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(08:01:03 PM) meatballhat: halloooo
(08:01:23 PM) Vorian: hey meatballhat :)
(08:01:36 PM) Brady_M: lyceum: true, once you get over the 900 mark they begin to get universal..
(08:01:52 PM) ***Brady_M staying silent now and getting into his chair for the meeting
(08:02:06 PM) Vorian: (notice) lets get this party started
(08:02:24 PM) Vorian: Welcome everyone!
(08:02:55 PM) theidiotthatisme [n=TheIdiot@adsl-75-24-24-76.dsl.yntwoh.sbcglobal.net] entered the room.
(08:02:58 PM) Vorian: I have great news....
(08:03:12 PM) theidiotthatisme: You missed me :-D
(08:03:12 PM) Vorian: I leave for Nashville in 10 hours
(08:03:23 PM) jgedeon [n=joe@oh-67-77-123-4.sta.embarqhsd.net] entered the room.
(08:03:32 PM) ***Brady_M baffled
(08:03:44 PM) Vorian: So here's the really good news
(08:04:09 PM) Vorian: On February 26th 2007, we should be an Official LoCo team!
(08:04:15 PM) hackle577: YAY!!!!!!
(08:04:20 PM) meatballhat: hot flippety doo!
(08:04:21 PM) lyceum: cool
(08:04:22 PM) xaphan: w00t
(08:04:24 PM) ***hackle577 dances
(08:04:31 PM) ***Brady_M bwaah
(08:04:34 PM) Vorian: There will be a meeting on #ubuntu-meeting @ 6pm monday
(08:05:01 PM) Vorian: who thinks they can make it?
(08:05:08 PM) hackle577: +1
(08:05:09 PM) meatballhat: we can probably go in on a group-rate Tux rental :P
(08:05:16 PM) meatballhat: +1 pour moi
(08:05:29 PM) theidiotthatisme: +1
(08:05:30 PM) lyceum: +1
(08:05:40 PM) Vorian: cool
(08:05:49 PM) jgedeon: +1
(08:05:49 PM) Brady_M: Vorian: I can jump in from work, I got a contract job to do, but try to get in
(08:06:00 PM) xaphan: i get off at 6
(08:06:01 PM) Brady_M: +1
(08:06:05 PM) Vorian: Brady_M, no need to skip work
(08:06:05 PM) xaphan: ill be there as soon as i can
(08:06:15 PM) meatballhat: Vorian: Team approvals tend to get addressed early on, right?
(08:06:24 PM) Vorian: Here's how things should go
(08:06:38 PM) Vorian: They will do CC business first.
(08:06:51 PM) Vorian: There is 1 item on the Agenda right now.
(08:06:57 PM) rrittenhouse: i get home at 7:30pm... so idk
(08:07:08 PM) Vorian: There will also be discussion on new CC members
(08:07:20 PM) Vorian: Then, they will most likely hit us
(08:07:38 PM) Vorian: The interview will last about 5-10 minutes
(08:07:48 PM) Vorian: Looking over the logs,
(08:08:06 PM) Vorian: It looks like the only real tough question is......
(08:08:55 PM) Vorian: :)
(08:08:59 PM) Vorian: "What does Jono say?"
(08:09:08 PM) Vorian: soooo
(08:09:12 PM) Vorian: any questions?
(08:09:23 PM) ***meatballhat == mute
(08:09:29 PM) hackle577: i have one
(08:09:33 PM) lyceum: ?who does the talking?
(08:09:42 PM) Vorian: from the team?
(08:09:46 PM) meatballhat: Vorian ;-)
(08:09:47 PM) lyceum: yes
(08:09:49 PM) hackle577: darn lyceum
(08:09:53 PM) Vorian: you do lyceum
(08:09:57 PM) Vorian: :P
(08:10:00 PM) lyceum: sweet
(08:10:06 PM) hackle577: took my question, i was gonna ask if we should probably shut up
(08:10:07 PM) lyceum: I'll be there then!
(08:10:09 PM) lyceum: :)
(08:10:25 PM) hackle577: until cheering time
(08:10:28 PM) Vorian: hackle577, at first yes
(08:11:02 PM) Vorian: I would like to have meatballhat and theidiotthatisme there to discuss their teams
(08:11:11 PM) Vorian: just in case
(08:11:20 PM) theidiotthatisme: damn... thought I was gonna get away with being quiet ;)
(08:11:25 PM) Vorian: :)
(08:11:35 PM) meatballhat: I'll be der, np
(08:11:45 PM) Vorian: hackle577, may want to be ready too
(08:11:53 PM) Vorian: and jacobmp92
(08:11:56 PM) hackle577: roger that
(08:11:58 PM) meatballhat: ...and as boisterous and/or sedate as need be
(08:12:01 PM) jacobmp92: woah, meeting started
(08:12:08 PM) hackle577: indeed
(08:12:20 PM) Vorian: we will give direction on this channel
(08:12:31 PM) Vorian: its like the "green" room
(08:12:37 PM) theidiotthatisme: lol
(08:12:39 PM) hackle577: vorian: just have team accomplishments, goals, etc. at hand?
