Discussion Points

  • Visit from Matthew Thomas, LaunchPad guru

  • Partnerships with business and libraries
  • Getting new members
    • Keeping members active
    • Ubuntero members
    • Guerilla marketing for OhioTeam

    • Artwork
  • Merged CD Team with Marketing Team


<Vorian> yay!
<Vorian> yay!
<dm> Evening all
<Vorian> hey dm :)
<DwyII> Hallo everynyun.
<dm> im half afk but ill be in the meeting, running a WoW instance
<dm> Druid FTW
<Vorian> hi DwyII
<DwyII> Don't know if it's safe to say this, but I'm Dan B's little sis.
<Vorian> :) welcome
<DwyII> Typing /list on this server was a baaaaad idea.
<Vorian> haha
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<Vorian> dm!
<Brady_M> ohla
<dm> LOL
<Vorian> hey Brady_M :)
<dm> typing /list crashes X-chat
<Vorian> hehe
<Brady_M> you get my message about your possible disconnects?
<DwyII> Go ChatZilla, then.
<Vorian> try it in irssi ;-)
<rrittenhouse> dm, what ver
<Vorian> hey rrittenhouse :)
<rrittenhouse> hey.
<Brady_M> Vorian: it said to connect to port 8001, not 6667 because of recent dcc attacks, and that if you keep getting dropped you will eventually be canned off freenode
<Vorian> ah, gtk
<theidiotthatisme> Sorry in advance if I stop talking tonight, I'm on really unstable wireless
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<Vorian> * Connecting to chat.freenode.net ( port 6667...
<Diana_B> Hi brudder!
<Brady_M> Vorian: Yea, just change the port. Was on the Ubuntu bulletin Jan 31st
<Vorian> oops!
*** Diana_B is now known as DwyII
<Vorian> Brady_M, killed the lurker :)
<hackle577> howdy y'all
<Vorian> hey hackle577 nice post :)
<hackle577> thanks
<dm> how do you change ports?
<meatballhat> DwyII: is that you???
<Vorian> dm, you have to change your script
<mpt> Hello hello
<Vorian> welcome mpt :)
<Brady_M> dm: in most irc clients there is an advanbced tab. in gaim, it;s under the "join chat" section change it from 6667 to 8001 and reconnect
<meatballhat> howdy mpt ! :D
<Vorian> OK It's 8 o'clock and we need to start :)
<Vorian> and we have a guest
<Vorian> meatballhat, can you do intro's?
<meatballhat> why sure :)
<meatballhat> everyone, mpt is here from the Launchpad inner circle
<meatballhat> mpt, this is everyone :)
<mpt> hello everyone
* Brady_M greets
<hackle577> welcome!
* Vorian waves at mpt
<DwyII> Hallo.
<hackle577> mot: A word of advice, watch out for flying pies.
<hackle577> mpt that is
<mpt> Noted.
<mpt> The Launchpad team are used to flying pies.
<meatballhat> mpt: our LoCo Team is still fairly young
<meatballhat> but we're very eager to get off on the right foot
<meatballhat> and part of that is using LP in the proper way
<meatballhat> we are your captive audience
<mpt> eep
<meatballhat> :D
<mpt> I wasn't expecting to give a speech
<goatdad13> evening all
<meatballhat> hallo goatdad13 :)
<mpt> Well, I see you have a Launchpad team already
<mpt> https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-us-ohio
<meatballhat> mpt: no speeching necessary ... just some pointers :)
<meatballhat> yup :)
<mpt> Team administrators will be able to use this to run polls, for things like electing officers
<mpt> though our poll system is a bit scratchy at the moment, it's quickly improving
<mpt> To be honest, that's probably the only way Launchpad is directly relevant to LoCo teams
<mpt> though one thing to be wary of
<mpt> is that if you're a member of a team, you have the ability to subscribe the team as a whole to various things in Launchpad
<mpt> such as bug reports
<Vorian> ah!
<meatballhat> mpt: in my work with the Marketing Team, we use LP and Bazaar to make materials available in "branches" .... (??)
<mpt> So, be careful about not doing that unless you're confident that the whole team will be interested.
