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00:51:43  <xaphan_> greetings
02:00:26  <xaphan_> anyone in here?
02:17:43  <Brady_M> I'm Alive!
03:20:40  <Brady_M> ok, any humans atk?
03:46:36  <jgedeon> HMMM  Vorian must be catching up on his sleep.
03:46:46  <jgedeon> !seen Vorian
03:48:25  <Brady_M> I'm alive
03:48:55  * Brady_M piches self
03:49:00  <Brady_M> Yep I'm here
03:54:36  <jgedeon> Brady_M: You were looking at approaching your local school system about Ubuntu weren't you?
03:55:29  <Brady_M> Since I'm local, and already working with the Union school Tech director, I can fill in. no problem.
03:55:45  <Brady_M> I working out a donation program of PC's
03:56:00  <Brady_M> Been slow on that, but it's been discussed for quite awhile
03:56:01  <jgedeon> Oh ok..
03:56:46  <Brady_M> Need help? I not part of any specific team ATM. Just been here and there you know?
03:56:50  <jgedeon> Didn't know if you read the article about Bexley Schools.
03:57:10  <Brady_M> Yes I did. That is some good information
03:57:21  <Brady_M> That would e a good sell point here
03:57:28  <jgedeon> LOL
03:57:57  <Brady_M> But then questions that will come up. Training of existing on staff techs on troubleshooting, secound line support etc
03:58:08  <Brady_M> I'm sure they would want those questions answerd
03:58:45  <jgedeon> I don't know the way my local school system keeps going they won't be needing any selling material.  Found out this morning I was a topic of discussion at the School Board meeting.  And am now sitting on the board of directors for Southeast Academy..
03:59:13  <jgedeon> I think Vorian is going to $hit when he gets an update.  LOL
03:59:21  <Brady_M> Awsome
03:59:25  <jgedeon> existing tech staff?
03:59:51  <jgedeon> Or do you mean staffs in general.
04:00:15  <Brady_M> Well if schools were going to press using Ubuntu, each school here has one tech on hand (usually the computer lab teacher)
04:00:33  <Brady_M> for minor issues like print jobs failing, minor netwokr issues
04:00:47  <Brady_M> and if they get stuck call a main Union county help desk for support
04:01:51  <Brady_M> I don't know how Ubuntu level of support is on that. I know it's online
04:02:46  <jgedeon> Oh ok..  Wasn't sure what you meant.
04:02:46  <Brady_M> they might want this package http://www.ubuntu.com/support/paid
04:03:35  <jgedeon> Yea if you look at that it really doesn't seem bad at all.
04:05:07  <jgedeon> Hello Vorian!!!
04:05:17  <jgedeon> You want some more good news.
04:05:28  <Vorian> hi jgedeon
04:05:30  <Vorian> sure :)
04:05:31  <Brady_M> jgedeon: nah not at all. I think if their admins know about network structures, the transferring to another platform might be easier then they realize once they understand the infrastructure of the software. It's be simple
04:06:07  <jgedeon> Vorian, remember how the school super drafted me to sit on the technology committee?
04:06:19  <Vorian> yep
04:07:01  <jgedeon> Well now I have been placed on the Board of Directors for Southeast Academy!!!  Didn't even know I was running for it.  Guess I was a pretty good topic of conversation at the school board meeting last night.
04:08:43  * Vorian highfives jgedeon 
04:09:01  <jgedeon> LOL  I see Ubuntu + FOSS LMAO
04:10:22  <jgedeon> Working on an Ubuntu Server with Zimbra as we speak.
04:12:44  <jgedeon> Got to run squad call
04:19:30  <Brady_M> gotta run. Hug GF time
04:21:18  *** Brady_M is now known as Brady_Sleepy_tan
04:47:29  *** skippy_out is now known as skippy
04:49:41  <Vorian> Can someone help me generate ssh keys?
04:50:00  <skippy> ssh-keygen
04:50:51  <Vorian> what file?
04:51:10  <skippy> what do you mean?
04:51:36  <Vorian> Enter file in which to save the key
04:52:06  <skippy> just press enter
04:52:23  <skippy> it should save to ~/.id_rsa.pub or some such
04:52:30  <Vorian> kewl
04:52:31  <Vorian> ok
04:55:00  <Vorian> when I ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub, I get a permission denied
04:56:19  <skippy> hrm?  it's not an executable file.