(08:12:42 PM) hackle577: ok
(08:13:01 PM) Vorian: hackle577, wiki work
(08:13:10 PM) Vorian: they may ask you about moinmoin
(08:13:17 PM) hackle577: uh oh
(08:13:21 PM) Vorian: :)
(08:13:46 PM) theidiotthatisme: be back in a few
(08:13:47 PM) Vorian: Canonical is considering moving from moinmoin
(08:13:49 PM) meatballhat: hackle577: they'll probably mostly want to know how/if you like it :)
(08:13:57 PM) jacobmp92: aww, i like moinmoin
(08:13:58 PM) hackle577: oh i see
(08:14:12 PM) hackle577: so not like a quiz or anything? :-P
(08:14:22 PM) Vorian: :)
(08:14:26 PM) hackle577: i panicked for a second
(08:14:32 PM) Vorian: hackle577, no worries
(08:14:40 PM) Vorian: haha
(08:14:44 PM) hackle577: lol ok
(08:15:00 PM) Vorian: any other questions?
(08:15:11 PM) Brady_M: nay
(08:15:20 PM) ***Vorian is digging up some old logs...
(08:15:22 PM) hackle577: odds?
(08:15:38 PM) meatballhat: hackle577: verry good, as of last CC meet :)
(08:15:44 PM) Vorian: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/CC/20070213?highlight=%28cc%29%7C%28logs%29#VE
(08:15:46 PM) hackle577: schweet
(08:16:40 PM) Vorian: that link is the last loco team to get approved
(08:16:46 PM) hackle577: ok
(08:16:48 PM) Vorian: thats the general flow
(08:16:59 PM) PWill [n=paul@cpe-24-208-190-43.columbus.res.rr.com] entered the room.
(08:17:13 PM) hackle577: sabdfl will be there?
(08:17:17 PM) Vorian: this is cool too
(08:17:24 PM) Vorian: hackle577, he is the meeting :P
(08:17:27 PM) Vorian: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/CC/20070213?highlight=%28cc%29%7C%28logs%29#meatballhat
(08:17:35 PM) Vorian: thats a cool log too ^^
(08:18:04 PM) theidiotthatisme: so Mr. sabdfl will be there huh? Be the first time I've ever interacted with him
(08:18:12 PM) PWill left the room (quit: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).
(08:18:13 PM) Vorian: :)
(08:18:27 PM) PWill [n=paul@cpe-24-208-190-43.columbus.res.rr.com] entered the room.
(08:18:34 PM) ***hackle577 dreams about "sabdfl: and a VERY neat wiki page" every night
(08:18:35 PM) jacobmp92: wb PWill :)
(08:18:36 PM) Vorian: wb again PWill
(08:18:43 PM) Vorian: :)
(08:18:44 PM) ***Brady_M quivers.."oh boy... time to make a good impression"
(08:18:58 PM) ***jacobmp92 stares oddly at hackle577
(08:18:59 PM) Vorian: !ohmy | hackle577
(08:19:18 PM) hackle577: lol
(08:19:24 PM) ***theidiotthatisme worries about Hackle577
(08:19:46 PM) ***hackle577 had a Mt. Dew earlier, please excuse his behavior
(08:19:48 PM) meatballhat: hackle577: I know what you're talkin' about .... ;-)
(08:19:54 PM) meatballhat: he's dreeeeamy
(08:19:58 PM) hackle577: haha
(08:20:00 PM) jacobmp92: lol
(08:20:06 PM) lyceum: lol
(08:20:39 PM) meatballhat: you think I'm joking. I have a straight-up "man crush" on sabdfl :P
(08:20:44 PM) ***theidiotthatisme steps back into a corner to hide
(08:20:54 PM) Vorian: meatballhat, he does look cute with cornrows
(08:21:01 PM) skippy [n=skippy@skippy.net] entered the room.
(08:21:04 PM) jacobmp92: in response to the above topic of "i'll be there's": +1
(08:21:05 PM) ***meatballhat salutes locobot_1
(08:21:10 PM) hackle577: when did IRC get all homoerotic?
(08:21:17 PM) Vorian: hey skippy :)
(08:21:20 PM) meatballhat: skippy: long time no talkie!!
(08:21:24 PM) skippy: aloha!
(08:21:28 PM) ***Brady_M slaps forehead *SMACK* .. Snikkers
(08:21:46 PM) skippy: I've been embroiled in other things, and have been slacking on my Ubuntu participation.
(08:22:15 PM) Vorian: no problemo skippy
(08:22:22 PM) goatdad13: ditto skippy
(08:22:45 PM) Vorian: He's what I would like to see happen as a side trophy on Monday Night.
(08:22:47 PM) jacobmp92: skippy: you are a COLUG member, you have and excuse :)
(08:22:49 PM) Vorian: Here's*
(08:22:52 PM) jacobmp92: an*
(08:22:56 PM) skippy: heh
(08:23:06 PM) skippy: speaking of COLUG... I need to send out the meeting announcement!
