meatballhat: jgedeon: you beat me to it :)
(09:19:16 PM) jgedeon: Have to wait that long?
(09:19:33 PM) Brady_M: theidiotthatisme: shot you a pm, tell me the url of it
(09:19:44 PM) meatballhat: yeah... it'd help to have one Tech Director contact another....
(09:19:47 PM) jgedeon: hartleycharlene: if they are donated to you for your classroom there should be anyone to get around.
(09:19:58 PM) rhys: hmm
(09:20:02 PM) meatballhat: when Ubuntu implementations are successful in schools

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