<mpt> Yes, Launchpad can host Bazaar branches for you
<mpt> if you're using Bazaar to manage development of something
<meatballhat> mpt: what can you tell us about using LP together with the wiki to do Informational Specs ?
<mpt> you can register that thing as a product, and register branches for that product.
<mpt> Ok, specifications.
<mpt> With branches, they don't necessarily have to be attached to a product that's in Launchpad already
<mpt> they can be just in your own personal list
<mpt> Specifications are a way of tracking complex issues and how they will be resolved or implemented
<mpt> and unlike branches, they do need to be associated with a product (or a distribution).
<mpt> So let's say you decide to engage in some guerilla marketing
* Vorian nods to meatballhat
<mpt> you could register a product for the marketing materials
<meatballhat> :D
<mpt> and associate specifications with that product for discussing the design and implementation of those materials.
<mpt> You might find, though, that that's a bit heavyweight just for designing a flyer. :-)
<mpt> Lots of virtual paperwork.
<hackle577> mhmm
<meatballhat> hehe ... but more appropriate for a whole campaign :)
<mpt> Specs are mainly relevant if your project has a lot of features flying around and they're hard to keep track of.
<mpt> Right.
<mpt> I think that's all :-)
<meatballhat> thanks mpt !!
<hackle577> indeed!
<mpt> though I'll be happy to answer questions
<hackle577> i have one, if i may
<Vorian> mpt, og had a nice post on the planet today
<Vorian> when will we see the new launchpad?
* Vorian apologises to hackle577
<mpt> I expect the new Launchpad to be released within the next month.
<Vorian> yay!
<hackle577> Say that we, as a small loco team, dont really need to use a lot of LP yet. What is the selling point if not design and implementation management?
<mpt> hackle577, Launchpad is mainly for software development, and we're not trying to push anyone into using it who really doesn't need to.
<dm> I have a question yall
<mpt> If you're happy with your own wiki, sharing branches amongst yourselves, etc, then that's fine. :-)
<dm> What is our goal with Ohio LoCo team? what are we supposed to be accomplishing.
<hackle577> mpt: Thanks, I was just wondering. It seems all we use it for now is an exact membership count.
<meatballhat> dm: advocacy and support mostly :D
<meatballhat> mpt: as an example of non-software usage, does this look like we're on the right track --> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-us-ohio-f2f/
<mpt> I expect that besides just the membership count hackle577 mentioned, the thing LoCo teams will use most of all is the poll feature.
<hackle577> We can also do polls in the forums....
<hackle577> Although, I guess it isn't quite as official
<Vorian> hackle577, some people hate the forums
<Vorian> I know its hard to believe :P
<hackle577> vorian: yeah
<hackle577> it is lol
<meatballhat> I guess I'm just taking my queues from the Marketing Team in wanting to use LP for all sorts of non-software stuff :D
<meatballhat> cues, that is :P
<mpt> meatballhat, they look mostly fine, though the ohio-f2f-formation one is a bit odd :-)
<meatballhat> indeed 'tis :D
<meatballhat> thanks for all of your input, mpt !!
<meatballhat> :D
* meatballhat applauds
<hackle577> yes thanks!
<Vorian> thanks mpt! you rock!
* hackle577 gives the standing O
<mpt> You're welcome
<meatballhat> Vorian: next agenda topic?
<mpt> If you have any further questions, ask in #launchpad
<mpt> or if you're desperate, mail the launchpad-users@ mailing list
<meatballhat> mpt: thank you! :-D
<mpt> all linked to from the "Help us improve Launchpad" link on every Launchpad page.
<mpt> Ciao!
<dm> laters
<hackle577> bye!
<Brady_M> bye
<Vorian> tot zeins!
<Vorian> OK!
<Vorian> That was great!
<Vorian> Thanks meatballhat for getting him to come
<meatballhat> ok, do we now do: Subteams - Establishing Goals, Assigning Leaders to Empty Posts, and Recruitment ??