(08:23:12 PM) jacobmp92: nice
(08:23:14 PM) Vorian: sabdfl know of the "LINUX FEST"
(08:23:19 PM) Vorian: knows*
(08:23:29 PM) Vorian: I think we can get him to come
(08:23:41 PM) jacobmp92: to the ohio linux fest?
(08:23:42 PM) Brady_M: Vorian: Do it.. Do it...
(08:23:50 PM) Vorian: what say you meatballhat
(08:23:52 PM) Vorian: ?
(08:24:11 PM) Brady_M: Vorian: that would be nice
(08:24:13 PM) ***meatballhat hasn't gotten an email response from Linux Fest peeps...
(08:24:21 PM) PWill: hey, just got my internet connection back
(08:24:28 PM) meatballhat: but I'm all for asking sabdfl to come on down :)
(08:24:47 PM) PWill: Time Warner sucks so bad
(08:24:48 PM) Vorian: yay PWill
(08:24:52 PM) PWill: brb
(08:24:56 PM) Vorian: PWill, tru dat!
(08:25:05 PM) xaphan: double true
(08:25:13 PM) skippy: I'm on the LinuxFest planning committee. I'd be happy to liason for you / him.
(08:25:20 PM) hackle577: xaphan: lol
(08:25:47 PM) Vorian: skippy, how can we help/ participate?
(08:26:33 PM) skippy: Vorian, there's discussion of extending OLF to all weekend, with the first day being "OLF University". The F2F stuff I've seen on the mailing list would be a _great_ addition to that.
(08:26:54 PM) meatballhat: skippy: ****awesome***
(08:27:21 PM) skippy: I haven't been following the mailing list too closely, but I really liked the idea of the F2F support.
(08:27:28 PM) theidiotthatisme: Has there been any progress on the module for the website for F2F?
(08:27:33 PM) skippy: If we could generate some intro to Ubuntu classes, that would be helpful too
(08:27:45 PM) theidiotthatisme: skippy: I'm your man, that would be easy :-)
(08:27:53 PM) jacobmp92: theidiotthatisme: tbh, not much since the last meeting
(08:28:15 PM) meatballhat: skippy: we're supposed to be getting some educational stuff together in partnership with OHIONET, too :)
(08:28:24 PM) theidiotthatisme: jacobmp92: Okay. I was just wondering because I was toying with adding it to the email release but I wasn't sure of it's progress
(08:28:29 PM) skippy: theidiotthatisme, If you're working on Ubuntu training, please consider making it CC-licensed! FreeGeek Columbus would love to use such material!
(08:28:45 PM) Brady_M: skippy: I can supply a killer rig to demo Feisty. BLue neon lights, get the dremmel out and carve a sick Ubuntu on the side. (ahh, ....... heaven)
(08:28:51 PM) jacobmp92: theidiotthatisme: heh, i'm opening VIM now :)
(08:28:53 PM) theidiotthatisme: skippy: All material I write myself as documentation or training projects are always released to CC or similar
(08:29:06 PM) skippy: excellent.
(08:29:29 PM) skippy: here's some more food for thought:
(08:29:35 PM) theidiotthatisme: skippy: When I finish writing my beginning materials I'll upload them to the site with a CC-license
(08:30:18 PM) skippy: some on the OLF team have expressed an interest in how-to classes on a variety of Free Software applications. Like "How do I use Gimp to remove red eye from my digital photos" type of material.
(08:30:19 PM) Vorian: theidiotthatisme, the ohio team wants to be first to market :)
(08:30:44 PM) skippy: I'm going to be advocating that kind of thing pretty strongly; and it would be an easier sell if there was a body of committed participants.
(08:31:01 PM) skippy: Gimp, Open Office, Linux, Scribus, etc etc
(08:31:02 PM) meatballhat: skippy: we are that body of peeps, to be sure :D
(08:31:04 PM) theidiotthatisme: Vorian: Dont worry, the project wont be endangered lol
(08:31:12 PM) Vorian: :)
(08:31:22 PM) skippy: Basically: how to be productive with free software, so that people can get over their fear / misunderstandings
(08:31:33 PM) theidiotthatisme: I'm really hoping the thing with the libraries goes through, I would love to start on the training classes.
(08:31:38 PM) PWill: I'm also doing things with Ohio LinuxFest
(08:31:48 PM) theidiotthatisme: Skippy: that's pretty much the goals of the Education Team ;)
(08:32:02 PM) PWill: The prices haven't been set for sponsors/booths, but I really think we should get one
(08:32:16 PM) theidiotthatisme: PWill: We as in the Ohio LoCo?
(08:32:18 PM) skippy: last year the .org booths were $75.
(08:32:36 PM) PWill: yep
(08:32:36 PM) Vorian: skippy, how big?
(08:32:44 PM) PWill: Vorian: See here: http://www.ohiolinux.org/sponsor.html
(08:32:47 PM) Vorian: we are a big team
(08:32:51 PM) Vorian: ty PWill
(08:32:54 PM) skippy: Vorian, basically one folding table along the side wall.