04:56:28  <skippy> what are you trying to do with that file?
04:56:46  <Vorian> register in launchpad
04:56:56  <Vorian> pfft!
04:57:21  <skippy> why do you need ssh keys in launchpad?
04:57:27  <skippy> dont you just need gpg keys?
04:57:49  <Vorian> ssh keys to post the the ubuntu planet
04:58:13  <skippy> hrm.  okay.  I know nothing about that.
04:59:07  <Vorian> :)
04:59:08  <Vorian> ok
05:15:31  <skippy> I signed up for the Education team.  In my copious free time I hope to be a useful participant.
05:18:39  <Vorian> yay!
05:19:29  <skippy> I have ulterior motives, of course.  I want to steal all the training materials the team produces and use them for FreeGeek Columbus
05:26:46  <xaphan_> would anyone find a aimbot that would perform system commands on your machine at home useful?
05:28:17  <skippy> xaphan_, sounds dangerous.
05:28:22  <xaphan_> not really
05:28:48  <xaphan_> still working on setting a login for it
05:29:05  <xaphan_> i should have it fully functional tomorrow
05:29:35  <xaphan_> i just want to be able to check how my downloads are going lol
05:30:01  <skippy> xaphan_, that's what ssh and screen are for!
05:30:09  <xaphan_> cant ssh from work
05:30:20  <skippy> even on non-default ports?
05:30:29  <skippy> can you run OpenVPN?
05:30:41  <xaphan_> i could
05:30:48  <skippy> I heart OpenVPN
05:31:06  <xaphan_> however
05:31:15  <xaphan_> you could check on stuff from your phone
05:31:27  <xaphan_> anything that has a messenger
05:31:39  <xaphan_> hmm
05:31:42  <skippy> I don't do messenger from my phone.  I use ssh from my phone.
05:31:56  <xaphan_> well then i want your phone lol
05:32:00  <skippy> heh
05:32:12  <xaphan_> whatcha got
05:32:18  <skippy> Treo 650
05:32:27  <xaphan_> i was thinking of getting one of those...
05:32:32  <skippy> I want a 700p
05:32:46  <skippy> I really would like WiFi on my Treo.
05:32:57  <xaphan_> yeah...
05:33:13  <xaphan_> i'm either gonna get a pda or a "smartphone"
05:34:22  <skippy> i _hated_ carrying a cell phone and a PDA.
05:34:25  <skippy> I _love_ my Treo.
05:34:30  <skippy> aloha, PWill.
05:34:33  <xaphan_> i'm thinking i would too
05:34:47  <skippy> I forgot to ask if you had any ideas for Columbus Ubuntu activities, PWill
05:35:41  <PWill> skippy: Hey, not really though, but I'll think of some good ideas
05:36:09  <PWill> skippy: Also, my dad said that he might be interested in helping write a grant for FG since he's a professional writer
05:36:24  <skippy> PWill, fantastic!!
05:37:15  <PWill> skippy: He also wanted to know if you guys actually do any training/classes. He thinks that if you did, that would open up a slew of grant opportunities.
05:37:54  <skippy> PWill, it's certainly something we plan to do; it's largely a matter of resources (time, capacity to teach, comfortable space, etc)
05:38:03  <PWill> yeah
05:38:43  <skippy> i need to call it a night.
05:38:52  <skippy> brainstorm some, PWill, and share any ideas you  might have.
05:38:53  <PWill> skippy: OK, night
05:38:56  *** skippy is now known as skippy_out
07:40:38  <FunnyLookinHat> Any of you around?
07:41:10  <FunnyLookinHat> I got a guy in Indiana who would like an edgy CD sent to him...  I wouldn't mind sending it but it would take a few extra days coming from me (colorado)...  send me an email i fyou cna help out, funnylookinhat [at] gmail
08:01:51  <Woodstokk> anyone awake in here?
18:47:06  *** Black5un is now known as ^SuRe[work]
18:54:06  <aargre> hello
21:46:50  <theidiotthatisme> Howdy
22:10:24  <derspankster> goodbye
22:26:24  *** ^SuRe[work] is now known as Black5un

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