<hackle577> meatballhat FTW
<meatballhat> :)
<meatballhat> there are Subteams still without Leaders and/or Goals
<Vorian> hackle577 had some good point he posted to the forums before the meeting
<hackle577> I brought it up last Wednesday, so if you were there, you should remember
<Vorian> One is spreading our resources too thin
<hackle577> linky -> http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=355786
<Vorian> I think that in 6 months, video guides will be great
<hackle577> I just feel like our eyes are bigger than are stomachs, as it were
<Vorian> but for now, we should focus on one project per team....
<Vorian> so, having said that
<Vorian> lets keep things simple, and get some activities under our belts so we can get approved :)
<Brady_M> all makes scence
<hackle577> vorian: here here!
<Vorian> Great!
* meatballhat cheers
<Vorian> We have some good things going, so lets focus on those :)
<Vorian> then we can conquer the world :-D
<Vorian> on that note
<Vorian> where is anthony!
<hackle577> the super-destructo lazer is finished!??!?!
<Brady_M> Vorian: So we first get the underwear.. then.. last profit!
<hackle577> darn
<Vorian> Brady_M, yep
<meatballhat> I saw his connection died :-(
<meatballhat> maybe its frozen :P
<hackle577> yeah a while back
* Vorian hints at money is coming our way
<hackle577> oooo!
<hackle577> pray tell!
<meatballhat> System76?????
<Vorian> we'll get there :)
<Vorian> 1st order of business....
<Vorian> sub team projects
* hackle577 listens intently
<Vorian> Lets combing forces to get our current projects complete.
<Vorian> what do you say?
<meatballhat> I'm all for it :D
<meatballhat> +1
<hackle577> +1 aye
<rrittenhouse> id like to do something
<rrittenhouse> :)
<DwyII> Me too.
<DwyII> Even though I just joined the team in general. :x
<Brady_M> Vorian: I guess I don't where I could fit in. I'm looking to help, last two weeks just been blasting ideas, but I would like to help anyone in one specific project.
<meatballhat> DwyII is my li'l sister, everyone ... she's a for-real genius
* DwyII blushes.
<meatballhat> okay ... so what about partnering with libraries?
<meatballhat> there's a whole lotta phone callin' to make
<meatballhat> I'm already workin on OhioNet and OPLIN
<Vorian> rrittenhouse, can you make the calls?
<rrittenhouse> i dont have any long distance. What kind calls do you need made?
<hackle577> I'm supposed to be chatting with the head of Miami University's library sometime next week
<meatballhat> rrittenhouse: email will work, too, but it tends to elicit less response
<rrittenhouse> yeah
<rrittenhouse> *what* has to be done.. what kind of partnership
<meatballhat> wide coverage ... making CDs available *everywhere*
<meatballhat> making sure libraries have copies of latest and LTS versions
<rrittenhouse> can I have more information about this?
<rrittenhouse> id be glad to make some calls and shoot of some emails
<dm> wont that be expensive for us to do ?
<rrittenhouse> my neighbor does have unlimited long distance ;)
<dm> where are funds coming from?
<Vorian> rrittenhouse, yay!
<meatballhat> Vorian: you've done it at your town, right?
<dm> rrittenhouse lol tap his line :P
<rrittenhouse> i totally forgot about that :P
<Vorian> meatballhat, yep
<rrittenhouse> nah theyll let me borrow their cordless
<rrittenhouse> LOL
<rrittenhouse> they always do
<Brady_M> meatballhat: I got "a" library. It's just a walk from my store. putting CD's for there is just a hello. I fixed the women's PC.
<meatballhat> Brady_M: that's great! any others around? :)
<Vorian> Brady_M, you want to get the software into their catalogue
<hackle577> You are coming to a sad realization. Cancel or allow?
<rrittenhouse> Yeah we need to organize this so we have a plan for the whole thing...
* Vorian says "hello! who's not subscribed to the mailing list?"
<Brady_M> meatballhat: Well there is prospect: just 15 min away. That won't be an issue. These are small towns. If you blink you pass us. ;)
<meatballhat> here's what I've got spec'd so far: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam/CDdistribution
<Brady_M> Vorian: I don't think I am
<meatballhat> the key is like Vorian said ... get it into the Library's catalog
<Vorian> ATTN ALL!