(08:33:08 PM) Vorian: hmmm
(08:33:09 PM) PWill: Vorian: I designed that site, by the way :-)
(08:33:10 PM) meatballhat: we can handle $75 easy :D ... heck, I'll front it myself
(08:33:26 PM) jacobmp92: PWill: nice design, i like it :)
(08:33:30 PM) hackle577: I'm a poor college student, but for Ubuntu I could chip in
(08:33:31 PM) theidiotthatisme: Are their options for larger booths/tables? And maybe we can run a donation inside the team?
(08:33:34 PM) Vorian: meatballhat, how much is platinum?
(08:33:40 PM) Vorian: or skippy ^
(08:33:45 PM) theidiotthatisme: And we can print up some things about Ubuntu, our team, and the projects
(08:33:47 PM) skippy: platinum is $5K
(08:33:56 PM) trumpintappist [n=andrewha@h226.107.29.71.ip.alltel.net] entered the room.
(08:34:04 PM) jacobmp92: $
(08:34:06 PM) Vorian: silver?
(08:34:08 PM) Vorian: hehe
(08:34:10 PM) meatballhat: HA!!! 5k .... hmmm... /me looks for piggy bank
(08:34:26 PM) PWill: That's probably not an option. I think we should try for silver
(08:34:40 PM) trumpintappist: hi meatballhat
(08:34:43 PM) Vorian: yeah, redhat inc was silver
(08:34:45 PM) theidiotthatisme: How much is silver
(08:34:47 PM) Brady_M: theidiotthatisme: speaking of libraries .... I went and talked to the local library director for mine. Instead of just giving me yay to nay, they asked me to come to the board meeting tomorrow at 7pm. All I could find on the marketing library side was a draft of the official press release. I was going to give them a bit of information, hand out the release, and give them the only last copy of 6.06 I had to show them "roughly"
(08:35:22 PM) theidiotthatisme: Brady_M: Did you need some material drafted for you for tomorrow?
(08:35:49 PM) PWill: Speaking of copies of 6.06, I went to Micro Center (ew) last night, and put Dapper discs out in front of the Vista Ultimate boxes
(08:35:54 PM) Brady_M: theidiotthatisme: yes! I'll pass it along. Has Daniel's info on the release only
(08:36:11 PM) trumpintappist left the room (quit: "Leaving").
(08:36:19 PM) meatballhat: Brady_M: the release is not yet in a state to be ... er ... released yet
(08:36:30 PM) theidiotthatisme: Brady_M: I will gladly work on or add anything or create something if you would like. Might be the little push needed to get working on more of those resources.
(08:36:51 PM) PWill: With a little sign that said "Free Desktop Linux operating system with free support until June 2009
(08:36:56 PM) PWill: "
(08:37:05 PM) hackle577: PWill is my hero lol
(08:37:10 PM) theidiotthatisme: Brady_M: But as meatballhat said, the release that will be sent to Ohionet and Oplin will be more refined
(08:37:12 PM) etank [n=etank@74-140-129-0.dhcp.insightbb.com] entered the room.
(08:37:24 PM) Brady_M: OK, well it was a surprise to me too, also one of the board members is also the tech director for all Union County schools, so I got to "impress them".
(08:37:36 PM) PWill: skippy: Do you remember the Silver prices for last year?
(08:37:50 PM) skippy: PWill, trying to find my dev.ohiolinux.org account data to look
(08:37:52 PM) jacobmp92: woot back on topic
(08:38:05 PM) PWill: ha
(08:39:03 PM) meatballhat: Brady_M: that's great ... we need the attention of more TDs
(08:39:46 PM) theidiotthatisme: meatballhat: I have to leave early tonight, unfortunately. Sometime tonight please send off an email to me on what you have, what your goals are, and what you would like to show them. Also let me know if you are doing a presentation (I.E. Impress) or just a talk. And I'll see what I can do to help you!
(08:39:58 PM) theidiotthatisme: sorry Brady_M
(08:39:59 PM) theidiotthatisme: lol
(08:40:03 PM) meatballhat: theidiotthatisme: will do ... sounds great :)
(08:40:18 PM) theidiotthatisme: Both of you send me an email, and Brady_M I'll try to fire something back by morning ok?
(08:40:28 PM) theidiotthatisme: Seee if I got that right
(08:40:31 PM) theidiotthatisme: aww you guys know what I mean
(08:40:31 PM) theidiotthatisme: lol
(08:40:39 PM) Brady_M: theidiotthatisme: ok
(08:40:52 PM) Vorian: sweet!
(08:40:52 PM) theidiotthatisme: Sorry for leaving early guys!
(08:40:59 PM) PWill: Silver is $500
(08:41:00 PM) theidiotthatisme: Have a goodnight!
(08:41:05 PM) PWill: or was last year
(08:41:06 PM) meatballhat: theidiotthatisme: laters!