<Vorian> https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-us-oh
<Vorian> ok, I feel better :)
<hackle577> lqtm
<Vorian> It is like forum threads....
<Vorian> You start a conversation....
<Vorian> someone responds....
<Vorian> someone else comments
<Vorian> and its all logged :)
<Vorian> via email :)
<Vorian> I sent out a very thought provoking email yesterday about this very thing.
* Vorian is checking the archives....
<Vorian> no one responded :(
<meatballhat> it's a big topic on the LoCo Team Contacts list, too
<Vorian> that hurts my feelings
* hackle577 will respond after the meeting
<Vorian> :)
* Vorian hugs hackle577
* Brady_M pats Vorains back - I'm a n00b! kick me!
* hackle577 gives vorian the awkward "ass out" hug
<Vorian> lol
<hackle577> :-P
<Vorian> ok, lets move on....
<Vorian> 2) recruitment
<Vorian> How do we get more "active" members?
<DwyII> Vorian: Word of mouth seems to be the best bet so far.
<Vorian> DwyII, great point :P
<hackle577> you mean active as in someone who is a part of the team and doing something, on a subteam, etc.?
<Vorian> hackle577, yep
<meatballhat> direct mail ... and email ... prodding .... direction .... am I getting warm? ;-D
<Vorian> well, it was on the agenda
<Vorian> ok, lets move on...
<hackle577> bribery
<meatballhat> this actually relates quite a bit to the whole Code of Conduct thing
<meatballhat> in that the more we adhere to it...
<meatballhat> the more welcoming our group is
<meatballhat> and the more likely it will be that a non-active member ...
<meatballhat> will rise to the occaision
<meatballhat> we all want to be helpful, yes?
<DwyII> Absolutely. :)
<hackle577> o'course
<Brady_M> Vorian: I been using outlets like myspace, youtube. There are groups out there already about Ubuntu, but just in general. Viral niches work well also people stumble upon them and draws other who maybe didn't know this place group exisits, but maybe in Ohio there are many out there just as passionate about helping out.
<meatballhat> why not help everyone to become at *least* on Ubuntero?
<Vorian> https://launchpad.net/codeofconduct
<dm> I try to convert all windows users to Ubuntu... lol
<Vorian> that is the code
<dm> in fact ive handed out liveCds
<Vorian> hey firenurse4 :)
<meatballhat> dm: that's a great start ... organizing and follow-through is our goal here :)
<Vorian> Brady_M, cool--> lets keep an eye out for them :)
<meatballhat> for me personally, taking the step to sign the CoC and become an Ubuntero gave me a new sense of responsibility...
<meatballhat> and made me want to connect with other Ubunteros :D
<meatballhat> but maybe I'm just waaaay corny
<DwyII> I'm mostly all for un-brainwashing long-time Windows users. :D
<Vorian> I don't think its corny
<Vorian> I'm proud to be an Ubuntero!
<meatballhat> Vorian: thanks :D .... (phew)
<Vorian> not many people can say that!
<meatballhat> DwyII: that's the spirit :)
<Brady_M> *How many times do you think people put in ubuntu ohio into a google search?
<Vorian> Brady_M, --- 0 ---
<Vorian> ohio linux however.....
<Brady_M> Results 1 - 10 of about 1,130,000 for ubuntu ohio. (0.17 seconds)
<Spankster> how about some banner or link ads on member's websites?
<Vorian> Spankster, that would be cool!
<Vorian> who has blogs?
<DwyII> I'd love to design some stuff for us!
<Spankster> easy enough to do
<hackle577> blog here
<Brady_M> Spankster: Yea, I got add space on my website, also on blogs etc
<hackle577> no much readership though
<firenurse4> I can add to mine
<Vorian> bloggers, forum signatures....
<Spankster> I carry some paid ads but have free ones as well
<Vorian> Please copy my sig if you want.
<meatballhat> DwyII: how about some buttons that link to http://ohio.ubuntu-us.org ?
<hackle577> i could link to the team website from my lifehacker comments
<Spankster> exactly - direct links
<DwyII> meatballhat: Sure thing. Any specific sizes?