(08:41:18 PM) ***theidiotthatisme does a monkey dance to say goodbye
(08:41:30 PM) PWill: Vorian: Gold was $1,200 last year
(08:41:41 PM) Vorian: I bet we can get gold
(08:41:52 PM) jacobmp92: fundraisers for the win :)
(08:42:00 PM) hackle577: would be a nice challenge
(08:42:08 PM) PWill: Vorian: The prices will be likely in pretty much the same range, if not exactly the same
(08:42:11 PM) lyceum: $15 each
(08:42:28 PM) Vorian: word lyceum! thats thinking :)
(08:42:43 PM) hackle577: for everyone we can get to contribute that is
(08:42:44 PM) PWill: Vorian: with gold, you get: * 10x10 Booth Placement on Exhibit Floor
(08:42:44 PM) PWill: * Logo and Website Link
(08:42:44 PM) PWill: * 1/2 Page in LinuxFest Program
(08:42:44 PM) PWill: * VIP Passes to Pre-Party and After-Party
(08:42:44 PM) PWill: * 3 T-Shirts
(08:42:45 PM) ***Vorian recalls a conversation about s76 too
(08:43:03 PM) jacobmp92: Vorian: that was probably me ranting ;-)
(08:43:04 PM) Vorian: PWill, only 3 t-sirts
(08:43:11 PM) Vorian: shirts*
(08:43:14 PM) meatballhat: gold it is? :)
(08:43:19 PM) hackle577: pre and after parties?!
(08:43:23 PM) Vorian: meatballhat, yep
(08:43:25 PM) hackle577: nice
(08:43:40 PM) Vorian: There are 6 people in my family though...
(08:43:40 PM) PWill: Vorian: Do you want to submit the form, or shall I?
(08:43:46 PM) meatballhat: Vorian: you think s76 would sponsor us, at least in part?
(08:43:58 PM) skippy: what is s76 ?
(08:43:59 PM) Vorian: meatballhat, dunno...
(08:44:05 PM) PWill: skippy: system76
(08:44:12 PM) PWill: http://www.system76.com
(08:44:22 PM) meatballhat: worth askin' though, eh? :D
(08:44:23 PM) PWill: They sell Ubuntu desktops and laptops
(08:44:25 PM) Vorian: I know we will get some conference swag from Canonical
(08:44:54 PM) hackle577: OOOO! LIGHTBULB CLICKS!!!
(08:44:55 PM) skippy: Vorian, you said sabdfl knew about OLF: how do you know that?
(08:45:08 PM) Vorian: he told me
(08:45:09 PM) PWill: Vorian: I could bring in my desktop to show off all the latest and greatest software (Beryl, etc)
(08:45:15 PM) skippy: Vorian, ah. That would do it.
(08:45:20 PM) Vorian: :)
(08:45:30 PM) PWill: I live only 10 miles from the conference building
(08:45:35 PM) Vorian: "team ohio, land of the famious linux fest"
(08:45:38 PM) skippy: Yeah, there was much hoop-jumping last year to get jeff Waugh in representing Canonical, rather than GNOME
(08:45:40 PM) jacobmp92: skippy: one of the CC meetings when Vorian mentioned Ohio, sabdfl replied "ooh, ohio, home of the famous linux fest!"
(08:45:45 PM) hackle577: I am on the verge of becoming the Campus Rep for the Mozilla Foundation at Miami University. I guess it couldn't hurt asking them for a small donation
(08:45:45 PM) Vorian: famous*
(08:46:09 PM) hackle577: Firefox ftw!
(08:46:15 PM) skippy: I wonder if we could get sabdfl to keynote this year. I should bring it up to the planning group.
(08:46:23 PM) PWill: sabdfl for the win
(08:46:27 PM) jacobmp92: +1
(08:46:32 PM) lyceum: +1
(08:46:32 PM) Vorian: PWill, do you run feisty?
(08:46:38 PM) PWill: Yes
(08:46:40 PM) meatballhat: skippy: that would be sheer, wonderful madness :D
(08:46:50 PM) skippy: composing email now.
(08:47:04 PM) jacobmp92: Vorian: by september we might be on feisty+1 betas :)
(08:47:08 PM) PWill: Vorian: Well, I have 2 partitions, Edgy and Feisty, but I primarily use Feisty
(08:47:22 PM) PWill: Vorian: I know I will be
(08:47:33 PM) PWill: I usually upgrade 3 months into development
(08:47:37 PM) Vorian: jacobmp92, it will almost be feisty +2
(08:47:59 PM) jacobmp92: not quite, feisty+1 will be out in october
(08:48:00 PM) Vorian: Feisty+1 will be near completion
(08:48:25 PM) jacobmp92: so around that time feisty+1 essentially equals feisty+2
(08:48:31 PM) jacobmp92: for display purposes anyway
(08:48:54 PM) Vorian: skippy, what are you doing Monday night? say around 6pm~ish....
(08:49:16 PM) skippy: Vorian, I'll be working, installing a new firewall at the office.
(08:49:26 PM) Vorian: too bad...
(08:49:31 PM) skippy: why do you ask?
(08:49:57 PM) Vorian: we have an appointment with him and the Ubuntu Community Council then.
(08:50:02 PM) skippy: oh, right.