<Vorian> speaking of buttons on http://ohio.ubuntu-us.org
<Brady_M> that would increase relative searches in google definitly
<firenurse4> I might be able to talk the guy that runs our FD website to add a link as well
<meatballhat> the standards ... lookie on SpreadFirefox :D
<Vorian> what do you all think of promoting system76?
<DwyII> I can try to come up with ideas for the logo too, if no one objects.
<meatballhat> Brady_M: precisely
<meatballhat> System76 +1 !!
<Vorian> http://www.system76.com/
<Spankster> I say have anyone work on logos or banner ads and see what happens
<Vorian> A computer manufacturer that loads Ubuntu as an OS
<Vorian> What kind of partnership do you think our loco team can have with a company like system76?
<Brady_M> I see that, plan on the same dealio too. (Can't get my friekn scanner to work so I can email the paperwork into Ubuntu partnership review uhg
<hackle577> vorian: when someone orders from ohio, some materials or contact information could be shipped along with their new comp
<Vorian> hackle577, thats a good idea!
<Spankster> case badges, stickers, posters
<meatballhat> hackle577: or S76 just drops us a line when someone orders from our state ?
<Vorian> I was thinking our branded cd's could have nice little s76 logo's on them
<meatballhat> Vorian: absolutely
<hackle577> meatballhat: perhaps
<hackle577> vorian: that sounds good too
<Brady_M> hackle577: I got to get this paperwork in, and I would definitely package my systems with that. http://www.ubuntu.com/partners/become/affiliate
<Vorian> I've been talking with Carl from s76 about sponsoring us.
<Brady_M> I got enough point
<Vorian> System76 wants to work with loco teams
<Vorian> So what I can go back to him with will help all future US loco teams
<hackle577> true
<Vorian> What other ideas?
<Brady_M> Vorian: There are allot of people with a very tight budget (at least here) that have working computers, just ruined OS's
<Vorian> Brady_M, true...
<Vorian> I'm not suggesting we all go out an buy systems
<Vorian> They are willing to do stuff for us, if we promote their brand.
<Vorian> I am all for promoting their brand because they are helping destroy bug #1
<hackle577> a mutually beneficial relationship is in order
<Vorian> hackle577, yep
<Brady_M> Vorian: Making public posts to people that for free they can get a Ubuntu installed for free. The install fests or events at public libraries can be done for situations like that. Can't it?
<Vorian> Brady_M, yes, and they can give us promotional materials (shirts, hats, food, fees, HARDWARE:) )
<firenurse4> Waht no beer? ;)
<hackle577> promotional food lol i suddenly have an image of a cake with "Ubuntu Rocks" on it
<Vorian> sorry, thats on you :)
<hackle577> they have some promotional stickers, banners, and badges here -> http://system76.com/index.php/cPath/53_64#us
<Vorian> Brady_M, do you see what I'm saying?
<rrittenhouse> haha
<meatballhat> Vorian: shall we have a poll on Launchpad to decide a yea or nay on partnering with System76?
<Vorian> meatballhat, sure thing
<rrittenhouse> I have a blog too (not saying a POST a lot... but im trying!)
<Brady_M> Vorian: I'm willing. Really I am. I got some serious people in financial trouble here. I do my best donating systems, but could broaden it more by doing local events like that. But want to make sure to get some guidence on that
<Vorian> you want to set it up?
<rrittenhouse> so i could do some advertising of some sort
<Brady_M> Who has those banners? Spankster?
<Vorian> Brady_M, s76 is an alternative for people who are going to buy new systems anyway
<hackle577> I have a blog as well, so whenever someone gets a button/badge done, let us know in the forums
<Spankster> make em
<Brady_M> Vorian: I fell no threat no worries :)
<rrittenhouse> isnt there a bunch of specific crap about using the almighty ubuntu logo? :P
<Vorian> Brady_M, cool!
<Spankster> I was talking banner ads
<hackle577> rrittenhouse: yes unfortunately
<rrittenhouse> wouldnt want to step on anybodys toes
<Vorian> Brady_M, You'll have some great exposure, I promise :)
<Spankster> I dunno, I made one that I shared in the forums
<meatballhat> rrittenhouse: the guidelines are pretty simple
<rrittenhouse> thats why when it gets made ill post it.. i dont like trying to follow all of those guidelines
<Brady_M> Yea, I want to make sure. I know clauses on my site about Ubuntu logos, I have to be aproved first, but personal blogs etc, It's fine
<meatballhat> we just need to keep the brand intact
<rrittenhouse> is there a list of what we can do and cant, meatballhat (well i should say where)
<meatballhat> http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/TrademarkPolicy
<meatballhat> :D
<meatballhat> it should always be the "Circle of Friends" followed by "ubuntu" in the ubuntu-title font in black
<meatballhat> that's pretty much it
<Vorian_> yay for tabs!
<Brady_M> I can make flash animated banner ads with Loco teams if you need, or gifs. I got a load of tools at work.
<goatdad13> I had to step away for a few minutes what exactly is System 76?
<meatballhat> anything else we should cover before letting the meeting spiral into chaos? :D
<Vorian> yes!
<Vorian> we need a CD team leader!
<hackle577> goatdad13: a company that sells computers with Ubu preinstalled
<Vorian> any ideas?
<meatballhat> goatdad13: http://system76.com :D
<hackle577> meatballhat: thanks
<goatdad13> thx
<Vorian> or should we merge it with marketing?
<goatdad13> great idea
<meatballhat> I was gonna vote for theidiotthatisme ... but his internets died
<meatballhat> Vorian: I'd be up for that :)
<hackle577> +1 for merging
<dm> So what kind of sponsoring were toy looking on doing with system76. Will they give us free computers :) ? hehe
<rrittenhouse> hahaha
<Brady_M> Vorian: Well, also got a background in commercial art, so should there be somewhere I should have someone throw ideas out and i'll whip some up?
<Vorian_> merging then?
<dm> +1 merging
<firenurse4> +1 merge
<meatballhat> +1 for mergin'
<Vorian_> +1
<Vorian_> ok done
<rrittenhouse> whats this mergin yall talkin about?
<hackle577> +1
<goatdad13> ditto
<Vorian> meatballhat, he's already a tl
<Vorian_> rrittenhouse, cd team into marketing
<dm> CD team with Marketing
<hackle577> merging the CD team and marketing team
<meatballhat> rrittenhouse: Marketing + CD :D
<meatballhat> hehe
<rrittenhouse> LOL
<hackle577> wow
<rrittenhouse> okokok!!!
<rrittenhouse> +1
<Vorian_> thats some lag eh?
<meatballhat> DwyII: I'm recruiting you for the new combined Subteam ;-)
<DwyII> meatballhat: Marketing and CD?
<Vorian_> yes and welcome to the team DwyII :)
<meatballhat> DwyII: that's riiiight :)
<Vorian_> Marketing>CD
<meatballhat> everyone join on Launchpad!!!
* Vorian_ has to fix it first!
<meatballhat> okay... NOBODY JOIN ON LAUNCHPAD!
<Vorian_> two shakes
<dm> I am registered :P
<rrittenhouse> lol
<Brady_M> ditto
<rrittenhouse> but i dont like LP :(
<rrittenhouse> haha
<meatballhat> rrittenhouse: for shame!
<dm> haha nice
<dm> * likes toast
<rrittenhouse> its just weird
<dm> i agree,
* rrittenhouse says something to get him banned
<rrittenhouse> NM
<rrittenhouse> :-D
* meatballhat forbids rrittenhouse from banning self
<rrittenhouse> dangit
* meatballhat deems rrittenhouse too useful to Team :D
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o rrittenhouse
<meatballhat> uh oh ...
<Vorian_> wow rrittenhouse what's up?
<rrittenhouse> :P
*** ChanServ sets mode: -o rrittenhouse
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o locobot_1
<Vorian_> hehe
<meatballhat> locobot_1: oh nooo... it's alive!!!
*** ChanServ sets mode: -o locobot_1
<rrittenhouse> ooes no!
* meatballhat runs to watch remainder of crappy Lost pre-premiere :D
<Brady_M> So someone guide me if I make banners with the stuff mentioned where would be the best place to post them, the forums in a new thread?