(08:50:05 PM) Vorian: :)
(08:50:19 PM) skippy: what is the URL for the Ubuntu-Ohio team page?
(08:50:32 PM) PWill: http://ohio.ubuntu-us.org/
(08:50:43 PM) Vorian: http://ohio.ubuntu-us.org
(08:50:46 PM) skippy: thanks
(08:50:47 PM) PWill: I win
(08:50:54 PM) Vorian: :)
(08:50:57 PM) ***hackle577 was typing the wiki URL
(08:50:59 PM) Vorian: I was funnin
(08:51:06 PM) Vorian: www.vorian.org
(08:51:19 PM) hackle577: everyone! Vorian's gone blog!
(08:51:23 PM) Vorian: haha
(08:51:35 PM) jacobmp92: bloggage
(08:52:03 PM) Vorian: planet?
(08:52:11 PM) PWill: http://blog.smoothweb.net - me too
(08:52:18 PM) jacobmp92: Vorian: ubuntu-ohio planet or ubuntu planet?
(08:52:24 PM) ***Brady_M plans on linking ya, to his blog
(08:52:25 PM) Vorian: ohio
(08:52:42 PM) jacobmp92: well, i spose i can go ahead and set those up :)
(08:53:05 PM) jacobmp92: if anyone in this IRC channel wants their blog to by synced with the ubuntu planet, post your rss feed url now :)
(08:53:15 PM) jacobmp92: got yours already Vorian :)
(08:53:33 PM) skippy: http://www.skippy.net, ftw !
(08:53:44 PM) hackle577: http://adamheckler.wordpress.com ftw!
(08:54:08 PM) skippy: I don't have an Ubuntu specific category; and I'll soon be updating my site which will break all my permalinks.
(08:54:08 PM) Vorian: ubuntuohio.blogspot.com <---- the idiots'
(08:54:12 PM) Brady_M: http://blog.adminremote.com/?feed=rss2
(08:54:21 PM) PWill: http://blog.smoothweb.net/category/ubuntu/rss
(08:54:28 PM) jacobmp92: wow, lotsa feeds :)
(08:54:38 PM) hackle577: oops darn my RSS feed
(08:54:46 PM) skippy: atom, ftw !
(08:54:49 PM) skippy: down with rss!
(08:54:53 PM) jacobmp92: hackle577: i can get the feed, no probs
(08:54:55 PM) Vorian: haha
(08:55:01 PM) Vorian: atom :)
(08:55:03 PM) PWill: jacobmp92: I only posted the ubuntu category, as I blog about other things, too
(08:55:10 PM) hackle577: ok thanks
(08:55:17 PM) jacobmp92: PWill: ok
(08:55:26 PM) goatdad13 left the room (quit: "Leaving").
(08:55:58 PM) PWill: skippy: I see you got a Wii as well :-D
(08:56:05 PM) skippy: finally!
(08:56:10 PM) skippy: the wife's playing Zelda as I type
(08:56:22 PM) jacobmp92: Zelda ftw
(08:56:24 PM) ***meatballhat weeps in envy
(08:56:44 PM) hackle577: jacobmp92: should I give you the Ubuntu category feed or is the whole feed ok with you?
(08:57:09 PM) jacobmp92: hackle577: whichever you choose. generally planet feeds are from things that arent ubuntu related.. see planet.ubuntu.com
(08:57:16 PM) Vorian: http://www.bluehost.com/track/vorian
(08:57:26 PM) PWill: Crap. 2 days without Internet yields a huge Feisty update
(08:58:04 PM) Vorian: PWill, tomorrow will yield a huge beryl update :)
(08:58:23 PM) PWill: Vorian: 0.2.0 final?
(08:58:26 PM) hackle577: jacobmp92: The full feed will do then, thanks.
(08:58:43 PM) jacobmp92: hackle577: ok :)
(08:59:01 PM) Vorian: PWill, should be
(08:59:10 PM) PWill: Woo! Rhythmbox 0.9.8 is in the repos!
(08:59:26 PM) ***PWill does a Rhythmbox fanboy dance
(09:00:15 PM) hackle577: so errrm, we should probably get back to semi-official meeting things right?
(09:00:30 PM) ***Vorian throws a banana peel at PWill's feet
(09:00:37 PM) meatballhat: hackle577: yeeeeah
(09:00:52 PM) meatballhat: sorry y'all, I gots to jet :(
(09:00:59 PM) Vorian: night meatballhat :)
(09:01:09 PM) hackle577: night meatballhat!
(09:01:19 PM) meatballhat: night night :-) <3
(09:01:27 PM) hackle577: bff ttyl
(09:01:30 PM) meatballhat left the room ("puppies or small dogs?").
(09:01:44 PM) hackle577: definitely puppies
(09:02:03 PM) skippy: free as in puppies
(09:02:03 PM) Vorian: ok
(09:02:20 PM) Vorian: any other questions about the meeting monday night?
(09:02:34 PM) hackle577: nein
(09:02:47 PM) theidiotthatisme: Back guys
(09:02:48 PM) lyceum: nope
(09:02:50 PM) theidiotthatisme: Miss me? :-D
(09:02:50 PM) jacobmp92: nope
(09:02:54 PM) Brady_M: Vorian: I'll try my best to come. I got a HP contract to complete. 10 min job, but 30 min from work
(09:02:57 PM) hackle577: haha!
(09:03:10 PM) jacobmp92: the ohio planet is syncing feeds and will be available shortly :)
(09:03:22 PM) hackle577: yay!
(09:03:47 PM) theidiotthatisme: jacobmp92: Cant wait to see it. Guess I should've gotten an rss for my blog huh
(09:04:02 PM) PWill_ [n=paul@cpe-24-208-190-43.columbus.res.rr.com] entered the room.
(09:04:16 PM) jacobmp92: theidiotthatisme: post your rss here if you still want it in
(09:04:17 PM) ***PWill_ slams head on desk
(09:05:18 PM) DwyII left the room (quit: "Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox]").
(09:05:23 PM) Brady_M: PWill_: YOu don't have any coax splitters in the house on the main modem line do ya? I had a problem myself here and kepted getting dropped. wasn't cool
(09:06:03 PM) theidiotthatisme: Cant figure out how to get an rss with blogger
(09:06:18 PM) jacobmp92: ah, blogger
(09:06:20 PM) PWill_: Brady_M: Nope. I've been a customer of Road Runner from Time Warner for 10 years, and the past year has been total crap.
(09:06:31 PM) PWill_: Brady_M: Switching to SpeakEasy next month.
(09:06:38 PM) skippy: speakeasy++
(09:06:53 PM) PWill_: yep
(09:06:57 PM) jacobmp92: theidiotthatisme: oops, i skipped over yours cause it wasnt highlighted in gaim :-P
(09:07:01 PM) Vorian: no!
(09:07:05 PM) Vorian: http://www.bluehost.com/track/vorian
(09:07:08 PM) Vorian: ^^^^
(09:07:13 PM) Brady_M: PWill_: I'll send a message to a friend of mine who's a NOC manager on the RR side in VA and tell him, he screwed the pooch. :)
(09:07:14 PM) Vorian: :)
(09:07:21 PM) jacobmp92: theidiotthatisme: http://ubuntuohio.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default
(09:07:33 PM) jacobmp92: DreamHost ftw
(09:07:45 PM) Vorian: jacobmp92, no dude, I checked
(09:07:47 PM) theidiotthatisme: lol you beat me to it jacobmp92
(09:07:56 PM) Vorian: dreamhost FTL
(09:08:02 PM) jacobmp92: nah
(09:08:03 PM) hackle577: haha
(09:08:04 PM) xaphan: oh snap!
(09:08:08 PM) PWill_: Brady_M: Feel free. In the past year, me upload speeds dropped from 512kbps to 100-200kbps
(09:08:10 PM) Vorian: check it
(09:08:11 PM) PWill_: my*
(09:08:18 PM) Vorian: wordpress preloaded
(09:08:22 PM) jacobmp92: Vorian: dont go by the google ratings of dreamhost :-p
(09:08:24 PM) PWill_: Hosting your own server FTW
(09:08:32 PM) jacobmp92: Vorian: DH has wordpress preloaders also :-D
(09:08:33 PM) skippy: PWill_++
(09:08:33 PM) PWill left the room (quit: Connection timed out).
(09:08:41 PM) hackle577: lol
(09:09:07 PM) PWill_ is now known as PWill
(09:09:14 PM) Vorian: jacobmp92, too late now...
(09:09:19 PM) Vorian: http://www.bluehost.com/track/vorian
(09:09:22 PM) jacobmp92: Vorian: :-)
(09:09:26 PM) ***Brady_M sends hate mail to Friend shmoo for PWill
(09:09:50 PM) PWill: heh
(09:09:56 PM) jacobmp92: dh has $97 discounts, and no obvious referrer URLs ;)
(09:10:10 PM) Vorian: http://www.bluehost.com
(09:10:17 PM) jacobmp92: hehe
(09:10:22 PM) Vorian: http://www.bluehost.com/track/vorian
(09:10:29 PM) Vorian: that one works better ^^
(09:11:28 PM) PWill: Hosting your own server has physical access, not just FTP/SSH :-D
(09:11:48 PM) jacobmp92: bah
(09:12:00 PM) Brady_M: http://services.adminremote.com/
(09:12:49 PM) PWill: Site design makes me want to puke...
(09:13:01 PM) jacobmp92: Vorian: you can give people discount codes of up to $97, you can choose how much you get and how much they save, and they have no idea about it other than they saved monies ;)
(09:13:03 PM) ***PWill admits he is a pompous designer
(09:13:09 PM) hackle577: so meeting adjourned then, or..... ?
(09:13:18 PM) jacobmp92: hackle577: sure, why not ;)
(09:13:36 PM) jacobmp92: Brady_M: is that a reseller from godaddy?