<meatballhat> Brady_M: how about the wiki?
<hackle577> wiki or forums would work, your choice
* hackle577 is the wiki team
<meatballhat> hackle577: woot for wiki Team (!!!)
* meatballhat runs away
<hackle577> meatballhat: woot woot
<dm> Brady_M too bad Ubuntuforums.org doesnt allow signatures
<Vorian_> Brady_M, just make a new thread with them
<dm> Brady_M maybe mini GIF avatars promoting Ohio LoCo team?
<meatballhat> So the lessons for the day are .............
<Vorian_> I know someone on the forums staff that will keep them safe ;-)
<dm> dont eat old cheese.
<meatballhat> Consolidation of power == good
<meatballhat> Mailing List == good
<Brady_M> I'll throw up a thread, let people shoot ideas at me, and then later post a few both in flash and gif and let people pick, then maybe wiki what everyone likes?
<Vorian_> s76 == great
<meatballhat> Join Subteams == good
<meatballhat> yes!!! S76!!!
<hackle577> brady_m: sounds good
<dm> Brady_M i would make GIFs but i dont know how lol
<goatdad13> s76 rules
<meatballhat> goodnight all! :D
<dm> night meatball
<Vorian_> night meatballhat :)
<hackle577> night meatballhat
<hackle577> dont let the bedbugs bite
<rrittenhouse> yeah im out to watch some law and order.. wife recorded the right episode (geocaching episode i wanted to see!)
<Vorian_> l8r rrittenhouse :)
<Brady_M> dm: I got animators etc. flash also exports stuff in gif
<rrittenhouse> after beauty and the geek of course
<rrittenhouse> lol
<dm> Brady_M hmm gimpable?
<Brady_M> dm: yea, there frames after export
<dm> ahhhh
<dm> ill have to work on that
<Vorian_> Brady_M, http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=2121469#post2121469
<Vorian_> post them here
<dm> I just got 2 guys from WOW to convert to Ubuntu
<dm> lol
<Vorian_> dm is awesome!
<Brady_M> Vorian_: got it
<dm> lol
* Vorian_ likes the new popcorn smiley
<dm> they are skeptical, but i beat them up, now they are fine
<dm> =D
<hackle577> should me move on to goals for other subteams?
<hackle577> *we
<dm> i vote yes
<rrittenhouse> I just want more info on the cd's
<hackle577> ok
<rrittenhouse> Like getting CD's to the libraries
<rrittenhouse> and the booklets
<dm> How many times can we use ShipIt ?
<dm> Ive got 3 diff ones going to converts
<dm> but none for myself and buddies
<Spankster> are there any edgy cd's available?
<Vorian_> hey all! got to run!
<hackle577> oh noes!
<Vorian_> nighty night!
<hackle577> bye vorian
<Spankster> adios
<dm> nope only 6.06
<dm> i cant seem to find LiveCDs out anymore, anyone find 6.10 live CD download?
<Spankster> thought so, I've given all mine away
<hackle577> i have a self-burnt edgy cd
<hackle577> live-cd
<Spankster> me too
<goatdad13> good night all
<hackle577> night goatdad
<dm> later all who are leaving
<Spankster> I've got go as well
<firenurse4> nighty nite
<hackle577> wow
<hackle577> directions/goals for subteams?
<dm> guess thats next week
<hackle577> yeah
<dm> oh well, good meating, cleared up what the loCo team was for me :)
<dm> meeting*
<hackle577> thanks for coming tonight everyone
<hackle577> does anyone here know GIMP?
<dm> aye later all
<dm> i do hackle, mostly
<dm> alot like PS
<hackle577> i need to put a thin black border around a small image
<hackle577> tips?
<dm> try a drop shadow
<hackle577> ok lemme see here....
<dm> lemme find it
<dm> weird i cant find the feature
<dm> i almost wish i had Photoshop.. i miss it
<hackle577> dont worry it's not that important
<hackle577> just curious
<hackle577> see you guys next week hopefully
<Brady_M> ok, shot a thread http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=2121523#post2121523 I'll check on it tomorrow
<dm> i posted my idea there brady
<dm> Gnight all

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