(09:14:10 PM) Brady_M: jacobmp92: Wild west, the OG before Godaddy had reseller
(09:14:18 PM) jacobmp92: ah
(09:15:19 PM) Brady_M: jacobmp92: Was makign websites for people, called them up and said "hey I recommend you guys all the time and I want to know what you had to offer?" they suggested this to me and been doing it for 4 years now.
(09:15:31 PM) jacobmp92: ic, cool
(09:16:18 PM) jacobmp92: one last note about planet feeds: they require cronjob to run, which is not available on the server, so i'm going to do it remotely from the dreamhost server. your feeds will be updated by morning :)
(09:16:47 PM) hackle577: link to ohio planet?
(09:17:03 PM) Brady_M: jacobmp92: whats the linky again so I can bookmark it
(09:17:07 PM) jacobmp92: http://ohio.ubuntu-us.org/planet
(09:17:11 PM) hackle577: ty
(09:17:21 PM) goatdad13 [n=dave@adsl-68-75-29-188.dsl.wotnoh.ameritech.net] entered the room.
(09:17:28 PM) PWill: access denied!
(09:17:30 PM) Vorian: Access denied
(09:17:31 PM) Vorian: You are not authorized to access this page.
(09:17:43 PM) hackle577: -1 me too
(09:17:47 PM) jacobmp92: d'oh...
(09:17:49 PM) PWill: 655 it jacobmp92
(09:17:55 PM) Brady_M: ditto
(09:18:00 PM) jacobmp92: PWill: drupal doing this here, not permissions
(09:18:05 PM) PWill: oh
(09:18:39 PM) jacobmp92: all good, reload :)
(09:18:57 PM) lyceum left the room.
(09:19:39 PM) PWill: jacobmp92: renamed it Ubuntu-Ohio planet instead of just Planet
(09:19:44 PM) jacobmp92: ok :)
(09:20:08 PM) PWill: Has anyone here tried VirtualBox?
(09:20:09 PM) Vorian: woo jacobmp92
(09:20:25 PM) theidiotthatisme: sorry guys had to give advice to a guy on purchasing a laptop
(09:20:26 PM) theidiotthatisme: lol
(09:20:56 PM) jacobmp92: theidiotthatisme: gah, you reminded me of my laptop that still hasn't shipped yet
(09:21:13 PM) hackle577: my site hasn't appeared there yet, bad/good?
(09:21:14 PM) PWill: Please don't say you recommended a Vista laptop :-P
(09:21:17 PM) theidiotthatisme: lol
(09:21:26 PM) jacobmp92: hackle577: the blogspot one? it should be
(09:21:34 PM) jacobmp92: ooor... wait
(09:21:35 PM) jacobmp92: oops
(09:21:37 PM) jacobmp92: my bad
(09:21:39 PM) theidiotthatisme: PWill I told him to avoid Vista as much as possible
(09:21:41 PM) theidiotthatisme: lol
(09:21:41 PM) Vorian: who is Admin Remote?
(09:21:44 PM) PWill: theidiotthatisme: woot
(09:22:12 PM) PWill: theidiotthatisme: I installed the Vista beta on a Virtual Machine, and it is a nightmare
(09:22:23 PM) PWill: It is an XP theme, and that is it
(09:23:25 PM) jacobmp92: hackle577: i re-sent it thru the queue, should be there in about a minute
(09:24:00 PM) hackle577: sweet!
(09:24:04 PM) jacobmp92: there it goes :)
(09:24:45 PM) hackle577: love it
(09:25:12 PM) jacobmp92: let's only hope i can get cron to work
(09:25:22 PM) jacobmp92: so the entries will not be a week old :-P
(09:28:17 PM) rrittenhouse left the room (quit: "Leaving").
(09:28:51 PM) theidiotthatisme: what's the planet link?
(09:29:14 PM) Brady_M: theidiotthatisme: http://ohio.ubuntu-us.org/planet
(09:29:31 PM) MarcM [n=marc@cpe-71-79-16-131.cinci.res.rr.com] entered the room.
(09:29:34 PM) hackle577: alright kids, well i must be going
(09:29:41 PM) hackle577: goodnight to you all!
(09:30:05 PM) hackle577 left the room.
(09:31:01 PM) jacobmp92: m'kay, the planet will be updated automatically at 0000, 0600, 1200, and 1800 each day
(09:31:06 PM) jacobmp92: 6-hr delay max
(09:31:27 PM) ***Vorian highfives jacobmp92
(09:31:29 PM) jacobmp92: and those are actually PST times.. bah
(09:31:51 PM) jacobmp92: :-0
(09:31:56 PM) jacobmp92: :-) *
(09:35:16 PM) skippy: jacobmp92, are you using Planet Planet, or the Drupal aggregator?
(09:35:38 PM) jacobmp92: skippy: drupal for now :-P
(09:35:42 PM) MarcM left the room ("Leaving").
(09:35:55 PM) jacobmp92: i s'pose i could try planet planet, but we'd need real cron support first
(09:37:40 PM) xaphan left the room (quit: "Leaving").
(09:37:54 PM) theidiotthatisme left the room.
(09:38:01 PM) skippy: I was just asking. Use whatever works.

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